Record of Wortenia War – v6-c30


(Morning, huh?…) 

On the sofa where he was lying his back, Ryouma slowly opened his eyes. 

Although it was a room without windows and no clock, Ryouma internal clock was so accurate that he could easily tell that the day had passed. 

Furthermore, if he felt from the feeling when he woke up and the hunger of his stomach, he was sure of it. 

(After all, I’ve not eaten in almost a day…) 

When he was called here, he was immediately being left alone. 

Furthermore, there was no other furniture, such a bed in the room. 

That was being said, there was a sofa big enough for Ryouma to sleep on it. 

It feels like he was sleeping on the reclining seat that was usually used in a net cafe. Thus Ryouma himself was not particularly dissatisfied except his leg was longer than the sofa, making it a bit uncomfortable. 

If possible, he also wished for a pillow and blanket. 

Certainly, this was not how a noble should be treated. 

The question was, whether this situation was harassment made by the house of lord toward Ryouma, or something had happened to them. 

(Well, anyway, they should move me today I guess… But if they don’t… Should I use the Iga members?” 

If he used the Iga people who had infiltrated the house of lords in advance, he should be able to ask them to bring him some food, and he could also ask detailed report as to what happened outside. 

However, if he asked them to move outside what was planned, it might risk to expose them to the aristocrats. 

As for Kikoku, it was the guardian sword of Iga clan before Ryouma becomes its master, that was why it was unavoidable that he ordered them to take it back, but further risks should not be taken. 

Given the success or failure of the operation, it should be fine if he had to hold down his hunger for now. 

(But, if I keep silent without complaining is also a problem… Balancing it is really difficult…) 

If he was too well-behaved, the opponent might suspect something. 

He needs to show a moderate rebellion, even if he knows that his demand won’t be met. 

But, it seems the aristocrats had no intention to make him starve. 

Since he could hear a shoe sound echoing through the hall. 

Before long, the sound of footsteps could be heard in front of the door. 

After the sound of messing with the keys, the door was slowly being opened. 

There were three fully-equipped knights. 

One of then seems to come bringing a meal since he held a tray on his hand. 

While the two of them must be the escort just in case something may happen. 

It was sure very strict. 

It seems they didn’t trust Ryouma at all. 

After they put the tray on the table, they left the room without saying anything at all. 

“Heee, finally they served me something, huh?” 

Ryouma smiled, looking at the food on the table. 

It was his first meal after a whole day. 

However, since this was not a hotel, the food placed on the table was kind of bad. 

The bread was something that had been baked a few days ago. 

The soup was cold. 

Rather than a poor meal, it was more like a leftover. 

(Well, even if a first-grade food come out, I still won’t be able to appreciate it, like this is more relaxing…) 

With that in mind, Ryouma eat the food and empty his bladder using the urinal left in the corner of the room. 

He was not some childish person who would throw a tantrum just because the food was poor. 

Ryouma was currently in the middle of a battle. 

And here was the house of lords. 

In other words, it could be said that he was in the middle of an enemy ground. 

At such a place, Ryouma was actually had no intention to eat the food the enemy had offered him. 

Considering the possibility of poisoning, that was a natural judgment. 

No, even if he didn’t get poisoned, they might put some other drugs that make Ryouma unable to perform his usual behavior and thought. 

Of course, if we talk about the common sense of modern Japan, it would be crazy just to consider the possibility of poisoning. 

Speaking of others without proof would make people laughed and called him a paranoid. 

But, when it comes to being cautious of poisoning as a martial artist, it was basic of the basic to not eat the food served by the enemies. 

It could be said it was something that needs to be learned before training the martial arts. 

In fact, the poison was an effective way to eliminate an enemy. 

For example, the silver tableware that the westerner often used. 

Surely the silver tableware was beautiful and luxurious. 

However, it was actually a method from the olden age, by using the characteristic of the silverware which turn black when making contact with arsenic. 

Regardless of the Era, those who hold power had the possibility of being poisoned. 

That was a factual history, no matter west or east. 

