Record of Wortenia War – v6-c6

Editor: Chaz


“First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for accepting my father’s, Zaku Mistel, allegiance.”


After putting the cup back on the table Yuria raised her body and bowed deeply toward Ryouma.


The wife of an Earl bowed her head toward an emerging Baron.


In a world where social status was very strict, such a scene was normally impossible to believe.


Their act looked natural.


Ryouma also tried his best to act naturally in accepting Yuria’s attitude.


This act represented exactly the power balance between the two.


“No worries, your father had also done a good job. It was also thanks to him that I could prepare myself to face Earl Salzberg.”


By no means was that flattery.


When he received a secret message from Zaku Mistel, he doubted his own sanity.


“- From now on, this father and child will serve my lord with our utmost loyalty.”


Once again Yuria lowered her head toward Ryouma.


(So far, she didn’t show any suspicious move. Genou himself had said that I could use her as it is… But well you know…)


Baron Mikoshiba only had a small number of people who could perform office work.


And literacy in this world was extremely low.


Most commoners could not write their own name.


Naturally, to perform daily necessities, they are still able to perform basic arithmetic.


However, people doing domestic affairs need to be able to perform calculation along with reading and writing letters. –


Members of Red Lion such as Lione and Bolts, he knew he could trust them and their fighting ability was also high, but they were unsuitable when it comes to document work.


In such circumstances, it can be said the existence of a parent and child, Zaku Mistel and Yuria, was something that Ryouma desperately needed for domestic administration.


After all, Yuria was already the chief administrator during the time Earl Salzberg was still alive and her father was a monster who climbed the ladder of leadership within the business association.


Both were competent people and there was no objection in regard to that.


In fact, if the secret letter from Yuria didn’t arrive, Ryouma might decide to not gain total control within the ten noble households.


(Afterward all depends on my decision huh?)


Such a thought crossed Ryouma’s mind.


“Indeed… I think I will borrow both of your power a lot. Because my vassals who could perform domestic affairs are extremely limited.”


As he said that, Ryouma showed a bitter smile.


“I understand. We’ve already prepared young, talented people from the merchant association, it’s just…”  


Saying that Yuria showed a troubled look.


“The number is lacking is it?”


“Yes… Normally we would have no problem, but this time it’s a little..”


“I see… Well, in regard to that, try to cooperate with Simone.”




The moment she heard Simone’s name, Yuria’s face stiffened.


(I see… She is worried about that huh? But then, I guess it can’t be helped…)


The relationship between Yuria’s parent house, Mistel and Simone’s parent house, Christoph, was that of a cat and dog.


It was impossible for them to suddenly start treating each other well and Ryouma also had no such ideal.


“Please rest assured, I will leave the commercial area of northern Rozeria to Mistel. Of course, you have to cooperate with Christoph firm as well. Nevertheless, in terms of goods distribution, you should be able to do more than what you have right now.


Hearing such words, Yuria could not hide her surprise.


“Thank you very much… But, is that okay?”


“Sure, I don’t mind. As long you do business following the law I set…”


In return to Yuria’s question, Ryouma answered with hidden meaning.


At the very least, Ryouma had no intention of blocking Mistel’s ability to become rich.


Since not only the merchants, Ryouma also wanted to enrich the people.


However, it didn’t mean that the Mistel could do anything, there were limits and regulations.


Ryouma was not going to deny their effort to become rich, but that didn’t mean he would allow some people to become rich while starving others.


“Which means… The policy that will be enforced in the future…”


“Yes… Currently, it is only in the form of a draft proposal. We still need a lot more discussion to perfect it, but the foundation is already there, please do follow the rules…”


Hearing that word, Yuria held her breath


In this world currently, business was being done following a contract.


Even when it comes to Rozeria legal system, an individual contract was given priority.


In other words, no matter how absurd the contract was, it would be enforced.


There was no upper limit when it comes to interest rate, there was also no need for compensation as long as it was not listed on the contract.


To the contrary, Ryouma’s new law would be completely different compared to this world standard.


There would be an upper limit when it comes to interest rate and a prohibition on forced repayment.


In the future, Mistel firm would be able to gain advantages, but that didn’t mean they would not gain disadvantages either.


However, the problem here was that only one local lord would enforce that.


It was extraordinary and abnormal.


(This man is different… He’s too different…)


Yuria felt fear toward the man who was smiling at her.




“I see…”


When asked the result of their meeting, Zaku Mistel nodded his head.




“It seems he wants to share the numbers with the people and his rural regulation is also good. That man is seriously trying to create a country it seems. Furthermore it is a country that has never been seen before…”


“As expected… That is true?”


Yuria deeply breathes some sigh.


“Attacking the villages and concentrated the refugees in Epiroz, I guess all of that is in anticipation for this?”


It would be easier to register people in one place than having them scattered in the form of villages.


Besides, Mikoshiba Ryouma also had prohibited the refugees from returning to their original villages.


For that, Ryouma needed to compensate them with land and houses equal to their previous one. there was no confusion in regard to that, but it was obvious that it was a heavy burden for Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma.


“It was not just for decreasing Epiroz public order and increasing food consumption?”


“That’s right, it was a strategy where he makes a single move to obtain three things… Making the people flock to Epiroz city, then forbidding them to return to their villages, to make it easier for him to monitor the people and lessen the probability that the people might revolt… Fuhu, indeed such a sight to behold…”


Saying that Zaku laughed pleasantly and tilts his wine glass.


Yuria kept staring at her father in silence.