Record of Wortenia War – v6-c29

At the time when Ryouma was enjoying tea time in a narrow room without a window. In the hall, located at the back of the first floor of the house of lords, called the courtroom, there were a total of twenty aristocrats, including judges and prosecutors. Where the parliament’s members and Roberto had a fierce fight with words… 

“Roberto Bertrand. Let me confirm once again, are you really not going to condemn Baron Mikoshiba in this private war with Earl Salzberg, or ask his responsibility for the death of your father and brother?” 

One of the judges raised his voice. 

Mixed in his voice were fears and astonishment. 

Of course, he didn’t fear Roberto. 

Certainly, Roberto was a mighty warrior, but this was an isolated place where the nobility performed hearings… 

To be precise, it was a trial. 

In any case, it was a place where violence was not going to happen. 

He didn’t fear the man, what he fears and could not understand was that Roberto didn’t try to blame Ryouma. 

Blood relationship was one of the most important elements in Rozaria Kingdom’s aristocrats’ society. 

The child was expected to obey the fathers, and there were no children whose parents were killed and didn’t swear vengeance. 

It was akin to Edo period revenge. 

For someone from modern period era, it might sound old-fashioned. 

But that was common sense on modern earth or at least, officially… 

One could say, that was the modern society frameworks. 

Anyway, it was natural for him to be scared. 

Other than kinship, there were many necessary elements for aristocrats. 

The family standing was particularly had significant meaning. 

Being able to continue the family line or keeps the family name. 

On the contrary, other than that, it was surprisingly flexible. 

Honor and morality might come second and third when faced with the ultimate purpose of defending the family. 

But it didn’t mean the other two completely didn’t matter either. 

Or at least, if it was advantageous, they won’t hesitantly use righteousness. 

As a weapon to hunt down the enemy. 

That was why everyone presents here could not understand Roberto’s words. 

(Well, these guys won’t be able to understand my feeling I guess…) 

Roberto was not going to disagree with the opinion that children should follow the parents. 

But, he thought that it was wrong for the children must tolerate all the parent’s action. 

Or at least, he didn’t think that he should consent to the point being treated like a slave. 

Even a slave had the right to rebel in exchange for whips. 

“I will ask you again… Roberto Bertrand-dono. You acknowledging the private war caused by Baron Mikoshiba… Is that what you’re saying?” 

The question was repeated once again. 

To be honest, Roberto wanted to punch the judge and scream ‘Shut up.’ 

After all, Roberto was a man who was accustomed to the battlefield. 

His punch was no different than a weapon. 

If he punches the judge head, there was no different with watermelon being hit. 

(I’m sure it would be refreshing if I could do that…) 

If this hearing was his personal problem, he might have not been able to put up with it. 

After all, he had to deal with these fools. 

One could say stress would build-up, and Roberto was not a patient person. 

But at least for this time, he could not do that. 

(Sure not easy to have a lord, huh?) 

Roberto never imagines himself that the day when he would serve a person would come. 

Even when he had received various consideration from Earl Salzberg, he never considers the Earl as his lord. 

Sure he felt gratitude. 

His surrounding might not look good, but they were indeed close enough that he could call him as ‘father’ figure. 

However, he also understands that the Earl did all of that in exchange for his battle ability.

But now, Roberto had a lord. 

A man who was filled with ambitions, an ideal lord to devote himself with. 

In this world where there were many early marriages, unless he was unlucky, in his age, he should’ve already had a child. 

Though some people might find it difficult too. 

But, all of that was trivial for Roberto. 

Because for him who was a warrior, right now he had a master who seemed to deserve his life 

Thus Roberto repeated the same words as a reply to the question… 

Even though he knew it would be meaningless. 

A pale moon comes from the windows of the director’s office set up on the second floor of the house of lords. 

The time currently was near midnight. 

Inside the room, the executives of the house of lords were all gathered, including Marquis Halcyon, the head of the house of lords. 

What appears on their face were a puzzled and upsets expression. 


