Record of Wortenia War – v6-c44.1

Marquis Halcyon who was watching the conversation between Queen Lupis and Meltina nodded deeply. 

What comes to his mind was a relief. 

Of course, the reason for that was visible. 

As Ryouma had expected, this hearing was a farce between Queen Lupis and the House of Lords who wants to eliminate Ryouma. 

However, it was true that Queen Lupis feeling might turn that. 

Marquis Halcyon himself probably understood that 

He must’ve been relieved that such a possibility had disappeared. 

And now, Marquis Halcyon must’ve been convinced of his victory. 

(It seems they are joining hands now, but in a sense, this is a gamble for Marquis Halcyon. After all, that woman was too unpredictable…) 

Lupis Rozerianus was a good and sensible woman. 

However, she was easily get messed up when making a political decision. 

This time as well, there was a sign that her heart was shaken when she heard Ryouma’s words. 

In that sense, it can be said that Meltina’s judgment and ability to act which suppressed Queen Lupis unrest heart and prompted her to make a decision was truly wonderful. 

It was Ryouma’s frank praise and appreciation. 

(It looks like she has grown a lot… Well, I guess that would be natural…) 

When Ryouma first met her, Meltina Lector wasn’t a good aide. 

She was a person who sticks to justice and morality and cannot see other people’s feelings. 

As a warrior, she was reasonably competent, and there was no doubt when it comes to loyalty toward Queen Lupis, but conversely, that was all to say about her.  

A woman who was completely incompetent as a leader who stands above other people. 

At the time of the previous civil war, when they persuaded Earl Bergstone who was still neutral at the time, to join the princess side, she was only asking him for his loyalty to the legitimate successor to the throne and offered no reward, that was how Meltina could be described back then. – 

However, it seems that there was no longer a woman named Meltina Lector who was full of such chivalry spirit now. 

“Marquis Halcyon…” 

Then, Meltina slowly stands up and makes a small nod to Marquis Halcyon. 

Of course, there was only one intention… 

“It seems that the conclusion has been reached… Then.” 

In response to Meltina’s gaze, Marquis Halcyon turns toward Ryouma. 

The smile of a victor appeared on his face. 

It was a happy expression that was about to finally able to eliminate the unsightly upstart. 

“It seems you still have some various tricks hidden but, this is the end of it. Baron Mikoshiba. The decision for this hearing has been made…” 

Indeed, just by looking at Queen Lupis attitude, the conclusion would be clear to anyone. 

Lupis Rozelianus has decided. 

Even if she had to close her eyes to justice, for the sake of eliminating the buds of fear. 

Ryouma shrugged his shoulders in response to Marquis Halcyon’s victory declaration. 

“I guess so… To be honest, it is really disappointing…” 

Mikoshiba Ryouma, a man who was known to have excellent wisdom to manipulate human psychology, even for him, looking at the current situation, it would be impossible to overturn Queen Lupis’ decision again. 

In other words, at the hearing this time, the Queen had officially judged that not getting rid of Mikoshiba Ryouma would be a problem. 

Of course, the hearing was just the place to decide whether or not they would hold a trial. 

According to the national law of the Kingdom of Rozeria, the treatment of an aristocrat will be officially decided by a trial held in the royal palace at a later date. 

However, that was only for a formality. 

The house of lords makes a recommendation and the Ruler decide. 

As a result, it was impossible that the judgment would be different than expected. 

However, despite knowing his fate, Mikoshiba Ryouma remained calm. 

Marquis Halcyon tilts his head as he saw Ryouma’s attitude a little weird. 

“Hmm… I don’t see you feel disappointed despite your words… Anyway, the conclusion has been reached. You don’t have to show us other boring excuses…” 

With that said, Marquis halcyon makes small nods and the knights are surrounding Ryouma. 

In response to that, Ryouma inclined his head and asked. 

“Then, what if it was about something that I am about to do…” 

“Oh please, this place is just a place for a hearing. The treatment of Baron Mikoshiba will be decided at a later trial. Until then, you shall be imprisoned in the tower north of this place.” 

“The tower that imprisoned sinners was it?” 

Marquis Halcyon laughed happily at Ryouma’s question. – 

“That’s right. Apparently, you know that tower as well?” 

“Indeed, I heard once you’re sent there, you won’t see the light of day anymore?” 

When an aristocratic person commits a crime, he or she would usually be entrusted to another family if the person was not sentenced to death. 

Well, despite being a sinner, usually that person would be treated as a guest to some extent. 

Considering that aristocrats were privileged, for better or worse, most of them have some kind of kinship, in the end, it can be said that they were relatives. 

However, in the case of a serious crime that could lead to execution, it was certain that even an aristocrat would be detained. 

In particular, if there was the possibility that the other party would escape, no matter how close you were, you cannot be treated kindly. 

However, the problem was the place to detain an aristocrat. 

Because of that, in the Rozeria Kingdom, there were two prisons. 

One was a tower built on the south side of the castle. 

Although it was called a prison, it was quite different from the prison people would usually imagine. 

The person being detained cannot meet with their families but, a maid would be appointed to take care of daily necessities. 

In terms of foods, the highest quality would be provided, the products made by chef worked in the castle, good clothes were also being provided, to some extent the right for aristocrats were considered to some extent. 

From the perspective of a person who has used the finest five-star hotel, the treatment of such a place could be called hell, but for someone who never experiences it, such treatment could be said as better than a standard hotel. 

Rather than a prisoner, it was better to call it a facility for a guest.