Record of Wortenia War – v6-c32

“Is that so? Now then, before we start the hearing… First of all, due to the unfortunate miscommunication that happened between me and Earl Salzberg, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the attendees.” 

After saying that, Ryouma slowly bow his head to the nobility who sits in front of his eyes. 

He placed his right hand around his navel and turn his left hand behind his waist, and bowed, it was the technique used in the Royal Court of Rozeria. 

His act was not only perfect, with his dignified aura that peculiar for a man who had experienced war, making his act looked indescribable. 

In fact, it can be said that his attitude was also good. 

However, the reaction around Ryouma didn’t change. 

Or rather, to be exact, it have changed. However, toward the worst one. 

The color of dominance and contempt appeared within the aristocrats’ eyes. 

In their view, an upstart had come to their call while putting on a brave front. 

Now, rather than praising his admirable attitude, they thought ‘what are you trying to do here’ instead. 

But Ryouma also had no intention of behaving modestly in front of the aristocrats either. 

While everyone looked upset, Ryouma looked at Earl Aizenbach who sit next to Marquis Halcyon. 

“I am also very sorry that I’ve wasted Earl Aizenbach’s time, who is the leading figure in this country and also the deputy director of the house of lords.” 

The moment he said that, the house of lords become noisy. 

Ryouma attitude could be said to be rude but not rude. 

At least, for the man who heard his words, his attitude was right. – 

However, the problem was toward whom Ryouma had apologized.  

(What did he mean by saying it like that…?) 

(Is that man crazy?) 

The gaze of the aristocrats aimed at Ryouma was mixed with astonishment and fear for something. 

A soundless murmur came from the aristocrats.

Of course, that was normal. 

After all, he had ignored Marquis Halcyon who was the director of the house of lords and instead apologized to the deputy director Earl Aizenbach. 

It was akin to bowing to the vice president while ignoring the president of the country. 

Certainly, he could mistake Earl Aizenbach for Marquis Halcyon. 

Since there was no technology such as photography in this world, the human who have never actually meet would rarely know how the other’s face. 

That might happen, but he at least could see some drawn portrait. 

But of course, no matter how good the portrait was, it would never 100% accurate. 

Depending on the skill of the painter, the result might differ significantly. 

In that sense, no matter how much attention paid into the detail, mistakes and misunderstanding still could happen. 

Ryouma, however, was not misunderstood or simply ignorant, he had clearly mentioned Earl Aizenbach as the Deputy Director of the House of Lords. 

When he did that, everything changes. 

(He had deliberately ignored Marquis and bowed toward me. This man, he had declared which noble was actually the most influential in the Rozeria Kingdom. And he also declared that the House of Halcyon who was the director of the house of lords had no value for him.) 

Earl Aizenbach manages to read Ryouma’s intention who had apologized to him first. 

It was also the greatest insult and clear provocation that was released to the director of the house of lords, Marquis Halcyon. 

No, in the aristocrats’ society, rather than provocation, it could be said that he was declaring war. 

And, all aristocrats present seems to understand that. 

Earl Aizenbach quickly looked at Marquis Halcyon complexion who was sitting on his right. 

Reflected on his face were shame and anger. 

Blood vessels emerged on his temple, and both hands were firmly gripping into a fist. 

(Of course, he would react like this, anybody would react like this if they were being insulted by such an upstart…) 

What aristocrats hated the most was being disgraced and their family name tainted. 

It was not uncommon where a mistake during greetings ended up as a duel battle, especially when involving factions. 

In fact, more than half of the cases handled by the house of lords were mostly related to a family name. 

For a noble family, a house name was heavier than life. 

And among such aristocrats, Marquis Halcyon was a person who particularly strict when it comes to his family name. 

Certainly, the territory he governed was not that big, that was why his financial and military power was also not that big. 

Many of the aristocrats had more land than Marquis Halcyon. 

However, his influence in the royal palace was tremendous, where his family had held the position of director of the house of lords. 

He had considerable power that even with the King who holds absolute power, still need to consider him. – 

Everyone had respected the Marquis, and bowing one’s head toward him was an almost a natural thing to do. That was until Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma opened his mouth. 

How much longer will he be able to hold it in? 

Originally, Marquis Halcyon was known as an impatient man. 

Aside from his ability to supervise the house of lords, his personality was average. 

But he was at least a man that won’t just stay silent after being insulted by a young upstart. 

Normally, he would’ve stood up and kicked the chair while yelling. 

But, Marquis Halcyon decided to keep calm and not exposing his anger. 

(Surely, he would be very angry enough that he wish to boil him alive…) 

Based on the aristocrats’ common sense, Mikoshiba Ryouma attitude was indeed provocative. 

However, Marquis Halcyon was also could not just shout angrily in this place just because of that either. – 

Ryouma’s aim was obvious but he still defends the formality… – 

Sure he might have ignored Marquis Halcyon, but if he claimed that he didn’t see the Marquis took a seat, it would be hard to pursue him either. – 

If they want to blame Mikoshiba Ryouma, they needed to introduce themselves before he said those words. – 

(Although I could not blame him for not knowing Marquis Halcyon’s face either..) 

Earl Aizenbach then smiled softly. 

There were nearly 1,000 aristocrats in the Rozeria Kingdom. And if they include the knight class, the number would further increase. 

To be honest, there was no way that an aristocrat could memorize all of the noble person’s face. 

And it would be absurd if the aristocrats expect other people being able to memorize them while they themselves could not. 

In some cases, what Ryouma had side might be taken as Marquis’s house was about to fall. 

That was why Marquis Halcyon kept silent. 

(It was certainly effective. If he was an ordinary aristocrat he would never take this option… But because Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma was an upstart, his ties to the aristocrats family was thin, thus he manages to perform such an act. But still… This man… He had said such non-sense with a loud voice…) 

If they let him do however he liked, the authority of the house of lords would be damaged. 

What scary for the aristocrats was that part of the inquiry might get leaked to the outside. 

Certainly, for the aristocrats’ society, Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma was definitely a heretic. 

And at least, none of the aristocrats in attendance favored Baron Mikoshiba. 

But he was also indeed had the reputation as the [hero of salvation]/ 

Even the infamous [Demon of Irachion] had become a more awe-inspiring meaning than terror. 

They cannot make a mistake and causing the people thought they had schemed against a hero. 

(Of course, what happened here should not leak outside. However…) 

Only the aristocrats and their knight had attended here. 

If one thinks about it normally, no matter what happened, nothing should leak outside. 

But even when that being said, there was still a possibility that a piece of information still could leak from anywhere. 

As long as that possibility existed, it would be poor strategy if they took Baron Mikoshiba provocation. 

(But, if we leave it like this, the Marquis reputation won’t recover… Which means…) 

He wants to make the Marquis himself says that he was in attendance with his own mouth. 

But then, he would be viewed as a fool, since despite having such influential power, the person in front of him could not even remember his face or name. 

It was like admitting that you’re a small man that people could just forget anytime. 

And because of that, Marquis Halcyon’s power would be diminished. 

As such, there was only one way left. – 

When he realized that color disappeared from Earl Aizenbach’s face. 

He looked like someone who had drawn a bad lottery. 

However, the only way to keep this inquiry move forward was for Earl Aizenbach to response to Ryouma. – 

Slowly, Earl Aizenbach stood up from his seat and opened his mouth. –