Record of Wortenia War – v6-c4

Editor: Chaz


“Well alright, enough about that… So, the reason you come here is not about Elmeda right?”


Breaking a heavy silence, Roberto finally cuts to the subject.


“Roberto, you know about it?”


“Isn’t that obvious?Being part of the defeated army yet I receive this kind of treatment.. Isn’t that natural for me to at least realize that?”


However, hearing Roberto words, Signiz’s face looked doubtful.


“What’s wrong with that face. You…did you think I was that stupid!?!”


“Well, it is you after all… There’s a possibility you didn’t realize it.”


“You sure have the gall to say such bad things to your longtime friend.”


Roberto scowled at Signiz while saying that.


The two people then stared at each other.


And then, they laughed out loud.


No one knew how much time had passed.


Before long, Signiz erased the smile on his face and looked at Roberto.


“Well, all joking aside… If you know that much then good enough. My lord wanted your power. Lend him your power, Roberto. I think you should not let your ability get buried in this rural area or are you seriously willing to bury your bones for the northern frontier like this? Don’t you think you want to try your ability abroad?”


Saying that Signiz showed his usual cool-headedness.


His thoughts hidden from his surroundings and his close friend up until now, Signiz was finally able to say what he wanted .


However, in his words one thing should be noticed.


The moment he heard that word, Roberto’s eyes sharply shone.


“My lord, is it?”




Signiz affirmed Roberto’s question.


In his word, one could feel deep respect.


It might be only a way of calling someone, but it showed how serious Signiz was.


(I can’t believe it, in just a few days, he could get Signiz this far…)


The man named Signiz Garbera that Roberto knew, was a man that never showed his desire much.


And this was not something superficial either.


Judging from how both men talk and behaved, Signiz would be much more friendly than Roberto.


Many people would often time think Signiz as a submissive person compared to Roberto and Signiz also played along with it.


However, all of that was just a façade to hide his true nature.


That was because it meant life or death for him to show dissatisfaction and ambition in front of his relatives.


Those who knew about Signiz true nature would be Roberto and his adoptive parent, Elmeda.


Even Signiz didn’t show his nature to Earl Salzberg.


Or rather, even for Roberto who was his best friend, he never heard Signiz’s aspiration in life from his own mouth. –


It was then that Roberto realized a certain thing.


“I see… You…”


Understanding what Roberto was about to say, Signiz lifted the bottle to his mouth, laughed and drank some more alcohol.


“Haha, as you’ve expected. Presently, I’ve inherited the Garbera household.”


In other words, the fourth son, born of a commoner woman, pushed aside his brothers and inherited the family.


For something like that to happen, it was something unthinkable for the aristocrats in this world.


Regardless of ability, the order of succession was usually strict. Well, that was if they were still alive…


“Is it you? Or Elmeda?”


Toward those questions, Signiz answered by shaking his head.


“No, it was neither me nor Elmeda.”


“Which means?”


If Signiz words were true, then who was the one killed Signiz brothers?


“It was him.”


“Baron Mikoshiba?”


Signiz nodded his head to affirm the question.


“When the war was over, during the audience he clearly said it. Besides me, no one from the Garbera family is alive.”


“It can’t be…”


To destroy the enemy’s family was not an easy task.


Especially when there was no major problem in the enemy’s territorial management and the citizen didn’t have any strong dissatisfaction toward their rule.


To attack and make it one’s own territory was unbelievable. –


“He knew everything. From the terrain of every territory, the specialty products, the town and villages, and the amount of taxes each house levied from the people…”


The moment he heard that, Roberto felt the question he had inside his head melted away.


“I see… As expected, he prepared everything in detail eh?”


“Indeed so…”


Signiz smiled hearing Roberto words.


From a common sense point of view, although possessing a vast amount of land, Wortenia peninsula had no people, until a few years ago that is… There were pirates and powerful monsters, but there were no citizens.


For the nobility who lived using taxes, such land was a nightmare for them.


In comparison, the Rozeria northern territory although not as agricultural rich as Irachion, it was rich enough.

Originally, the force Mikoshiba possessed was of far lower battle capability compared to the northern noble households.


It can be said this war was a battle between adult and baby. <TLN: Talking about territory, Wortenia is still young, very young.>


At least, that was what Earl Salzberg and the majority of the northern noble household thought.


(Doesn’t that mean this war was actually decided by how good one’s own territory management was?)


At that moment, Roberto felt a chill run down his spine.


“Wait, when did he send his spy to investigate each territory?”


Only recently Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma received his peerage.


And after a while, he was dispatched to the Zalda Kingdom as reinforcement.


Considering the time, most likely he sent the spy around the time he returned back from the Zalda Kingdom but that was only six months ago.


And it would be difficult to investigate all ten houses in just six months.


“Maybe around the time he inherited the Wortenia peninsula, no?”


“Signiz, you think so too?”


“I have no proof, but it is most likely…”


Understanding the meaning of that words, Roberto swallowed his saliva unintentionally.


(What an interesting man…)


He was just a Baron, the lowest nobility household, but his eyes were always looking up at the sky.


Toward such existence, Roberto could feel his heart race.


“Well then, let me hear it. What are you going to do now?”


To that question, Roberto breathed out and spoke slowly of his own thoughts, while directly looking at Signiz eyes.