Record of Wortenia War – v6-c39

“Now, let us restart the hearing…” 

Saying that Marquis Halcyon says his words while observing the surrounding. 

And with complicated looks, he turns his gaze toward Ryouma. 

However, one could feel, behind that gaze, intense hatred, and scorn. 

But, compared to the time they first met, it was completely different. 

What changed was, this time around, his hatred contains a clear murderous intent. 

(I guess, he feels like someone whose feet being pulled and tripped…) 

The creature called aristocrats placed importance on appearance and face. 

For Ryouma who lived in modern society, it could be said as ridiculous behavior but, for aristocrats in this world, appearance and face could be said as part of their life. 

To give an example that was easy for the Japanese to understand, it would be similar to those of a Portable Shrine. 

A portable shrine was a sacred item that usually used when an enshrined god of a shrine decided to heads out temporarily. 

Naturally, the portable shrine must maintain dignity with the holiness appropriate for God. 

By the way, those plastic portable shrines cannot be called a true portable shrine, and no one would want to carry such a portable shrine. 

The portable shrine must be created using fine woods, and give off the aura of luxury but also solemn. 

Just like the aristocrats, those were needed to maintain God’s name and dignity. 

Similarly, aristocrats were those noblemen who could carry themselves, and show that they were the ones with authority toward the general populace. 

Whether it was in the form of fear or love, an aristocrat cannot exist without the others. 

In fact, vassals won’t follow a great aristocrat if he couldn’t carry himself as a nobleman, and it would be the same for territorial people. 

In fact, some noble houses were no longer able to keep their name because their vassals and people left them. 

Of course, the foundation of Marquis Halcyon’s house as one of the most important houses in the Rozaria Kingdom could not be destroyed easily. 

However, the fact that they were being criticized by their opponent whom they themselves view as an upstart cannot be overlooked. 

Thus, there was only one way to heal such pain. 

(I guess, they are about to get serious now eh?) 

Until now, Mikoshiba Ryouma was regarded by the Rozaria Kingdom nobles as an enemy. 

But now, it was different. 

Mikosbiba Ryouma for the first time, become the personal enemy of the Marquis Halcyon. 

A dark murderous gaze could be felt from his gaze. 

With such a gaze being emitted, only moron would believe such a person could make a fair judgment. 

But that was what Ryouma had aimed since the beginning. 

However, Ryouma suddenly doubted his ears… 

“But, up until this point, there is no use to hear the story from Baron Mikoshiba anymore…” 

Around here, many supported him. 

That was due to Marquis Halcyon’s confidence. 

At the very least, they believed in Marquis Halcyon’s investigation. 

Of course, it was another story when it comes to a reasonable decision. 

But, that was not the biggest problem. 

(Oi, oi, again?) 

A small sigh spills out from Ryouma’s mouth. 

Of course, the aristocrats’ side’s though was transparent from the beginning, and Ryouma had no expectation for the judicial system of this world. 

However, it should be natural for someone to disguise such transparent though. 

Not doing that was the same as throwing away the bare minimum requirement. 

(In this word, on top of survival of the fittest, the status system is also very strict. Furthermore, many of the aristocrats that make up the house of lords are called prestigious since the founding of the Kingdom. On the other hand, I’m an upstart who does not understand the world. Thus, they believe there’s no reason for them to regard me as their equal. Well, based on this world aristocracy, what Marquis Halcyon said may be normal but, if the judge makes a decision before deliberation, if this was a modern world he would be impeached…) 

Of course, the reason to do that was to secure the illusion of fair trials. 

Many people who live not in the judicial affairs misunderstood but, justice and law were not completely equal. 

Justice was an idea that exists in the mind of each human. 

Although some might be in common, there were many other variations due to many factors, such as environment, religion, country’s history, and many more. 

On the other hand, the law was nothing more than justice value belonging to a particular group, which mostly the majority living on the land. 

Certainly, it would be easy if everyone just accepts it. 

Or the more correct words were to create it so that everyone could accept it within an acceptable range. 

That thought was indeed natural. 

That because the great mind of the country would spend a lot of time and effort to adjust the law and justice to a value that seems to be within an acceptable range of everyone. 

The law was nothing more than rules that explain what was allowed and what was not allowed, to maintain the thing called society. 

That being said, even if the law and justice were not being equal, usually, there were many laws created on top of each other despite facing the same direction. – 

The reason why lawyers (in Japan) have a symbol of scale on their badge was that they had the responsibility and control over fairness, just like where the symbol was taken from, the goddess of justice, Themis. 

However, looking at the current situation, one could only shake head. 

A subtle gap between law and justice. 

That was to say, the credibility of the judiciary system. 

Of course, a judge was a human being, it was difficult for them to completely exclude prejudice and individual justice. 

