Record of Wortenia War – v6-c40.1

“It’s a bit shameful but, I cannot understand Baron’s words… May I ask for a bit more explanation?” 

Earl Aizenbach, who had the same question as Marquis Halcyon, asks Mikoshiba Ryouma 

Perhaps he wanted to avoid giving unnecessary stimuli to further hindering the proceedings. 

At least, he doesn’t seem to deny Ryouma’s words head-on as a fool’s delusion. 

There seems to be at least the wisdom to avoid yesterday farce. – 

(Because it was more efficient to keep the conversation going rather than finding fault… It was those guys, after all, I thought all of them would just succumb to emotion and deny it…) 

Ryouma reviewed his enemies just a little bit. 

This hearing is basically the same as the battle for Ryouma. 

There was only one difference. 

The only point was that you need to defeat the opponent with words and not blade and force. 

And, from a tactical point of view, the act of denying the other person’s words head-on emotionally could be said as a foolish measure. 

If you compare it to a war, it would be like ordering an assault on the entire army without any plan. 

Beyond that, it was ridiculous attrition warfare. 

From the perspective of the house of lords, it was easier to listen to the other party words, and pierce it using logic, rather than wasting time where the result was visible, and above all, the outside hearsay would be improved as well. 

Even if you’re an upstart who doesn’t like the aristocrat class, Mikoshiba Ryouma is regarded by the people of the Kingdom of Rozeria as [Hero of Salvation], due to his achievement during his previous civil war. 

However, From Ryouma point of view, the speculation of such an opponent was only in the category of additional calculation. 

Ryouma utters the words he had prepared in advance. 

“If you say that… I’m troubled. Whether or not everyone could understand…” 

With that said, Ryouma scratched himself with his finger, with a troubled expression on his face. 

It was like a father who was confused as to how to give an explanation to the children. 

However, Earl Aizenbach ignored his provocative attitude and speak again. 

“I see, it might be difficult for ordinary people to understand the intention of the person known as the [hero of salvation]. But if we don’t hear the story again, it would not be a matter of understanding anymore, right? Or Mikoshiba-dono try to say that we can’t understand words?” 

Ryouma smiled bitterly at the words. 

To tell you the truth, he would like to nod, but if he does that, Ryouma would be accused of clearly insulting Earl Aizenbach. 

it was a departure from the provocation attitude Ryouma took so far. 

Of course, there’s no other choice but to deny it. 

“Of course, that is not what I meant…” 

“Then that is good. We’re also aristocrats whose role is to serve the royal family and support the country. We won’t be able to support the country if we fight against friends just because of boring misunderstanding.” 

With that being said, Earl Aizenbach turned from a gentle tone and glared at Ryouma. 

Perhaps he thinks he had catch Ryouma and try to push him… 

“Mikoshiba-dono earlier had said he raised the troops to repay Her Majesty’s gratitude? However, the ten families including Earl Salzberg’s household had been responsible for the defense of the north. It is our consensus that the defense of the north is in serious danger and not to mention the fate of those houses who lost their entire head. It also violates the law that prohibits war between fellow nobles. And it is also clearly Mikoshiba-dono who created this situation. That is what you said, no?” 

“Indeed, that is right.” 

“Nevertheless, Mikoshiba-dono says that you don’t understand the reason why you’ve been summoned?” 

Earl Aizenbach’s words were filled with a trap that didn’t forgive bad evasion. 

However, Ryouma brushed Earl Aizenbach lightly. 

“To be honest, it is refreshing.” 

He was in a very dignified attitude. 

Or one could also say arrogant. 

But in any case, He didn’t think Ryouma would deny it straight. 

Earl Aizenbach felt damped for a moment. 

However, that didn’t mean he would stop pursuing… 

After a light cough, Earl Aizenbach smiles at Ryouma as if he were a fool. – 

“For those who are called the ‘heroes of the country’ by the people, won’t that be a bad move? Or do you intend to say that heroes are not bound by the law of the country?” [TLN: True though? Most heroes are like that, isn’t it? They are only bound to their moral compas] 

But that one word was what Ryouma had been waiting for. 

“Indeed, that is right.” 

The voice echoes loudly in the hall. 

No one expected it to be affirmed. 

Everyone loses words. 

However, the next moment, the hall was filled with angry words and swearing again. 

“Stupid! What on earth are you saying!” 

“Since you grow up as a commoner, maybe you should be called [Hero of Plebs]” 

The hall was noisy, filled with criticism toward Ryouma. 

However, Ryouma didn’t seem to feel any itching or pain from that criticism. 

Then while looking around as if intimidating the surroundings, he proudly asserts his right. 

“Everyone seems to misunderstand, but I’m not feeling over proud of my achievements and trying to break the law. It’s just that I have no obligation to obey from the beginning.” 

The roar was raised inside the hall.