In fact, irritation could be seen on Marquis Helcyon’s face, who placed his elbows on his desk. 

“This has become a less interesting development, huh? Director.” 

When he said that, Earl Aizenbach, the deputy director of the house of lords, sighed… 

It was the truth that the development of the situation was unexpected. 

After all, the hearing itself was prolonged, the thought that they could end it today was carried over to tomorrow. 

It was unusual for the house of lords who had reached a conclusion delayed the result. 

Above all else, the witnesses that they invited showed a non-cooperative attitude contrary to their expectation. – 

“Roberto Bertrand, and Signiz Garbera… I’ve heard that they both are rebellious but, to think it would go that far…” 

Despite considerable pressure from the aristocrats’ judge and persecutors, Roberto didn’t bend his opinion at all. 

And not just Roberto. 

The other witnesses had the same issue as well. 

“But no, the biggest problem is Miss Yuria. She defends Baron Mikoshiba while knowing that he was the one who killed her husband… I heard rumors that she is a wicked woman but to think she has such a think skin…” 

Voices of agreement go up one after another from the surrounding. 

In regard to the possibility that Roberto and Signiz would defend Mikoshiba Ryouma, all of the aristocrats had anticipated that to a certain extent. 

After all, family treatment toward Roberto and Signiz were that bad. 

In fact, they thought Signiz was suffered the most. 

After all, despite being single, he was called a hero. 

A healthy man who was about to pass his mid-thirty. 

Of course, Signiz, who was born as an illegitimate child, could not be compared to Roberto, who was born from the legal wife. 

In the eyes of the aristocrats who value blood relation, such a thing was never a good thing. 

But that was if they both didn’t have extraordinary prowess. 

As ‘Earl Salzberg double-edged sword’ many of the aristocrats wish to make them as their son-in-law. 

That if both houses didn’t make interruption… 

Naturally, the two would have a grudge against their family… 

Generally, the idea that family forgives each other mistakes were true… But there were also things that cannot be forgiven just because blood was connected. 

Of course, such scandals were not good for the aristocracy. 

That was why Baron Bertrand and Baron Garbera tried to hide such rumors. 

However, there was no meaning in their effort for people who had a certain level of power. 

Thus everyone in this place understands the position of Roberto and the others. 

Of course, it was within the expected range of the aristocrats how they would treat Mikoshiba Ryouma who reached out to them who was in such circumstance. 

But, Yuria Salzberg was different. 

Although she was touted as ‘Wicked woman’ or ‘strong-minded woman’ there was no fight between her and her husband. 

In fact, when Ms. Yuria disclosure Earl Salzberg’s injustice and loyalty to the Kingdom, it becomes a considerable painful experience for the house of lords. 

In other words, that could justify Mikoshiba Ryouma’s claim that the war had happened for the sake of Rozeria Kingdom’s prosperity. 

“But… Since we called them in the pretext of hearing…” 

One of the executives, Viscount Therese, opened his mouth. 

It was the truth that witness was not condemned Mikoshiba Ryouma, but they could not blame them for that. 

In the end, the aristocrats hearing advocates fair neutrality. 

However, everyone present here understands that it was all just a matter of building the case. 

“True… But, if we left it like this, our plan would go out of order…” 

What they wanted was a testimony that incinerates Mikoshiba Ryouma who had destroyed Earl Salzberg house and the other northern ten households. 

If they got one, the story would be easy. 

The question was how they could get it. 

At the time they were in their thought, the door of the room was knocked. 

“What is it?” 

Vice director Earl Aizenbach opened his mouth. 

“I’m sorry. I want to report this immediately…” 

Knowing it was the voice of the director’s secretary, Earl Aizenbach, directed his gaze to the center. 

Initially, looking at the time, he wanted to shout angrily. 

But, he thought it might be truly urgent that the person comes to report even though they might get punished for disturbing… 

That was why, While nodding his head toward Earl Aizenbach, Marquis Halcyon opened his mouth…