Record of Wortenia War – v6-c34

“I heard your story but, I believe that was just an unjust distrust. Is there even solid evidence?” 

A heavy and dignified voice resounded in the room. 

A voice that was full of confidence, the voice of a man who had the natural ability to rule people. 

At the same time, his sharp and cool gaze was turned toward Ryouma, like a sharp blade. 

If an ordinary person was faced with him, the person courage would only shrink and ended up being unable to voice his own opinion. 

In fact, the reason why he opened his mouth was to intimidate Ryouma. 

Certainly, it was not a bad move. 

However, that was only the case if the opponent had less or the same courage as him. 

“And you are?” 

However, contrary to the man’s expectation, Ryouma turned his head without breaking his calm appearance. 

“Well, well, I’m sorry for my late introduction… My name is David Hamilton. The head of Earl Hamilton’s family, I’m here working together with Earl Aizen, to help Marquis Halcyon on his work.” 

He must have a lot of confidence in his own family name and himself. 

He introduced himself while proudly puff his chest. 

(I see… Earl Hamilton. It’s that guy head of the house huh? I was planning to bring up the story about him but, this is indeed convenient.) 

Ryouma smiled softly while thinking about his plan. 

“Is that so… You’re…” 

“You seem to know me huh?” 

“Indeed, I was told the family name of the chief guard attendant here, and he had the same family name as you do…” 

In response, Earl Hamilton smiled and continue… 

It seems Ryouma words had tickled his self-importance personality. 

“Is that so, then the story would be fast. True, there’s some part that needs more improvement but, I believe Marquis Halcyon is a fair person.” 

As he said that, Earl Hamilton waved his hand as if telling they should stop talking about the current topic and move on. – 

There were neither, logic nor the rationality there. 

It was just like a criminal trial, if one didn’t have enough evidence then the lawyer would claim the person innocent. 

It was neither, negotiation nor persuasion. 

Normally, such words would bring sneer from the surrounding,  

However, now that one of the three leaders of the house of lords had voiced his confidence in Marquis Halcyon who was the director of the house of lords, thus the topic should move on… 

But, seeing that attitude of Hamilton, Ryouma was instead stunned. 

That was quite unusual for the calculating and cautious Mikoshiba Ryouma. – 

Of course, Hamilton’s language and attitude were within his expectation. 

But at the same time, it was one which he thought would be the least likely to happen. 

The reality was indeed sometimes stranger than a novel. 

(If he uses his family name as a shield, he thinks I would sheathe my sword… Such confidence… No, like this, it would be more precise to call it, overconfidence huh?. Anyway, no matter what, I can only believe in myself right now…) 

He refers to confidence where he believes in his ability and power, and that he would be able to have a future that he wants. 

And there was no room for a third party other than himself. 

Ultimately, it was all about believing in oneself or not. 

When one thinks about it that way, it seems very easy to have confidence. 

After all, everything was up to you. 

However, the reality was not as easy as it sounds. 

For example, a student taking an exam, you will understand how difficult it was to be confident. 

Many students who were serious about their study would challenge themselves with thick reference books every day in order to attend the school they wanted. 

All of them spend as much time studying as they think best. 

Of course, it was not clear until the end of the exam whose judgment of ‘as they think best’ was the correct one. 

But at least, they themselves had done their best. 

However, despite already did their best, they still visit shrines and temples which they consider beneficial for taking the test. 

Well, that was normal behavior for those who going to face the exam. 

But it was also true, if one were confident then one should not have asked God in the first place. 

At least, when they think they had already done the best they could. 

But, in the end, the human was a creature who wants something to cling. 

It was proof that trusting oneself was not as easy as it sounds. 

Thus, it should give you an idea about Earl Hamilton’s attitude. 

After all, he truly believes that Ryouma’s resentment and hostility could be suppressed by him assuring Ryouma. – 

(In Japan, this scene would be very unthinkable…) 

Most people in modern Japan would call Earl Hamilton as an overconfident man. 

