Record of Wortenia War – v6-c41

“This country is now in an unprecedented crisis. And I don’t need to mention the cause anymore.” 

With that said, Ryouma glares at the surrounding. 

The words contained the meaning of condemnation toward the ruler or the aristocrats. 

In fact, the rule of the aristocrats in this Kingdom was quite harsh. 

A family member being sold was a daily occurrence, and it was not rare where some aristocrats would sink their poisonous fangs when they saw someone beautiful. 

Among them was a daughter that was about to get married. 

By the way, there seems to be a similar system to it around the world, including Europe, called Droit du seigneur. 

On the first night of marriage, a powerful person or a clergyman meets the bride before the groom. 

It was unclear when such a system ever existed, but that alone could illustrate the dark history of humans. 

This was because there was nothing clear left as a source. 

In addition, various interpretations may be one of the factors that hindering the understanding of such a system. 

Some say it was for the purpose to show power, some say it was for magical element, and some say it was related to tax collection. 

Justice and Morality differ depending on the background and era. 

However, in the eyes of modern people, such a system would be viewed as the work of the Devil. 

Of course, it was just part of one page of history. 

However, that only applies to those who lived in modern times. 

The people who lived in this world experienced the harsh life of the middle ages. 

In fact, if you’re not good at it, your life might be harder here. 

For us, people who willingly lived in such a harsh situation might view them as fools or saints. 

But to be sure, they did not have the option to rebel. 

(Because in front of the aristocrats who acquired the paranormal power of law, it is known that there’s no point in rebelling as a commoner.) 

They have no reason to complain, and not willing to acknowledge the dire situation either. 

Because they were weak, they just endure the ruling class domineering and tyrannical governance. 

If you think of it that way to protect your family and loved one, many would do the same and wait for the storm to pass. 

However, patience was no more than endurance. 

The dissatisfaction toward the ruling class would always smoldering inside one’s heart. 

From parent to a child from child to grandchild. The oppressed anger, the hatred, being passed down. 

And the turmoil of the kingdom caused by national affair would burn their smoldering fire. 

(The question is whether or not they understand that… Well, to be honest, it is hopeless…) 

If they could understand Ryouma from the beginning, this kind of thing won’t happen. 

It was undeniable that the root of the cause of the turmoil in the current Kingdom of Rozeria was aristocrats politics. 

However, when the emerging aristocrats pointed it out, the other aristocrats were not naive enough to receive the blame. 

Sure enough, the reaction of the surrounding toward Ryouma’s words was chilly 

“It was true that our country is in crisis. As Baron Mikoshiba said, the cause is obvious. However, the cause we think not always the same with what Baron Mikoshiba thinks, isn’t it?” 

With that said, Marquis Halcyon turns a meaningful look around. 

There was no one who didn’t understand that line of sight. 

In other words, it was a transfer of responsibility. 

However, the words of Marquis Halcyon was not completely off the mark either. 

In the end, it was all about the viewpoint and position to say things. 

Was it a noble perspective, or a commoner perspective? 

And many of the humans here were-creature called aristocrats. 

“I agree with the opinion of Marquis Halcyon. And, in my opinion, the national crisis is a fact but, I do not believe that Earl Salzberg and the other ten households had any relation with it. What do you think, Baron Mikoshiba? If you can claim the legitimacy, I would definitely like to hear the hero’s high theory.” 

Earl Ainzberg, a leading figure in the house of lords, provoked Ryouma. 

Voice of support rise to the words one after another. 

It can be called a storm of swearing. 

Ryouma was amazed and resigned at the fact that his prediction was right. 

(Speaking of expectation, as expected huh?) 

Originally, kingdoms from this low area on the western continent held the strictest status system. 

Another feature was the real power of the ruler was considerably limited. 

Since the days of Queen Lupis father, the predecessor King, he had been trying to gradually regain power for the royal family, but the road was endless. 

After all, the power of the aristocrats class here was strong and great in this country. 

What’s more, it was a country that values tradition and formality for better or worst. 

After all, it boasted over 500 years of history. 

For them, there was no compromise to change the status quo. 

For most aristocrats, the territory was nothing more than property to enrich their lives. 

So to speak it was on the same level as livestock. 

And whether the livestock was dissatisfied or not, they didn’t care. 

(No change huh? Well, that’s alright. There’s no reason for me to place a high expectation this late in the game…) 

Though if they don’t want their family to explode, they need to understand the commoner anger. 

(And for the aim of the enemy who tries to use the anger of the commoner to instigate a crisis, it is late for me to say this but, I have a slight problem with the plan they try to execute…) 

Ryouma had been involved in various plots since he had been relegated to the Wortenia Peninsula. 

