Record of Wortenia War – v6-c40.2

Meanwhile, Marquis Halcyon who was silently watching the farce between Earl Aizenbach and Ryouma opened his mouth. 

For a person who understands the meaning of Ryouma’s words, it was a natural reaction. 

“What do you mean?” 

“It is exactly as I said. I have received special consideration from Her Majesty when I received the Wortenia peninsula. Marquis Halcyon as the head of the house of lords should know, right? Or are you saying that a major figure of the Kingdom doesn’t know it?” 

Everyone was at a loss for words due to Ryouma’s attitude, but Marquis Halcyon continue as if didn’t care… 


Whose word was that? 

However, even if the person who said those words understood what Ryouma said, his words still represent the feeling of the people here. 

If that is true, the very basis for holding this inquisition would disappear. 

Ryouma continue his words with such a reaction around him. 

“When I was given the peninsula for the small achievement I made during the previous civil war, I made a wish. It was a wish for the sake of fulfilling the royal order to develop the Wortenia Peninsula, which was also called the demon territory, where monsters lurk, and pirates ruled the coastal area. After all, I am just an upstart. There are no relatives to rely on, and there was no property. In order for me to develop the peninsula, I had to consider many various things from Her majesty.” 

The moment they heard those words, Marquis Halcyon changed… – 

He knew what Ryouma was trying to say. 

“Legislation, military, diplomacy, economic freedom…” 

The words spilled from his mouth caused the other aristocrats to raise their voices. 

“Tax payment and military service exception too…” 

Ryouma supplements the words of Marquis Halcyon. 

It was a famous funny story circulating among the noble of the Rozeria Kingdom. 

After the end of the previous civil war, Queen Lupis praise turned into a twisted pain. 

And it was certainly the wish of the upstart at that time who was given the remote area was exceptional even in the standard of the aristocrats. 

Still, considering the royal order to develop an undeveloped area such as Wortenia Peninsula, no matter how the aristocrats dislike Ryouma, they could not turn down their request. 

Needless to say for a reason. 

No one wants to express their opposition poorly and openly. 

In the viewpoint of Lupis the Queen, the Wortenia peninsula was not like the territory now, there was nothing there, or else her decision would be seen as madness. 

And if she did it poorly, she would be brought back the breath of rebellion from the aristocrats. 

However, it cannot be said as impossible to do either… 

(Furthermore, if a change of territory cannot be done, at least one can get a development fund…) 

Then the situation revived inside Marquis Halcyon’s mind. 

Even ordinary territory would require a huge amount of money to develop. 

Any aristocrats in this place knew such a thing. 

The investment destination is the infamous Wortenia Peninsula. 

Nowadays, it has become a territory that lay golden eggs, but at that time, it was a remote place that could be called even a mysterious world. 

Mikoshiba Ryouma he asked Queen Lupis to provide a million gold coins for development, but even if the entire sum of money were paid by the Queen, it was just like throwing a stone into the sea, including Marquis Halcyon, all aristocrats think the same. 

Only a few aristocrats would be willing to spend money on such a place. 


Marquis Halcyon now understands the hostile relationship between Lupis Rozerianus and Mikoshiba Ryouma, but at that time, it was almost impossible to know that. 

After all, Mikoshiba Ryouma was the greatest contributor to the previous civil war that had helped Queen Lupis and put her on the throne. 

It was unpredictable that she was trying to confine the existence of such a hero to a remote area such as Wortenia Peninsula and kill him. 

If one thinks so, there was a plot to intentionally give Mikoshiba Ryouma an absurd request, and point at the aristocrats “If you don’t agree, you do it instead”. 

That was why the aristocrats decided to ignore it and be a bystander. 0 

(Furthermore, this guy didn’t refuse the request for reinforcement to the Zalda Kingdom) 

For Marquis Halcyon, it was honest to say that he was feeling pity for him to be a reinforcement. 

After all, you can’t plunder, there was a little chance to be given territory. 

At most you would only get a treasure sword from the King. 

And if you’re not doing good at it, you might only get words of thanks. 

Even if it was an honor, the profit was thin. 

Still, it was difficult to refuse because it was a royal order. 

(However… If he wants to bring up his privilege, he should do so from the start…) 

However, Mikoshiba Ryouma intentionally didn’t use it, even though he had the privilege to enable the impossible. 

Considering the western continent, Ryouma decided to go as reinforcement, but for Marquis Halcyon who has a strong instinct as aristocrats that need to protect one’s name, he didn’t think that. 

But that was the reason why the house of lords and Queen Lupis went crazy this time. 

No one could notice the illusion placed by the man named Mikoshiba Ryouma where he comes here because he was under the rule of law. 

In truth, no one gets in the way of Ryouma’s words. 

If the privilege given by Queen Lupis, the ruler, was shaken, it would cause a crisis. 

While confirming the reaction of the surrounding, Ryouma further speaks… 

“However, as I said earlier, I am a commoner, but I am grateful toward Her Majesty to make me a noble. That is why I can’t just sit silently when the country is in crisis.” 

“Crisis you say? Is that the reason you killed Earl Salzberg?” 

Marquis Halcyon turned his hateful gaze on Ryouma’s words. 

However, Ryouma only nodded calmly. 

Then he swung down the blade of words head-on.