Record of Wortenia War – v6-c43.2

The moment they heard the words, the complexion of the Marquis Halcyon who was watching the situation with a calm attitude changed. 

(They didn’t think I would be investigated that much huh? Well, it was not just about the bribery.) 

In developed countries such as modern Japan, it was illegal to give or receive bribes. – 

However, even on the earth, it was a fact that there were still areas where under the table bribes were still being regarded as a daily occurrence. 

The same was true on modern earth. 

It goes without saying, such a country would have less development. 

Certainly, Marquis Halcyon should know what he did was wrong. 

However, if it was something that has become a long-standing custom, it was not something that could be denounced to that extent. 

The talk would have changed if Earl Salzberg didn’t overlook the graft. 

after all, the national law of the Kingdom of Rozaria stipulates that all resources calculated from the royal territory belong to the royal family, and if you violate that law, it was equal to lese majeste to the royal family. 

Even in the forest belonged to the royal family, it was prohibited for the commoners to hunts there, or even taking woods for daily lives. 

If we talk about rock salt, even a prestigious aristocratic family established since the founding of the country would be punished by death. 

(The question is whether this woman understands… But well, her reaction would be as I expected I guess?) 

Ryouma lightly turned his gaze toward Queen Lupis. 

Sure enough, it was watery information. 

She was wondering how to judge Ryouma words now. 

“Looking at your majesty expression, it seems your majesty Lupis didn’t know about the rock salt in the Wortenia Peninsula. I see… So despite such large-scale embezzlement, no one informs your majesty about it huh…” 

Ryouma heard from lady Yuria that the rock salt mine was making nearly 10,000 gold coins a year to Earl Salzberg. 

Considering that when Ryouma occupied the Wortenia Peninsula, the amount of money he took from Queen Lupis for the development fund was only 5,000 gold coins, it can be said it was a considerable amount that had been embezzled. 

Moreover, 10,000 gold coins were only for Earl Salzberg. 

Considering the final amount, the market size, it would be several times larger, as there were several trading partners as well. 

Moreover, it has become a more big deal, because the veins haven’t been diminished yet. 

If Queen Lupsi knew the existence of this vein, she would have tried to control the territory under the royal family at all cost. – 

Because to be honest, she still lacks funds. 

“So, that was why you killed Earl Salzberg?” 

“Well… There are many other reasons… But I think my claim that I can’t believe the house of lords who received the money from Earl Salzberg would be accepted. What do you think? Your Majesty?” 

It was for Queen Lupis who wanted to eliminate Mikoshiba Ryouma, but Queen Lupis didn’t have any choice but to nod to those words. 

“I guess so… If it was exactly as Baron Mikoshiba said…” 

“Thank you.” 

Ryouma bowed toward Lupis. 

Toward such Ryouma, Queen Lupis makes a small nod with an expression that seems she had eaten a worm. 

On the surface, she might be calm, but inside, she must feel disturbed. 

Not to mention, Queen Lupis feeling, since the hands gripping the armrests seem to shake. 

(The only question is if that anger is being directed at me, or against the aristocrats who had embezzled…) 

The result would vary greatly depending on where the anger was directed. 

Meltina, who was standing by her side turned her worried look at Queen Lupis. 

Meltina has also known how Lupis personality was. 

(As expected, she is troubled…) 

In Ryouma eyes, Queen Lupis had already been cornered. 

If you think about it normally, Ryouma’s words were quite natural. 

Queen Lupis should understand that too, 

And by now she should’ve ordered Meltina to end Ryouma’s hearing and denounce the corruption. 

At the very least, she should’ve paused the hearing and examine the documents that Ryouma had. 

However, Queen Lupis shuts her mouth and remained silent. 

Two hearts whirls inside her. 

One was the negative emotion she had toward Mikoshiba RYouma. 

And the other was the Justice as a Ruler. 

However, the conflict within Queen Lupis soon comes to an end. 

“Let us end the farce.” 

It was Marquis Halcyon who spoke… 

With that signal, the rear door was opened vigorously, and a group of knights wearing armor appears with their swords. 

The number was 10 people. 

They silently surround Ryouma. 

Judging from the signs release from his body, it seems Marquis Halcyon intends to kill Ryouma. 

It was also considerable elite soldiers he had brought in. 

Compared to the guard lined up by the wall of this room, they were a lot better. 

However, Ryouma smiles happily while looking around at the uninvited guest. 

“What does this means? Looking at their coat of arms, are those guys the knights guarding the house of lords?” 

There was no fear in his voice. 

However, that seems to confirm the fact. 

Marquis Halcyon clicked his tongue when he looks at Ryouma’s attitude. 

Considering that this was the official venue with a royal attending, her attitude was somehow polite. 

It was due to Ryouma who didn’t break character that he feels irritated. 

It seems he has no intention of Ryouma question though. 

In response to Marquis Halcyon, Queen Lupis couldn’t hide her confusion. 

“Marquis Halcyon… What is this?” 

A quivering voice. 

The voice was full of fear and confusion. 

However, Marquis Halcyon makes a calm mockery of Queen Lupis. 

“No, I thought it was meaningless to hear anymore. If we keep going like this, that man will continue to insist on his legitimacy. But, I’m not that free of a man to deal with this. I want it to come to conclusion by the end of today.” 

“But… It is better for us to see the documents…” 

“Then, do you believe that everything would be redone? Of course, your majesty is the one who decides. If I am being ordered by your majesty, then I would stop… But…” 

That said, Marquis Halcyon smiled darkly. 

It was the darkness of a man who had been in power for many years. 

It seems that he has no intention of fixing his appearance this time. 

The tone of his voice was that of a vassal, but the intention was clear. 

She probably understood what Marquis Halcyon meant. 

Queen Lupis regretfully clenches her lips. 

Meltina who stood beside her quickly rushed to Queen Lupis. 

Then she bent over to Queen Lupis so that he couldn’t hear him. 

“Your Majesty, we should follow Marquis Halcyon here…” 


“No, we definitely need to eliminate this man. Sure, the embezzlement of tEarl Salzberg needs to be investigated, but that is another matter. At least, we cannot make Marquis Halcyon as an enemy right now…” 

In terms of good and evil, Meltina knew that the truth must be investigated. 

But, it was certain that doing so would turn the house of lords into their enemy. 

In some cases, it will affect the entire aristocrats’ factions. 

It was not worth it to chancel this hearing for such a risk. 

(Rather, we cannot let this man breathe…) 

Meltina was making a considerable sacrifice for this move. 

However, at that time, Queen Lupis as well. 

This was also to protect the country from the man know as Mikoshiba Ryouma. 

She can’t make a mistake here. 

It seems that Meltina’s thoughts were conveyed. 

Queen Lupis nodded a little while avoiding Meltina’s gaze. 

As if to turn away from her own conscience.