Even the mythical god sometimes gets their emotion involved. 

A human couldn’t maintain perfect impartiality and neutrality. 

For example, if there was a case of a cruel criminal act, human emotions tend to scorn them immediately. 

However, the meaning of the story would change considerably if you asked one individual to another. 

No matter what the personality of the judges, they need to hide any attitude which was considered to be clearly biased, because it was necessary to make an effort to maintain fairness even if that was only a front. 

No matter what the intention of the judge, it was no good, to be honest with his thought and feelings during trials. 

From that point of view, the behavior of Marquis Halcyon was unacceptable. 

However, that was only the impression of someone from modern society. 

(Well, even if they have a similar job, it doesn’t make sense to except work ethics from people from this world.) 

The concept of fairness and justice were not the same as a modern society. 

Even justice in a modern society constantly changed depending on the era and country. 

Since the world itself was different, it was impossible to view them with the same sensibility 

(Well, I have no intention of obeying their justice, to begin with…) 

Ryouma didn’t have any intention to call this world a complete evil, and he also didn’t have any intention to deny Marquis Halcyon justice. 

But at the same time, Ryouma also reluctant to follow their justice. 

Indeed, the conversation was an important tool to understand others. 

Most people knew that the opposing side might find a compromise through conversation, and stop a conflict. 

But, that alone would be naive. 

There was no way for Marquis Halcyon who believe in his superiority to willingly listen to Ryouma’s words. 

Such Marquis Halcyon once again opened his mouth while grinning. 

“It seems that Baron Mikoshiba has various misconceptions about the house of lords, but we have the pride that we had protected the country as the guardian of law since the founding of this Kingdom. Since we have conducted several months of investigation to open this hearing, it would be unlikely that we would hear opinions that lack objectivity. After all, it was undeniable, that you have violated national law and causing the death of Earl Salzberg and the ten northern families…” 

Those might be words inappropriate coming from the head of the house of lords but, it was something that was inside everyone present. 

Since this was a hearing for a case, it was natural to talk to the concerned people. 

As Marquis Halcyon says, even if the opinion of the parties was lacking neutrality, but that was by no means wrong. 

Though at the very least, considering the country, the judgment might cause a bad image. 

During that time, someone from Marquis Halcyon side spoke… 

“I’m sure you’re correct Marquis. But, for ceremonial sake…” 

Hearing Earl Aizenbach speaking, Marquis Halcyon tilted his head. 

Perhaps, he decided to listen to it despite the belief that everything had reached its conclusion. 

Or perhaps, he somehow felt that Earl Aizenbach’s words make sense… 

“No, well, I guess you’re right… It seems I’ve gone too far ahead.” 

Then, after clearing his throat, he asked Ryouma once again… 

“So then, Baron Mikoshiba, we shall continue the hearing… Is there any explanation you want to speak of?” 

He showed an expression of a man convinced of his victory. 

Of course, it was normal for Marquis Halcyon to think so. 

(Well, after all, the fact was true…) TLN: Him killing Earl Salzberg and other nobles. 

Ryouma had no intention of denying that he had destroyed the northern nobles. 

However, he was not going to just accept it and goes to prison as well… 

Therefore, Ryouma speaks out the words he had prepared for a long time… 

“Even if I try to make an excuse… It was true that I had destroyed Earl Salzberg’s household and the ten families who regard Earl Salzberg as their leader. However, I can’t understand why I was being called to a hearing by the house of lords. I have only fulfilled my duty as an aristocrat in the Kingdom of Rozeria, toward which I was greatly indebted to the Her Majesty the Queen, Lupis Rozaria.” 

The words released from Ryouma’s mouth echoed loudly in the room. 

Silence then rule the entire room. 

Everyone in this room took some time to understand Ryouma’s words. 

And the next moment, angry abusive voices echo inside the room. 

(Stupid… What is he saying?) 

Marquis halcyon involuntarily turned his eyes to Earl Aizenbach who sat beside him. 

However, the Earl, just like the Marquis, could not hide his confusion. 

That was how much shocking Ryouma’s words were… 

However, the person mentioned it was calm… 

(This man admitted that he had a war against Earl Salzberg and the other ten families. Still, why is he so calm?) 

It was natural for Marquis Halcyon to question that… 

Ryouma’s current words were equivalent to the saying that he could not understand why he was guilty, despite he himself admitted that he had committed a crime. 

(Is he someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of his own words? No, that is not it…) 

If this was a normal trial, his words would be unthinkable. 

That was why Marquis Halcyon asked inside his heart. 

(But, what is his aim?) 

Marquis Halcyon gazed at the man standing quietly in front of him. 

As if trying to see the bottom of his heart.