It was on the level that might put people at a distance against him. 

However, that was only applied to the people of modern Japan. 

In fact, when Ryouma looked around, it appears that most of the nobles were convinced by Earl hamilton’s words. 

Or at least, no one seems to openly question him. 

Among the aristocrats, they were high ranking who at the same time oversee the working of the house of lords, putting Earl Hamilton aside, the one who possesses enough to rival him, first it was Earl Aizenbach, and the second was the director, the Marquis Halcyon. 

(We.ll, as for in Japan, it was not impossible to be like that but… I guess this is the example of an aristocrats society huh… 

Indeed, it was common for people to say no to their superiors, or trying to persuade one’s enemy. 

One may wonder if he was the guy who was commonly revered as a vulgar person? 

Of course, if one were asked whether or not being like that was bad, the answer would be a no. 

But if one were too overconfident with one own opinion, things would not go smoothly. 

However, there was also no reason for Ryouma to change their attitude. – 

“You’re asking me for a piece of evidence but, the bailiff earlier is a member of the house of lords. And the bailiff had indeed arrested me in that dim room for almost a day. If we think about it, wouldn’t it be appropriate to think that there was an order from someone in the house of lords? And as Earl Aizenbach had stated earlier, that all hearings were being controlled by marquis Halcyon, the head of the house of lords. If we infer from those words, it would be natural for us to come to a conclusion, no?” 

Depending on one’s viewpoint, his attitude could be regarded as bold or even ridiculous. 

However, for nobles who have antipathy toward Ryouma, his calm attitude could only be regarded as annoying. 

For example, it was like a regular employee who directly opposed the president’s decision. 

Of course, it would be natural for them to get antipathy, for them his attitude was like aristocrats who don’t know their place. 

However, Ryouma also had factored that. —- 

“As I said, your distrust is not good…” 

Earl Hamilton opened his mouth. 

But, his voice was not as dignified as before. 

It was proof that he didn’t think that he would be rebuked by Ryouma directly. 

“Speaking of that, the name of the bailiff who guided me was certainly Hamilton… I think he is a relative of your excellency, no?” 

Ryouma then turned his scrutiny from Marquis Halcyon to Earl Hamilton. 

Although the words were ambiguous, everyone understood what he was trying to say. 

Severe silence rules the room. 

Earl Hamilton, who used his family name trying to help the others, ended up in trouble. 

He was desperately trying to think a way out. 

However, Ryouma was not kind enough to let him think further… 

“As expected, there’s a serious doubt that this trial would be a fair one…” 

Ryouma shrugged his shoulders and shake his face. – 

It was a silly attitude. 

However, no one was trying to blame his rudeness. 

No, it would be more correct that they couldn’t. 

At least, the question that Ryouma had asked was reasonable. 

Of course, everyone here knew, there was no fairness in this trial. 

It can be said that both, Ryouma who was being summoned to attend the hearing and the house of lords who conduct the hearing, they had a common understanding. 

However, they could not openly condemn the young man over his words, if his words were reasonable. 

Eventually, a small sigh leaked from Marquis Halcyon’s mouth who had remained silent since earlier. 

He then turns his gaze toward Ryouma and begins to speak… 

“Isn’t this enough? The intention aside, it seems to be certain that there is a problem with how we welcomed you. It would be natural for Baron Mikoshiba to doubt us.” 

His words puzzled everyone. 

The chief of the house of lords had acknowledged that their welcoming was unsatisfactory, albeit he said it as if it was unintentional. 

Given the difference in rank, this sight was very unlikely. 

Then Marquis Halcyon continues to speak, ignoring the reaction of the others. 

“So then… What should we do to solve your doubt?” 

It was at this moment, the chief of the house of lords gave a white flag to a man named Mikoshiba Ryouma. 

And that was what Ryouma had waited since the beginning. 

“Now then… Let see…” 

Showing a light attitude, Ryouma then uttered his request toward Marquis Halcyon. –