However, he never ignited such plots on his own initiative. 

What Ryouma did was to pour some oil little by little into the fire. 

it was not as much as he doing things as he likes, he just wants to disturb the speculation of someone who laughed behind this Rozeria Kingdom. 

And its purpose was only one. 

It was nothing but to protect the lives of yourself, your friends from danger as the fire intensified, especially if it happened without your knowledge, it was to avoid falling into an unreasonable situation. 

(Well, that is why, it was the same for rulers in this country, it including Queen Lupis who continue to dance despite her bleeding.) 

Ryouma didn’t want Queen Lupis or the House of Lords to understand the reason for the decline, but he also doesn’t think they can understand. 

People believe only what they want to believe and treat something they didn’t believe as ‘doesn’t exist’. 

Moreover, no matter how much the upstart trying to say, the aristocrats would definitely not accept it. 

They would believe if they were being told in the western continent exist a mysterious organization. 

Of course, that did not matter much. 

If that was the aristocrats’ decision, then Ryouma has no complaint. 

But the problem was, that decision would change the course of Ryouma right and interest. 

(Organization, huh? Whatever their aim, they probably want war… Just like a death merchant on earth.) 


The problem was who was the minion inside the organization. 

(Even if I heard some story from His Majesty Yurianus, and for being a member, that old man is probably the prime suspect.) 

A man’s face comes to mind in Ryouma’s mind. 

However, it was a middle-aged man, face, and smile. 

However, Ryouma had certainly felt the smoky feeling from the man when they first met. 

He seems to be someone with Japanese ancestry, but the dislike feeling was stronger, maybe because the other side was a man. 

Of course, there was a hard condition. 

It was just indefinitely black from Ryouma’s point of view. 

However, if Ryouma was right, that means the organization extends inside the royal palace of Rozaria. 

(It would be a waste of time to explain the reason toward those who don’t have ears to hear it… I guess it is time for that one to make an appearance…) 

It was also good to use it to reduce the momentum of the aristocrats’ ridicule. 

So Ryouma showed a big sigh. 

Then he dropped his shoulders. 

“I see, I can understand everyone’s anger. it is a pity, but it seems you and I didn’t see eye to eye. Anymore conversation than this would make no sense…” 

Depending on how you hear it. 

Sure enough, one of the aristocrats stood up from his chair and trying to yell at Ryouma. 


However, the aristocrats stopped standing up and slumped to his chair. 

And he swallowed the swearing words that he was about to say. 

He was a victim of Ryouma’s pressure, which was a bit different compared to before. 

This might be the difference between a man who knew about the battlefield and not. 

The aristocrats around him probably understood that instinctively. 

Ryouma then spoke again… 

“Then, why don’t we ask our ruler about this matter?! You’re there, right, Your Majesty, Lupis Rozerianus!” 

Following that word, everyone in the hall shut their mouth. 

“What are you saying…” 

Such words were spilled from one of the nobles. 

Up until this point, Ryouma’s words still could be categorized as an incredible demand. 

But, Ryouma didn’t stop. 

The reaction that Marquis Halcyon showed was slightly different compared to his surrounding. 

(It was only for a moment, but I could see her face when the door opened for a moment.) 

Realizing his prediction was correct, Ryouma speak further. 

“Or you can’t even show your self in front of me? If  we don’t exchange words, how are you going to admit your mistakes?” 

His attitude was certainly one that was unsuitable toward the ruler of the Kingdom… 

However, no one in this place would blame him. 

And finally, the door was opened. 

The first thing he saw was the knight with long black hair. 

She wore heavy equipment that only suitable when you’re about to go to a battlefield. 

On top of that, the sword, even though it was forbidden to use the sword here, she still has hers on her waist. 

Originally no matter what status you have, you need to put it off. 

However, the woman behind the female knight was more troublesome than her. – 

“Your Majesty… Why, here…” 

No one knows who said those weird. 

However, those words spark some heat within the heart of the noble. 

It was a scene that should’ve been impossible. 

It was true that the house of lords was part of the royal palace, but having the ruler come to see the house of lords directly was another mind. – 

With such a surprising voice.. the moment Marquis Hamilton stood up from his chair he immediately kneels down. 

Seeing that figure, the aristocrats were stunned by the unexpected appearance of Queen Lupis. 

And so was Ryouma who called Queen Lupis by name. 

“It’s been a long time huh?… Baron Mikoshiba… I don’t mind if you raise your head.” 

There was some bitterness in her words. 

That being said, it was a permit issued by Queen Lupis. 

Following Queen Lupis’ words, Ryouma slowly raised his face.