Reformation of the Checkmated Reincarnated Feudal Lord – v1 – c1

Chapter 1 (Corruption)

He wants to speak with a voice that resounded around the world. 

“Damn corruption. I was too late.” 

He pinned between his eyebrows and heaved a sigh. 
When he come to a realization, he was born as a baby with no teeth growing saying “Abababa”. Or rather, he was only able to say that. 
Listening to the wet nurse, he did not need much time until he is able to understand that he’s being reincarnated to another world. 
The memory of the previous world ended immediately in the middle of the road on his way home. 
Maybe, a potted plant or a glass shards from an apartment or someone committing suicide fall right on his head, that is what he thought.

Though it was too early for me to die at the age of 29 years old, but, the place that I was reincarnated to, seems to be a noble aristocrat family with a territory. 

“As expected of Earl Kleinselt. he seems to be overflow with talent, just like his father.” 
“Although he’s still a baby, yet, so beautiful. He has such unrivaled good look just like his mother.” 

Listening to these words, he thought that his second life would not be so bad. He thinks that he has become a wealthy guy. 
And the existence of magic also accelerated his motivation as well. Nonetheless, it seems like he’s not blessed with the opportunity to study them since the church is prosecuting magic. 
And then, when he grew up into two years old boy, it’s the time he meets with his parents for the first time. His parents seem to have lived in the imperial capital, and they come back here twice every year, however, up until now, we’re unable to meet because he seems to have caught a fever when they were about to meet.

I hold a high expectation and wait for them inside the dining room, sitting on a chair with eight-foot that being arranged to form a line. A Large quantity of fish dishes that I’ve already getting used to since my weaning time being put on the table. 
From what I heard, my father is someone who’s having a strong body and great wisdom; he seems to be a wonderful person who’s great at managing his territory and splendid at handling government affair at imperial capital. I found a portrait of him which he’s being depicted as an outrageously handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes. 

As for my mother, she seems to be coming from the royal capital with noble lineage. I heard that a proposal for marriage never stops from being done to her due to her good looks. Furthermore, her gentle heart and conduct won the trust of the people. From the portrait, she has a pale skin having brought up with tender care, her hair is dyed brown, which if I were careless, I might end up fall for her. 
For all of that reason, I have a high expectation. It’s as if my dream of having a tokusatsu hero as a father, and a onee-san from the nursery school as a mother come true. 

“…Though I was heading toward there.” 

ーW-What is with this flabby pig… 
I muttered small voice while staring at the fat man wearing noble clothes who entered the dining room. He sits down on the seat of honor. The chair creaked, making an unpleasant sound. 
It seems that the chair being designed with eight feet because, if one of them broke, it would still be able to keep the balance. He gives praises the craftsman who put his thought into something worthless. 

“O, my son. I’m happy to be able to meet you. However, there’s one thing that I have to say. I hear that you thanked the servants? You’re born from the noble social positionー.” 

Ignoring the blabbering pig, I looked toward his side. A thing that I barely able to recognize as a woman sit down on a chair. 
A woman who wear a meaninglessly heavy make-up on her face that the surface is like something out straight from dented mirror. Something that bound to fail no matter how many make-up she wears. Putting make-up on this woman is like a pearl before swine. <TLN: Wasting a damn resource> 

“Sora! Do you hear me!?” 
“Yes, I hear you, mother.” 

The one called Sora answered back to his mother with a bitter face. 
In him, he always has a question. 
A camped face that the servants have every time they praise his parents, the panicked servants every time he was kind with them, and finally the words of the doctor who sees him and say “From those two a human is born!?” and being surprised, I try to pretend not minding it.

In short, all the story from before is all lies, the reason why they sing high praises about my parents, it is because the servants are afraid of being punished. 
If they know something like that then, they should check the thing that they should not say. 

In the future, the one called Sora will inherit the territory of Earl Kleinselt. 
Finished having dinner with his parents, he went into the feudal lord office where there’s non-stop laughing. 
We can, we can, bribe then embezzlement, heavy tax, using feudal lord army to catch a captive out of the populace after that, making slaves…

There’s a limit for being inhuman. The surprise of the doctor seems not to be a mistake too. 

“There’s only a little information about the territory. A lot of work need to be done. There might be some hope in the imperial capital, but, this is hopeless.” 

Sora pinched his forehead and stared at the ceiling. 
In other words, what the meaning of the opening line is like this. 

“Damn (Organized) corruption. I was late (being reincarnated)”