Record of Wortenia War – v6-c28

After the trouble at the gate, Ryouma finally passed through the thick gate and proceeds through the spacious garden. 

Ahead, he could see a white painted three-story building. 

Behind it, with the function as a watchtower, two spires could be seen. 

By the way, a full armed knight was standing side by side forming lines. 

(Protection for an important person… I guess it is not such an optimistic thing, huh?) 

The aristocrats were certainly a VIP figure in this world. 

However, just because they were VIP, they would receive the same treatment. 

Baron and Viscount household was only one rank different, but when it comes to treatment, the difference was significant. 

Starting from where their carriage could stop, and the turn of having an audience in the royal palace. 

Above VViscount there was the Earl, above the Earl was the Marquis, above that would be the Duke. 

And royalty was the highest, the difference would be already too absurd when comparing a Baron and Royalty. 

But then again, as far as Ryouma know, he should not receive this kind of security. 

Which make it only two reasons remained. 

Ryouma was superior compared to royalty. 

Or the other one… 

(That the VIP was a criminal… That seems to be the truth…) 

Of course, this was ironic. 

However, in the sense of security, it might be correct. 

Prisons in any country were being watched strictly 24 hours a day. – 

Ryouma advanced through the wall of knights. 

The House of Lords seems to be quite warry of Ryouma. 

The problem what was the reason for such anxiety. 

While thinking that in mind, Ryouma continued to walk calmly. 

How much time had passed? 

(I think more than three hours? Anyway that is not the problem here)

According to Ryouma’s stomach, five to six hours had passed. 

Ryouma, who was escorted to a room without a window, had been relaxing while lying on the sofa. 

Hamilton also had disappeared after he guided Ryouma to this room. 

Though Ryouma’s behavior was no good in term of being nobles, there were no one eyes present. 

When he asked to go to the bathroom, the knights had brought something like a urinal. 

Of course, the received goods was not something bad. 

It was made with carving suitable for nobles. 

It even gives the feeling of being stylish. 

Still, Ryouma was quite reluctant to use it. 

At least, as long as Ryouma could remember, he had never used urinals in his life before. 

(Though I’m not sure if it was true or not, I heard there was no toilet in Versailles Palace in France. I heard they would need to use urinals or do the deed outside when night time comes…) 

To be frank, that was random information he had obtained when he browse the internet. 

However, if that were the truth, the elegant image of France nobility inside Ryouma’s head would crumble. 

(Well, if we think about they had lived in the sixteenth century, something like that would not be weird, I guess?

In that sense, this world was much better off. 

Because at least there was a toilet. 

Of course, it was not flush toilet. 

It was like the one in the countryside, using the scooping method. 

But even with that, the numbers were limited. 

At least, it was not on the level that one could use a toilet just by coming into a convenience store. 

However, existing, and completely didn’t exist, had a huge difference. 

(Well, I don’t care for now since I don’t feel like going to the bathroom… But still, I need to eat…) 

Certainly, Ryouma didn’t come to House of Lords to play. 

Thus it might sound selfish for him to have a meal. 

Besides, if he had to consider food poisoning, he won’t be able to eat in relax. 

However, that at least only Ryouma’s individual circumstance. 

If he were a ‘normal’ noble, he would’ve already started to act violently by now. 

After all, he had been confined in a small room with no water and food being served. 

No, well, with that theory, no one other than Ryouma would be able to bear with it. 

Other than him, Yuria, Roberto, and Signiz were being carried using a separate carriage as a witness. 

Laura and the others were waiting as a housemaid. 

Of course, Ryouma could not understand why he was being given separate room from madam Yuria. 

If there was a problem with him sharing a room with her as a witness, Ryouma staying at Salzberg residence should’ve been a problem too. 

It didn’t make sense to separate them now. 

In addition, when it comes to treatment for the nobles, to separate the nobles with the people who take care of them, such as servants and maids, was indeed problematic. 

For nobles, servants and maids were literally equivalent to their own limbs. 

(Is this also part of the harassment?) 

