Record of Wortenia War – v6-c36

“Before we begin, let us introduce ourselves once again.” 

Ryouma turns his eyes toward Douglas and introduces himself. 

“My name is Mikoshiba Ryouma. I have the position of Baron in the Kingdom of Rozeria, I have a territory in the Wortenia peninsula located north of this country… I guess that is it? Well then, I know that it is already late in the game for this kind of thing…” 

Ryouma then shrugged his shoulders. 

There was a little embarrassed on his face. 

Well, from Ryouma’s point of view, it was an old-fashioned way to introduce himself, which was natural. 

And even now, he still feels such a thing. 

After all, a few days ago, Douglas had come to Earl Salzberg’s house where Ryouma had stayed as a messenger of the house of lords. 

That was why it would be weird for Douglas to not know him. 

If one had to describe it, it should feel like someone visiting a regular consulting doctor. 

However, this was something aristocrats normally did, even for the lower ranks. 

That was why Ryouma couldn’t completely ignore it. 

“Haa… M-My name is Douglas Hamilton. Someone who is related to the house of Hamilton. I’m sorry about the other day. I hope for a good relationship… Baron Mikoshiba…-sama…” 

Douglas returns the greetings. 

Thought that was being the case, he still feels awkward. 

From the point of view of manners, that was certainly a problem. 

In addition, in this Rozeria Kingdom, normally, it was the lower rank who introduce themselves, though it would be a different story in the modern age.  

No, even in modern age society, which was said to have no status system, a hierarchical relationship was created due to differences in age and social position. 

Between co-workers, parents and child, student and teacher. 

In addition to those, there was the countless complicated relationship in human society. 

Of course, in today human society, even if the greetings to senior was delayed, there was no possibility one would lose one’s life. 

At best, the evaluation of your boss about yourself would plummet and be talked about behind your back. 

However, in this Rozaria Kingdom which was particularly strict about those kinds of things, it was important to always remember it. 

At times, one might die just because of being rude here. 

Of course, this time, Ryouma who had given a quick greeting was no exception. 

Not to mention, this was the house of lords, Douglas doesn’t have a rank, and given he was a person without formal rank, he should be regarded as not important. 

Normally, it should be Douglas who introduce himself first. 

And Douglas also understands that. 

Since he was a relative of Hamilton’s house, he had been thoroughly trained in manners since childhood. 

Originally, they would’ve exchanged greetings with fluency. 

But, if one were to be put on Douglas’s shoes, it was normal for one to feels awkward. 

After all, in just a few days, their position had reversed. 

Of course, this time, the winner was Mikoshiba Ryouma and Douglass was the loser. 

Otherwise, Douglass would not be taken to this room. 

However, Ryouma didn’t mind such an attitude. 

On the contrary, Douglas was the one who was worried about his own attitude. 

Douglass feels like a half-dead person. 

But Ryouma only smiled while watching the embarrassed Douglas. – 

Of course, that doesn’t mean he was being generous to Douglas. 

No matter how Douglas feels, it would be correct to say that Ryouma just didn’t care. – 

In fact, Ryouma had called Douglas because of his job, nothing more. 

(Well, I guess, if we stay like this, the talk won’t progress huh?) 

Ryouma was not interested in Douglas as individuals. 

This time as well, he was calling Douglas not because of resentment or hostility against him. 

For Ryouma, he was just a fool that he needs for his plan to succeed. – 

And when Douglas had come to pick him up at Earl Salzberg’s house the other day, he had taken bribes for giving various consideration to Ryouma, but he didn’t provide the right service. 

In that case, it might be correct for taking his family as insurance. 

After all, Douglas had taken the money yet didn’t provide the service. 

If one pays, one must receive the goods they deserve, if not, most people would be angry and complain. 

Well, given that there was no choice for Douglas, it was not fully his fault, and since Ryouma had received the service he deserved, he thought to just let it go. 

But now, if they didn’t get into the subject, time would be the only thing they wasted. 

And in order to use a tool, one must take necessary care of it. – 

“Well, calm down a little. I’m not trying to eat you or anything. If you like, you can drink more…” 

Ryouma tried to calm down Douglass who looked restless. 

Douglas’ body shakes for an instant, at Ryouma’s request. 

Though he might have calmed down a little compared to the time he just entered the room. 


But in any case, Douglas decided to drink the remaining water. 

“I’m sorry… But, why am I here?” 

Ryouma then nodded while feeling satisfied with his question. – 

“Good, actually, I’d like to ask Douglas to do a job.” 

“A job?” 

The moment he spoke, Douglas feels chills run down his spine. 

It was one that could be said as an unpleasant feeling. 

But that feeling was nothing more than Douglas’ selfish feelings without any theory or reason. 