That was why Ryouma won’t eat the food the enemy had provided to him unless there was the possibility that he might starve to death. 

That was being said, Ryouma never feel angry or frustrated just because he could not eat for a while. 

But to be honest, he was happy when they put out the food. 

(Which mean, soon they will start to move…) 

Although it was low in quality, having a meal means that there was a movement in the aristocracy. 

If Ryouma expectation was correct, a knight should come to pick him up soon. 

The problem was whether they come to pick him up for the hearing or just immediately execute him. 

(Well, It didn’t matter anyway…) 

Ryouma was patting his waist while he lay on the sofa again. 

After confirming the feeling transmitted from his left hand, he nodded and closed his eyes once again. 

After a while, Ryouma slowly opened his eyes, feeling a person had talked with the guard in front of the door. 

Soon, the sound of key unlocking the door could be heard. 

And the person who appeared in front of Ryouma after the door was opened was… — 

“Ah, Hamilton-san. Good morning. It has been a day, isn’t it?” 

Ryouma greets the acquaintance he saw. 

Of course, Ryouma, who was a Baron, didn’t have to greet Hamilton. 

But, Ryouma know that he was just trying to show off calmly. 

In fact, he was doing that while lying on the sofa. 

However, Hamilton didn’t show any anger toward Ryouma’s behavior. 

“G-Good morning…I’m very sorry to have made you wait…” 

He looked considerably uncomfortable. 

And he felt awkward. 

But, Ryouma also felt that Hamilton attitude was also included Fear. 

(I see… It seems they have done something in a flashy way…) 

The people of the Iga clan seems to have followed Ryouma instruction and threatened Hamilton. 

As one could see, his family might have been taken, hostage. 

It was done by the Iga clan members who were a ninja household. 

They won’t even hesitate to torture their enemies. 

(Had he didn’t make light of me, this kind of thing won’t happen, but…) 

Certainly, it was not a desirable method. 

No, in fact, from Ryouma’s perspective, such a thing was pure evil. 

However, the fact that such an option would be very effective against a greedy person such as Hamilton could not be ignored too. 

Most of them have a low sympathy toward others, surprisingly arrogant toward the weak, but on the other hand, when it comes to their own or their family safety, they would turn weak… 

Besides, considering Hamilton usual attitude, he was obviously on the enemy’s side… 

Ryouma was hesitating to threaten those who work in public service, but it would be a hypocrite if he didn’t use what he had. 

(However, I need to be careful…….” 

Resolving things by means of the assassination was effective, but it was also extremely hard to handle. 

In a simple team, as a treatment for the disease, surgical method means to assassinate the disease that someone suffered. 

Certainly, using medicine was more moderate action. 

On the other hand, when it comes to surgical method, it makes the people feel the stake was high. 

But just because of that, it didn’t make sense to avoid surgical method altogether. 

What important was whether the medical care that saves people, whether it was medicine or a surgical. 

Assassination and threats were similar. 

But one needs to be careful when using such a method. 

The human had the habits of jumping on an easy success. 

When one crossed over that line, many things might be lost. 

Above all, the heavy uses of assassination and threats would surely lower one’s morale and personality, creating unnecessary friction within the surrounding. 

Not many people were able to balance it out like Ryouma did. 

At the very least, necessary care must be taken to avoid unnecessary rumors to spread around. 

(Well, on that note, I leave it to my vassals though…) 

One needs to possess a balanced tolerant between good and evil. 

Ryouma believes one of the qualities of being a king was to be able to associate with both sides. 

“So then, Hamilton-san, what order did you come here with?” 

After the greetings, Ryouma called on Hamilton who was standing stuck on the doorway without moving. 

In other words, Ryouma was trying to provoke Hamilton whether he had come in order to kill Ryouma. 

Hamilton’s shoulders trembled a little the moment Ryouma asked him the question. 

Then, he opened his mouth with a different attitude compared to the other day. 

“Of course… I’ve come to pick you up…” 

“Is that so? Then, shall we go now?” 

Hearing his answer, Ryouma woke up slowly from the sofa with a happy laugh…