Among the nobles in the house of lords, Earl Salzberg was a man who had close ties with the northern noble household. 

It was no wonder than many people ended up hostile toward Ryouma. 

Although most of them were aristocrats, they didn’t have much power. 

Of course, all nobles could do anything they wanted in their territory but, when it comes to between nobles, the story would be different. 

At the very least, there was only a handful of them could plan an assassination. 

However, even without going that far, they still could get satisfaction. 

(Well, whatever. After all, this is within our expectation…) 

Ryouma never dreamed that the House of Lords would treat him fairly. 

Such possibility, he had thought it only had a 10% chance. 

And Ryouma had prepared countermeasures when something like this happened. 

(With this… I guess we will go with plan B… No, plan C, I guess?) 

It was one of the three pre-planned plans that would be changed depending on the House of Lord’s treatment. 

Each plan had its own fine path, but broadly speaking, it was a friendly plan, neutral plan, or hostile plan. 

Plan C, to be honest, the plan was a plan with a little much care put into it. 

After all, it was filled with a rough method. 

However, it was also true that they prepared the plan to protect himself and those who close to him. 

(I can just leave the Iga clan to collect Kikoku… The next one is…) 

While thinking about it, Ryouma quietly waited for the time to pass. 

The sound of whistling then come from inside the room. 

Sometimes low. 

Sometimes high. 

Sometimes sounds sand, and it was also rhythmic. 

Some people said whistling was not music, but if a skilled person was the one who did it, it might sound like a piece of music. 

But, that was not the problem here… 

“Oi… Did you hear that?” 

A knight guarding the door asked the other. 

It was hard to see their expression due to the helmet, but it was not hard to imagine their puzzled expression. 

And it would be the same as the other knight. 

“Yeah, I heard… I wonder what is the meaning of it. That youngster… Even if he is an upstart, to think a noble would whistle…” 

“Did he not realize why he is here?” 

“There’s no way that is the truth but… The problem is, what should we do?” 

Should they stop him? Or let him do whatever he wanted. 

Certainly, there was no law that aristocrats should not whistle. 

However, there was a thing called Time, Place, and Occasion. 

After all, here was the Rozeria Kingdom’s house of lords. 

A place that was similar to that of a supreme court.

It could be said it was one of the symbols of authority in the Rozeria Kingdom. 

Naturally, one should act serious at all time. 

Indeed, it was not a crime to whistle to waste time. 

The question the knights had was whether they should stop an act which definitely not a crime. 

Normally, because of the place, the knights would have stopped the person to stop whistling. 

The validity aside, but this place was a place where people need to stay serious at all time.

Well, since ordinary nobles would not whistle in the house of lords, they had never thought such a problem would occur. 

But now, they were faced with such a problem. 

(Surprisingly they let me continue…) 

The Knights had been asked by a senior member of the House of Lords to monitor the person inside the room closely. 

In their eyes, it was unusual to prepare a special room in order for a noble to wait, furthermore separating them from their companion. 

Besides, from the story the knights had heard, the person’s weapons had already been confiscated. 

It was true that weapon supposedly being kept when a person was about to enter the parliament hall where the hearing was held, not at the front gate. 

It was also true that the knights had many thought in regards to the man inside the room. 

In their eyes, he was a young man who was being bestowed the rank of Baron. 

He had high fame as a warrior. 

All of the knights admired him but at the same time also feel jealous. 

After all, the two of them had already approaching middle-age. Thus they thought it was something they would never achieve. 

However, if being asked whether or not they bear malice at him because of that, the answer was not. 

At the very least, they didn’t hate him enough to harass him. 

“For now, how about we observe? If they didn’t like it, the top would come and told us about it…” 

“I agree…” 

The knights nodded, agreeing with each other. 

The knight had imagined what their superior would think if they heard this. 

However, they didn’t have any intention of intervening without orders. 

That might not be something malicious, but it was not for a good intention either. 

The two didn’t want to get into trouble voluntarily. 

After deciding that, the two men stand silently in front of the room where whistle could be heard from the inside. 

They patiently waited until the time the inquiry begins.