However, now, Douglas was absolutely certain. – 

“It is not a big deal of work. Though, it might be a bit dangerous…” 

Words with clear implications. 

And Douglas was not stupid enough to not understand the nuance contained in the words. – 

In fact, even if you call up to such a place, and not being asked something, few would believe it. 

“Which is?” 

Douglas’s eyes were doubtful. 

Hardly people would get into such a suspicious story. 

Normally, he would’ve kicked the chair and leave the room. 

The only thing that made him remain seated was because Douglas understands his current position. 

There were two reasons why Douglas didn’t leave his seat. 

One was the fact that he had been taken to this room by his bailiff colleagues. 

The second was the possibility that Ryouma had a connection with the one who takes Douglas’ family. 

And Ryouma who was making the conversation also took Douglas thought into his consideration. 

(Well, don’t worry too much… It is time for us to get to the main business…) 

As Douglas shows he understands his position, Ryouma decided to start the main subject. 

“It is not that big of a deal. I just want Douglas to open the back gate of the house of lords.” 

In response to Ryouma’s words, Douglas tilted his head unintentionally. 

“The back gate is it? Are you talking about that back gate that is only should be opened during an emergency?” 

“Indeed, that is correct.” 

Hearing the words, Douglass closed his mouth… 

He just stared at the face of the young nobleman sitting in front of him. 

The back gate was usually tightly closed. 

No, in fact, only a few people knew of its existence. 

That was because the back gate leads from the house of lords to the north gate, one of the shortest routes out of the walls of the royal city, Pireas. 

This was done to provide an escape route. 

(Did this guy know the existence of the black gate? I’ve heard that he is a clever man but…) 

Douglas felt that the bad feeling inside his heart grew bigger and bigger. 

The back gate itself was made to avoid the prying eyes… 

Also, since the draw bridge was always up, soldiers were not standing on guard there, unlike the main gate. 

There was only a lookout guard on the turret on the wall. 

However, just like the main gate, it was protected by a water moat, and the gate was made out of iron, not to mention, the surrounding castle walls were solid. 

It would be hard to breach through it if one didn’t bring in a siege weapon 

Even if they were attacked from the outside, it was designed to withstand enough for them to buy enough time for reinforcements. 

It was true there were few security soldiers than the main gate, but this was to keep the gate away from the public eyes. 

Not only that, because there were only a few guards, the guards were among the best. 

Of course, opening this gate requires some procedures. 

But Douglas also knew that those were not official. 

The reality was that he only needs a certain power of his relative, and everything would be flexible. 

And, since he was relative of Earl Hamilton, the third-ranked member of the house of lords, it was not difficult to do it. 

(Speaking about whether or not he could open it, it is not impossible. At least until now, if I go and command the soldiers, it would be fine… But…) 

The problem was Douglas’s current position. 

It was not a big deal if he was still regarded as the relative of Earl Hamilton but, Douglas who was being taken here by the bailiff like a criminal wondered whether or not he still have the influence. 

(And what is he going to do after I opened the back gate? It can’t be, right?) 

Possibly, Mikoshiba Ryouma was planning to escape from the house of lords. 

If one were to think normally, that was the most likely answer. 

However, that act didn’t seem to be quite meaningful. 

(If he can escape from the royal capital, then what? Is he planning on staying holed up inside the Wortenia peninsula?) 

It was true that Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma had defeated Earl Salzberg and the surrounding nobles who followed him and also took control of the northern region of the Rozaria Kingdom. 

However, it was only a temporary occupation. 

Many or rather, most of the war-torn territory would never be friendly toward the new lord that caused the war. 

If a conquest army with the emblem of the royal family of the Rozeria Kingdom was being dispatched to the territory, the hearts of the people would definitely leave Mikoshiba Ryouma. 

The only way left then to surrender. 

(Or, is he going to escape and throw everything away and become a commoner?) 

At this point, Douglas thought even if Ryouma escaped from the house of lords, there was no future for him. 

However, seeing Douglas doubt, Ryouma was just smiled. – 

And Gradually opened his mouth. 

“How about it Douglass? Will you accept it?” 

“Can I refuse?” 

Douglas had a sneering laugh. 

However, Ryouma shrug at Douglas 

“I will not force you…” 

Ryouma erased his smile. 

And cold eyes were being pointed at Douglas. 

“But, if you accept, you will get a great reward. And unlike you who may not keep a promise, I don’t break my promise. Shall I give this as evidence?” 

Ryouma receive a wooden box from Laura who stands behind him and placed the box on the table. 

Then gradually he opened the box. 

At that moment, Douglas realized everything. 

He realizes how sharp the fang of the man that everyone ridiculed as a person of unknown origin. –