Record of Wortenia War – v6-c3

Editor: Chaz


Elmeda was the name of a woman.


She was around 40 years old. Her figure was not particularly good or bad.


She was one of the commoners who lived in the corner of the city where Garbera’s mansion was located. She was loved by the people in the city as a friendly and affluent person, but that was not all of it.


She was just a woman that one can find anywhere in this world.


However, such a normal woman was one of the most important people for Signiz.


He would even exchange his own life if it was for her sake.


“You… How?”


Signiz leaked a surprised voice.


Seeing such expression on Signiz’s face, Roberto shook his head as if he was amazed.


“Are you actually a moron? I’ve been associating with you for years you know? There’s not much of possibility of you betraying Earl Salzberg, if it is not because of that, no?”


Saying that Roberto gulped down the alcohol once again.


In fact, Signiz was someone who didn’t care about wealth and fame.


Although it was not like he didn’t have any desire, he was definitely not greedy enough to easily betray someone.


Gold, women, power, and prestige.


Such various temptations that caused many men to stray from the right path had no effect on Signiz who had steel like self-control.


It can be said that Signiz’s only weakness was Elmeda.


“I as well, should’ve noticed what Baron Mikoshiba thought at that time…”


“At that time… After the first battle was over. The offensive was slightly weakened…”


When Roberto points that out, Signiz also realized immediately.  


It was certain that they felt such incongruity in the movement of Mikoshiba army.


But it was only a faint sense of discomfort.


It was something that frontline fighter should feel slightly in war.


“After all, we’re just convenient tools… While we might notice that man’s aim, in the end, we could not prevent his move.”




Roberto shrugged his shoulders with a self-torturing expression while Signiz didn’t have any words to reply with.


Had Earl Salzberg given them full command during the war, the situation might be different.


No, it surely would change, if they could understand the surrounding a little bit more by being in command.


Since they would surely not advance knowing that a trap was set in front of their eyes.


However, they didn’t have the right to decide during the war.


“Well, forget it. Nothing will change even if we talk about that now… So, howis Elmeda doing now?”


Toward Roberto’s question, Signiz opened his mouth heavily while showing a bitter smile.


“She’s in this castle.”


“Did they bring her in as a hostage?”


That was an unnecessary question at this late of the hour.


Elmeda was just a chain that could be used to tame a beast called Signiz Garbera.


In fact, Baron Garbera had used Elmeda to seal Signiz movement for many years.


However, what Roberto heard next from Signiz exceeded even his expectation.


“No… She is working as a maid to Baron Mikoshiba… I heard it was her own free wish to do so…”


Roberto lifted his eyebrows hearing such words from Signiz.


“Hou… That is…”


Hearing Signiz words, Roberto finally understand what Elmeda had thought.


(I never thought she was capable of this… That Elmeda…)


For Elmeda who had never married anyone, Signiz was like a son to her.


Although they didn’t have any blood connection, their familial relationship was real.


Except for his deceased grandfather, she was Signiz only ally in the Baron Garbera household.


To think Elmeda served Baron Mikoshiba by her own free will.


(She acknowledges him to be Signiz’s master… And to erase Signiz’s wariness, she served him willingly as a maid… She sure has some nerve… What a formidable old lady…)


Elmeda had strong dissatisfaction towards the current Baron Garbera.


The heir was a stupid man with a legal wife that love to spend a lot of money.


But the Baron never tried to solve the problem


Although they both never show it publicly, Roberto could sympathize with Elmeda who thought that Signiz should be the one who inherited the Garbera household.


That thought was natural.


Even when comparing with the Rozeria Knights, Signiz military prowess was extraordinary.


He also had the capability of directing the soldiers.


Had he been able to go to the royal capital, he would be able to distinguish himself within the Royal order.


If only he could have such an opportunity. It wouldn’t even be a dream for him to be Rozeria Kingdom’s General just like Elena Steiner.


Such a man was stuck in the border for a long time.


Being looked down by his own family, he only worked for the good of Baron Garbera’s household, without gaining any reward.


As a mother, she must’ve been felt annoyed.


(For Elmeda… This war would be a once in a lifetime chance…)


She was not staying with Mikshiba as a hostage but as a maid, showing a strong positive support.


That was the value of Elmeda. She wouldn’t be able to move this quickly if she didn’t understand Signiz’s future from now on.


Elmeda’s aim was only one.


(Her aim was to make opportunity for Signiz to stand at the top. Looking at Baron Mikoshiba standpoint, that is indeed not bad… It also a chance for him to get Signiz’s allegiance.)


To be honest, Roberto was not even sure how far Mikoshiba Ryouma had aimed.


Would he pull his soldiers back to Wortenia peninsula? And could he perform an effective governance over the northern Rozeria after he conquered the ten noble households?


And there was also another question… What was the question?


However, at least he knew that Mikoshiba Ryouma was looking for a talented people.


(Otherwise, I cannot understand why I got this kind of good treatment…)


Signiz’s wariness was already considerably low.


Although no one knows without further observation, at least the harassment and abuse like Baron Garbera household won’t happen to him anymore.


And as long there was no friend interference, Signiz should be able to show his full power.


(She bet her life for the sake of her son’s future eh?… How enviable…)


Looking at Roberto who sighed deeply, Signiz called him out doubtfully.




“You… You sure have a good mother…”


It was heartfelt words toward his friend who had a treasure which he never had.