Record of Wortenia War – v6-c33

“It is true that you’re obliged to apologies. But, Baron Mikoshiba seems to misunderstand something.” 

“Which is?” 

In response to Earl Aizenbach, Ryouma tilted his head. 

With a smile on the surface of course. 

However, Earl Aizenbach could feel something behind that smile. 

(Nonetheless, no matter what this man is scheming, I need to do what I could huh?) 

Even if it was not the best answer, he judged it would still be better than staying silent. 

“In the end, I’m nothing more but an assistant. All the hearing are led by Marquis Halcyon, the head of the house of lords here.” 

Marquis Halcyon who sat in the chair keep silent but his head nodded deeply. 

After hearing Earl Aizenbach’s words, it seems he had been able to recover a little. 

He also started to loosen the grip on his fist. 

Earl Aizenbach who noticed that immediately turn offensive. 

“In the first place, isn’t it strange for Baron Mikoshiba to not recognize Marquis Halcyon?” 

Voices of approval could be heard from the surrounding. 

“This hearing was a place to hear your explanation for disturbing peace and order in the Kingdom as the result of the recent conflict. This was an important case in the house of lords where the national law prohibits private battles between aristocrats. Furthermore, as the result of the conflict, many of the northern noble households had lost most of their family members and family’s head, including Earl Salzberg, they were those who had the duty of protecting the Kingdom, and now they had been killed. This would have a major impact on the national defense. Depending on the circumstance, the house may decide to confiscate your assets. And yet, even though you’ve come to attend such an important event, why didn’t you recognize the head of the house of lords? You’re not thinking that such a thing was not important, yes?” 

It was a painful counter-attack. 

In fact, what Earl Aizenbach had said was making sense. 

However, Ryouma didn’t break his composure. 

Because that was precisely the words that Ryouma had waiting for. 

“Is that so, so the reason as to why I spent a day and a night in a room with no windows was the direction of Marquis Halcyon? After all, he is the one who manages this hearing… Also, If my memory is right, in the national law of the Kingdom of Rozeria, the hearing was defined as a place to conduct an inquiry and ask the parties about the situation and then based on the result decide whether or not to conduct trials. Naturally, I realize I should’ve been treated as a noble with rank but…” 

Ryouma turn his face down. 

Of course, he was not sad. 

However, his action was enough to transmit what Ryouma’s trying to say. 

(This person… Is he trying to argue and question the hearing itself, and making the others to doubt the house of lords not being neutral?) 

Certainly, Mikoshiba Ryouma was locked up in a solitary room, and everyone knew that, including Earl Azenbach. 

And if one were to question if such treatment was suitable to be placed on a noble with title, then the answer would be a no. 

In fact, even a guilty noble who was convicted would still receive appropriate treatment, unless the person was on death row. 

And that includes bringing an attendant. 

And if he was asked why he was treated like that, there was only one answer. 

It was because all of them hold a hostile feeling against Mikoshiba Ryouma. 

(I thought he had suppressed his dissatisfaction well but… To think he would use it to attack us like this…) 

A small tongue click spilled from Earl Aizenbach’s lips. 

There were several houses in the house of lords that was related to Earl Salzberg and the Northern houses. 

Some say it was just marriage relation established several generations ago but, considering the aristocratic society, that was still within the range of relatives relations. 

Which means, not only Mikoshiba Ryouma was an upstart, he was also an enemy of many nobles. 

Normally, they would try to build a coalition and raise soldiers and retaliated. 

However, if they do that, the situation would turn more chaotic. 

That was why Earl Aizenbach together with Marquis Halcyon tried to persuade them to conduct the hearing instead. 

Not only that, but it was also a formal route, where the procedures were set by the law of the Kingdom. 

(Her Majesty also strongly supported this but…) 

Queen Lupis and the house of lords, which could be said hardly get along, have fully coordinated with each other for the sake of eliminating Mikoshiba Ryouma. 

In the face of common enemies, yesterday’s enemy could become today’s friend. 

After that, the question was how to eliminate him but, in that regard, the Queen demanded they followed the regular procedure. 

Of course, since they were dealing with the [Hero of Salvation], they need to prepare everything, the Queen said and the nobles were convinced. – 

However, it was human psychology that sometimes ignores reason. 

It was similar to those family who becomes the victim and demanded more punishment than the law provided for the perpetrators. 

That was why, Earl Aizenbach overlooked it when Makoshiba Ryouma was locked up in the solitary room. 

That was because if they let him roam free, those who feel dissatisfied with the punishment might explode. 

Of course, Earl Aizenbach himself didn’t want to give Mikoshiba RYouma a comfortable environment, that was why he had agreed with such treatment. 

However, it was unexpected that the person uses it to attack them instead. 

Moreover, after we affirm this hearing was under the direction of Marquis Halcyon… 

(This is bad… Especially at how he makes it sounds like Marquis Halcyon responsible for everything happened to him… If we handle this badly, it might reach her highness queen Lupis.) 

Of course, the things about the house of lords neutrality was nothing more than a slogan, and everyone here knew that. 

However, such a thing was only a tacit agreement. 

And if someone didn’t agree with such agreement, since it was not a written accord, the agreement could easily collapse. 

(However, what should we do… Should we let this go by?) 

Only the aristocrats and the knights who protect the aristocrats were in this place. 

That was why, if they ignored Ryouma words just like that, the hearing still could proceed as it was. Besides, the conclusion had already been decided anyway. 

However, if Earl Aizenbach and Marquis Halcyon did that, they would take a lot of risk in the future. 

The risk that a rumor about the house of lords twists fact and placed guilty verdict on the [hero of salvation]. 

(Furthermore, there are some, such as viscount Therese who aimed to become the director of the house of lords…) 

House of Lords was one of the leading institutions that form the noble factions, therefore many people wanted to become the head of the house of lords. 

Others always wait eagerly for the mistake that Marquis Halcyon and his allies would make. 

No, on the contrary, it was very difficult to even trust one’s own ally inside the house of lords. 

For them, it was true that Marquis halcyon and Earl Aizenbach regard their allies as important backers, but they also at the same time acted as obstacles. 

In fact, Earl Aizenbach who desperately fight Mikoshiba Ryouma with verbal warfare was not in a safe zone either. 

He was also wants the chair of the house of lords’ director. 

(No, the problem I should try to think a way out of it was this situation…) 

Various excuse appears and disappears inside his mind. 

Of course, Earl Aizenbach didn’t think he could escape from Ryouma’s trap unscathed by now. 

Even if it would cause him a bit of pain, he needs some excuse to say right now. 

However, even those kind of painful excuse didn’t come to mind. 

He wants to throw a lifeboat for Marquis Halcyon but, the thought of sacrificing himself too much caused him to half given up. 

However, God seems to have not abandoned such Earl Aizenbach. 

When one of the noblemen who watched the event stood up from his chair, he gradually opened his mouth.