Record of Wortenia War – v6-c5

Editor: Chaz


A month has passed since Mikoshiba Ryouma crushed Earl Salzberg and became the ruler of northern Rozeriza.


It was a calm afternoon with no wind blowing and moderately warm..


It was exactly a day to say ‘what a good day’.


Many commoners would perform their errands in this kind of weather rather than during a rainy day.


And right now the main city street was more bustling than usual.


If one had a garden in their house they could enjoy a cup of tea while reading a book or enjoying the scenery.


Unfortunately, there was no such peace in the fortified city of Epiroz.


“Please check this as well.”


Ryouma who was working desperately in his office since morning could not help but smile wryly at Laura who handed him more documents.


“There’s still more?”


The documents he received in his hand felt quite heavy.


It felt like something that usually is used to train one’s muscle.


Then the afternoon was giving way to early evening. For Rouma who had been working since morning, his mood felt a bit sour.


“I’m sorry. I’ve selected the most important ones but the amount still…”


Laura lowered her head apologetically. Surely she didn’t want to burden the Lord she loved more than necessary.


The day Ryouma had secured Epiroz and he had stayed alert to evolving situations late into the night.  It could be said the situation was improving as he was now able to secure 4 hours for sleeping.


However he was only able to secure sleeping time and nothing more.


Unfortunately, there were too many things that the new ruler of the northern Rozeria needed to handle.


Although he has allocated work to Lione Bolts and  other newly appointed people, the matters that can only be solved by him keep increasing.


And as an emerging aristocrat, his trustworthy vassals are very limited.


“I guess it can’t be helped…”


Saying that… Ryouma put the documents on the desk while smiling as if giving up.


Considering the reason why the work volume had increased, it can be said it was Mikoshiba Ryouma’s own fault.


It was he who eliminated Earl Salzberg and the ten noble households who obeyed him.


The more he gained in territory, the more work he needed to perform.


In particular, when it comes to gaining territory using force, there usually comes some adversary effect.


Above all that, Ryouma also wanted to implement an unprecedented rule of governance under his leadership.


Since it could be said to be ground breaking in this world, he needed to perform trial and error to find the perfect balance.


It cannot be helped if some negative effects arise because of that as well.


(I guess I’m too naive huh?)


Compared with what he had in mind, the reality was that he needed to perform more hands on effort than he had expected.


It was hard for people to understand that.


And that thought also crossed Ryouma’s mind.

But still, even if he was being asked whether his work was necessary, Ryouma’s answer would be absolute.


Since timing was also necessary to implement his policy right now.


Even with that knowledge, for Ryouma, document work was still too painful.


(Oh well, I have no right to complain… What I need to do is to clean this up, even if it is just a little bit more.)


Indeed, he had no right to complain in this late game.


Mikoshiba Ryouma had many peoples fate on his shoulders now.


Feeling that pressure Ryouma could not help but sigh.


But apparently, Ryouma’s goddess of fate was too vicious for him to relax.


While Ryouma contemplated his situation in the middle of working, there was a knock on his door.


It seems the scheduled visitor had arrived.


After slightly gazing at the clock, Ryouma raised his body from the chair.




Following Ryouma’s order, Laura nodded silently and opens the office door.


At that moment, the dull office atmosphere turns slightly more colorful. 

It might be because of the charm of the visitor.


“I’m sorry for disturbing your during work.”


Saying so, Madame Yuria lowered her head towards Ryouma with a slight smile.


Today the garment she wore was slightly different compared to the time he met her before.


Maybe it was because she mourned Earl Salzberg as well?


Right now, she wore a complete black dress. And the jewelry she was wearing was considerably less vibrant than usual.


Ryouma, in turn, welcomed Madame Yuria with a smile.


“Please no need to worry. Come, enter…”


Ryouma then guided Madame Yuria to the reception sofa placed in the corner of the office room.


“Please excuse me then.”


Saying that Madame Yuria Sat down on the sofa.


Then Laura put a cup of tea in front of both ofthem.


“Oh, thank you very much.”


It was a very natural attitude.


Madame Yuria nodded her head and sipped the cup of tea without showing any suspicion.


“Fufu… As expected…”


A chuckle leaked from Madame Yuria.


It was just a cup of tea, but it was enough for her to understand everything.


A relaxed atmosphere drifted between them.


However, such an atmosphere should’ve been abnormal. –


After all, these two people were the wife who lost her husband and the man who had killed  said husband.


But, Madame Yuria didn’t show any resentment against Mikoshiba Ryouma.


“How strange this is… When I first met Baron-sama, I certainly felt something vague, but… I never thought this kind of situation would come one day. Somehow, it feels too quick to happen…”


“Well… I agree…”


Ryouma nodded deeply toward Madame Yuria’s remark.