Record of Wortenia War – v6-c42

Ryouma and Queen Lupis eyes collide. 

At that moment, the surrounding aristocrats saw red sparks in their eyes. 

Of course, that was just an illusion. 

It was a hallucination caused by the unusually tingling air that swirls between the two. 

However, there was no doubt the scene they saw. 

A scene that could take someone’s breath away. 

The hall was covered with a pressure that makes it difficult to breathe. 

Moreover, it seems that they do not intend to divert their eyes from each other. 

(I see. She didn’t pull back… It seems she’s not the same princess as that time huh?) 

Ryouma obediently acknowledged the growth of Lupis Rozerianuz. 

At that moment, the grading between the two was decided. 

This was not a story about status. 

It was about them as humans. 

And once the human status was decided, it cannot be easily overturned. 

That was why she was here with determination. 

However, the facial expression on their face was in contrast. 

One had big smiles on the face. 

However, the other had hatred and anger despite having a beautiful face, it has become distorted. 

Of course, the former was Mikoshiba Ryouma and the latter was the ruler of this country. 

(It was natural that we cannot choose reconciliation or compromise now… And even though she could ignore my provocation, the reason why she is here is to show her hand…) 

Originally Queen Lupis did not need to appear here. 

No, it would be more correct she should not. 

The people seek heroes, it was a turbulent world. 

And Mikoshiba Ryouma who led the previous civil war to an end and protected the Kingdom of Zalda from an invasion of the Ortomea Empire was an awe-inspiring hero for the people. 

It was too bad to hear that the ruler herself had taken the initiative to get rid of such a hero. 

Of course, it was the ruler, Queen Lupis, who makes the final decision, but it was no doubt that it would be better for her to follow the house of lord’s decision. 

And that should know best by Queen Lupis herself. 

That was why, even after the hearing began, she had been listening in a separate room. 

No, even if Queen Lupis just wants to come, Meltina, her aide won’t be able to stop her. 

Nevertheless, if she appeared here, then there was only one meaning. – 

(Settlement on this occasion, after understanding various risks. Well, as I had expected I guess. I invited her to do so by showing some gap, and she took the bait.) 

From Queen Lupis Expression, Ryouma accurately spotted the conflict that swirled under her bask of anger and hatred 

Where was that root of emotion begin? It was definitely from the day Queen Lupis decided to move RYouma to the frontier of the Wortenia peninsula to kill him. 

It was Lupis Rozerianus herself who decided to forcibly give RYouma a noble rank and territory in the name of a reward, who actually wish to leave the Kingdom of Rozeria after the civil war had subsided. 

From a good and evil point of view, Queen Lupis who had created the cause was the perpetrator, and Ryouma was the victim who just tried to protect himself. 

And Queen Lupis wouldn’t have been able to shake off her guilt. 

Even if she had personal hatred in her heart. 

Even so, Queen Lupis’s appearance on Ryouma’s provocation may have been tragic determination for the well being of her self and the country. 

(To rule the country was not a beautiful thing. I’m not saying that it shouldn’t say beautiful things, but to do that, one needs to know one need overwhelming power to do so… No, she should’ve known that…) 

A person who was in the position of a ruler or a leader of a country who decide the future of the country should not hesitate to make his/her own judgment. 

To be more precise don’t let the people around get lost. 

Of course, as long as the ruler was human, they would still not be free from regret and remorse. 

However, the King’s job was to decide. 

If the ruler’s judgment and the ability to do to make that decision were shaken, the person below them would not be able to judge whether or not they should move. 

Queen Lupis may have finally understood that. 

No, it may be correct to say that she had to understand. 

There was a word that status would raise a person. 

After many hardships, Lupis Rozerianuz may have finally awakened as a politician. 

(How regrettable… If this woman, at that time…) 

That was Ryouma true feeling. 

That was said, it was a meaningless thought. 

Because the sword had already been swung. 

It was Queen Lupis who first broke the silence. 

“Please tell me just once… Why?” 

It was a question that was subtly lacking in the content as a question. 

However, for the two parties, that was enough. 

“Why you ask? Do you even need an answer to that question now?” 

Queen Lupis Looks down lightly at the words. 

She understands that she was here despite there was no point in it now. 

And even if she understands that, she still wants to at least ask once. 

Meltina stands beside her and looks anxiously at Queen Lupis. 

Feeling that gaze, Queen Lupis shook her head lightly toward Meltina and turned her face once more toward Ryouma. 

What dwells in her eyes was the light of will like steel. 

“Well, I know this question was only sentimental. But… I want to hear it for once from you. After all, I’m the ruler of this country…” 

That was Lupis true feeling. 

It was like the last move toward the hero who she judged as a sinner. 

Because he knows that, Ryouma also expose his true feeling. 

“Well, in short, it was necessary to survive I guess…” 

“Necessary to survive huh?” 

Queen Lupis tilted her head when she heard him. 

That would sound like weak words coming from someone known as a hero. 

That was why it should be more suitable for a person named Mikoshiba Ryouma to say “To become the King of a country.” 

In fact, the aristocrats were silent watching the two with a suspicious expression on their faces. 

They too would have thought that the previous battle was a manifestation of their true ambitions. 

With such a gaze from the surrounding, RYouma expressed his feeling. 

