Record of Wortenia War – v6-c27

“Please leave the weapons here.” 

While saying so, Hamilton held out his hand to Ryouma. 

“Hand over the weapon, eh?” 

Ryouma turned his gaze in response to those words. 

Basically, the House of Lords was occupying a corner of the royal palace. 

There was some difference in details, but as far as Ryouma know, the basic rules were the same. 

And, that was in the case of nobles, bringing a sword into the royal palace was permitted as long the sword remained on one’s belt. 

That seems to be a national law of the Rozeria Kingdom, which had been around since the founding of the country. 

Of course, for Ryouma, since it was the central government building akin to that of the Japanese Prime Minister building, he felt a sense of incongruity when he learned that they could bring a sword into the royal palace as long the sword remained on one’s belt. 

That being said, he never mentioned that before to anyone… 

(Well, the concept of security always depend on the times…) 

It might be a good idea for such a thing to be allowed in this world since one own’s safety could only be won by one own’s power. 

However, nobles may be ordered to disarm when they were within the royal palace. 

For example, when one had an audience with the King. 

And the other was when one appeared in the House of Lord’s court. 

Well, it could be said both were an appropriate reason. 

Bring a weapon when meeting a King would be not good for security. 

And House of Lords also had the same meaning. 

House of Lord’s primary duty was to pass judgment to aristocrats who commit criminal acts and mediating disputes between aristocrats. 

Simply put, it was the country’s supreme court. 

And with the assumption that the accused may feel dissatisfied with the judgment, it was natural that bringing a weapon into the House of Lords was strictly prohibited. 

The only exception was the knights who guard the House of Lords. 

In that sense, Hamilton demand was in a perfect line with his duty. 

However, even if Hamilton was right by the law, considering Ryouma was a nobleman touted as the country’s hero, it should pose no problem. 

“I heard the reason why I come here is to confirm the situation?” 

Recognizing the meaning behind Ryouma’s words, Hamilton floated a vulgar smile. 

However, though here Ryouma could not pull his hand, they don’t seem to mind letting him pull the sword. 

“Yes, that is indeed what you’ve heard. However, disarmament is a national law. No matter who you are, even if you’re a hero, you will need to obey the law.” 

Ryouma was impressed by Hamilton’s thick skin, while calmly speak about law. 

In other words, it had gone according to the other side plan. 

(I see… Not because he could not be bribed, but he tried to take an opportunity to do something, huh? Indeed, that is efficient.) 

It was true that the disarmament law when entering the House of Lords had existed since the first King of Rozeria Kingdom. 

However, unlike meeting the King, some consideration could be made. 

Of course, if you were a defendant, you won’t be able to refuse the disarmament. 

And, if you come as a witness, one might ask consideration. 

In other words, it depends on the status of the person who comes. 

Nevertheless, Hamilton asked Ryouma to disarm. – 

If you look closely to that, the knight under the House of Lords had already surrounded the carriage. 

Even if he didn’t pull the sword out, they might mercilessly disarm Ryouma forcefully depending on Ryouma’s reply. 

“Or are you going to resist?” 

The knights surrounding the carriage took a step forward. 

They were going to put pressure on him. 

Ryouma then turned his gaze at his sword ‘Kikoku’ on his left hand. 

(It would be stupid to pull out Kikoku here…) 

If he used the power of Kikoku, he should be able to force his way out of this situation. 

Since the battle against Earl Salzberg, Kikoku had absorbed a considerable amount of Prana, and to some extent had recognized him as its master. 

Though it won’t be perfect, Ryouma should be able to bring out the power hidden in the sword. 

If he used the power of the sword and also Iga clan ability, he should be able to break through any situation when the opponent was just knights who only know martial arts. 

But if he chooses that path, Ryouma would be clearly branded as a criminal. 

Then everything they had done, would become a waste. 

After all, if he pulls out the sword after being asked to disarm by the House of Lords in accordance with the law, there would be no excuse for him to say… 

Surely, under Queen lupis, a large army would be formed to hunt down Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma. 

And, nobles who were not obedient to the royal family, would not be able to refuse such a cause. 

(Is this purely Hamilton idea or the person behind him?) 

From Ryouma’s point of view, what Hamilton did was something to provoke him. 

(In that case, I should obediently hand over Kikoku… The problem is what comes after this… I guess I will leave it to the Iga clan.) 

If he left the sword with Hamilton, the problem was how he get it back? 

If it was just a normal sword then, he could prepare it as much as he wanted but, this was the one and only sword that the Iga clan had inherited generation after generation. 

And there was no guarantee that the sword would be returned. 

That being said, given the development after this, speaking about human resource, only Ryouma’s shadow escort that could do something about it. 

Feeling Ryouma’s concern, Kikoku shook as if it was appealing for something. 

Apparently, it seems to be dissatisfied to leave Ryouma’s side. 

Or was the sword didn’t like being touched by someone the sword didn’t know? 

However, no matter what the answer, Ryouma didn’t have another choice. 

(Please be patient, I will get you back as soon as possible… I speak in my mind like this as if the sword actually could hear me…) 

But, Ryouma’s thought must have been transmitted. 

The tremor from the sword began to stop. 

And Ryouma after confirming it, handed the sword to Hamilton. 

However, that seems not the end of Hamilton provocation. 

“Good, I’ve received the sword. After that… Physical examination…” 

A further strike was being released from Hamilton’s mouth. 

“Physical examination, huh? Are you seriously willing to go that far?” 

Ryouma sighed after he speaks with an amazed tone. 

This might be due to people behind Hamilton who were sensitive to Ryouma’s hostility. 

“I’m very sorry. After all, Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma is also good when using chakram, please forgive our rudeness…” 

However, against Ryouma, Hamilton in question stands still with a calm attitude. 

And since he had said until that far, Ryouma had no other choice. 

He took out the small bag where he put the chakram and handed it over to Hamilton 

Of course, what was being prohibited was only a sword. 

Thus he could argue to some extent, but he had judged it would be meaningless to argue here, and better to calmly passed over the chakram. 

Then Ryouma spread his head left and right. 

The kind of things that people did when they were being inspected by a metal detector. 

Due to Ryouma calm behavior, Hamilton was actually felt suspicious for a moment but immediately told the surrounding knights to check Ryouma. 

“If you wish, do you want to change clothes too? As far as I know, the law of this country didn’t say about changing clothes, but I would be willing to change clothes if you could prepare clothes with my body size.” 

Ryouma grumpily talk while having his body being shaken due to the knights’ hands. 

At the same time, Ryouma also released intense anger and killing intent. 

Of course, he was not actually serious… 

‘If it can be done, just try’ that kind of provocation.

However, the surrounding air freeze due to Ryouma’s provocative words and murderous intent.

The knights who examined him involuntarily took a step back, and Hamilton’s face grew pale. 

This made them remember. 

Who was the person in front of them? 

After nearly ten-second silence, Hamilton opened his mouth. 

“No, there’s no need to go that far. I hope one understand that this is all due to duty…” 

After saying that, Hamilton bowed his head deeply toward Ryouma.