“Well, it will take a long time to explain in details, and the aristocrats who were bound by the old fashioned stereotypes present here will not understand, so let me conclude it here. To put it bluntly, I don’t want to die because of your inefficient and ridiculous governance. For better or for worse, I don’t have that much attachment to this country. ” 

With that said, Ryouma showed a gentle smile. 

If you look at it as a country, those words sounded like trash who only thinking about himself. 

However, Ryouma claims were not eccentric when considered as a company rather than a country. 

Ryouma was like a mid-career employee who was hired by a company called the Kingdom of Rozeria. 

But, no matter how big the company was, if the management were involved in bribes and embezzlement of assents, then the company won’t have any future. 

It was easy to imagine the future in which the company receives damage in trust and bankruptcy would occur, or another company would acquire or merge it with another company. 

Even if mid-career employees were being hired to perform reform, if the company itself didn’t have any room to accept those reforms due to past conventions, then there was no use in doing it. 

Even more, if the policymaker itself, in this case, Lupis Rozerianus was already wobbling, to begin with. 

It didn’t mean that the dictatorship was good, but the people cannot follow the decision of the country if the top executive didn’t have proper control over its own power. 

When that happens, there were two ways the mid-career employees could take. 

Either to fight, or run away from the company. 

Such a choice was the most natural one. 

However, Ryouma’s reasoning couldn’t be conveyed to the aristocrats who did not care for their actions. 

An angry voice could be heard continue coming from the aristocrats. 

It was loud enough to shake the whole building. 

However, such a surrounding voice has no value for Ryouma. 

And he continues his words without breaking a smile on his face. 

“Oh, I don’t want you to misunderstand me, I’m not going to blame you for the way you govern. I do think it was stupid and inefficient but, if I look at it the way how this world works, I have no right to deny or blame it. No matter how much the people suffer may be, if you do it in a place that has nothing to do with me, then I won’t say anything… But that is precisely why, I, my friends, and the people I care for, it would be different if those people were getting involved.” 

It was a gentle voice. 

However, at the same time, it gives off a strong pressure. 

Perhaps he was convinced of his justice and the cause of his action. 

At the same time, he also had prepared himself to receive the backlash of his action, or if the people around him didn’t understand his actions. 

“So, is that why you fight against Earl Salzberg?” 

“Indeed, that person was drowning in his own pleasure, and the territories were suffering due to that. Even though it managed and maintained with the help of lady Yuria’s political skills and the cooperation of the merchant association that holds Epiroz economy, it was a tower on sand that could easily collapse due to small external force. As I’m adjacent to that territory, I cannot overlook it. The Wortenia peninsula was indeed undeveloped land, and the territory is small, but that does not mean I can neglect my obligation as a lord.” 

On those words, Queen Lupis asked… 

“That’s why you started a war? It is certainly right that the lord must protect their territory. I admit that. But if you knew by that time that the rule of Earl Salzberg was terrible, why didn’t you appeal to the house of lords? It is by the law of this country that a conflict between aristocrats should be judged by the house of lords.” 

Following those words, swearing words coming from around Ryouma. 

“THat’s right! Why didn’t you report to the house of lord?!” 

“It was just an excuse for you to take away Earl Salzberg territory isn’t it?!” 

After confirming the surrounding reaction, Marquis Halcyon who had been silent until now shows a calm mockery. 

“It is exactly as her majesty says. If your action is truly for the people, why didn’t you report the outrageous action of Earl Salzberg, and instead attack him yourself? Isn’t that proof that what you did was just to fulfill your own ambition?!” 

Obeying the law was natural for the human who lives in a nation. 

At the very least, you should make an effort to obey the law. 

However, Ryouma didn’t seem upset due to such criticism. – 

“No, I don’t report it because it is useless to talk it out with you guys. After all, you guys are in the same boat, no?” 

With that said, Ryouma takes the folded paper out of his pocket and calls out to Meltina. 

“I’m sorry but can you show this to her majesty?” 

Meltina silently receives the paper presented with an anxious look. 

It seems there was no choice but to accept the paper in this situation even if it was dangerous. 

But, it seems Queen Lupis was also interested in the contents written on the paper taken out by Ryouma. 

Upon receiving the paper from Meltina, Queen Lupis quickly unfolds it. 

There were names and countless numbers of the aristocrats who belong to the house of lords. 

At first, Queen Lupis couldn’t understand what that means. 

Queen Lupis desperately try to understand Ryouma’s intention who didn’t stop smiling at her. 

(Only those who belong to the House of Lords written here, including Marquis Halcyon, and the numbers assigned here are monthly… As a nobleman who does not belong to the house of lords… At the top, only the name of Earl Salzberg is written here… I don’t know what it means, but no matter what the aim, this guy will never do something without meaning…) 

The numbers on this paper should support the legitimacy of Ryouma’s action. 

At the very least, it must be something with such purpose. 

Various assumptions come to mind in Queen Lupis. 

And one assumption remained. 

“This is… It can’t be…” 

The moment she reached that assumption, Lupis’ face distorted. 

Ryouma nodded calmly to Queen Lupis. 

“As your majesty had imagined. This is the amount of monthly support paid by Earl Salzberg to the house of lords, and the aristocrats belong to it. Well, in short, it was an under the table deal.” 

Ryouma’s voice echoed unnaturally loud inside the room.