Record of Wortenia War – v6-c26

The carriage then proceeds toward the royal palace. 

(This is the first time I ride a carriage since the time when I was visiting Earl Salzberg’s residence… At that time, I couldn’t afford to care about it but…) 

Such feeling passes through Ryouma’s mind as he gazes outside the window. 

The wooden chair was installed in the carriage. 

Riding this carriage gives him an awful and uncomfortable experience. 

Although they had put a cushion since he aboard the carriage, it didn’t give much impact in reducing the feeling. 

It was a real shame despite the fact that the carriage had such a grand appearance. 

(I don’t know if the suspension is existed in this world or not, or it exists but just has a bad performance but, this really hurt my butt and hips…) 

Ryouma involuntarily touched his butt, which feels sore in a different sense from riding a horse. 

It might be not a good behavior when it comes to nobility. 

However, there was no one who watched Ryouma, to begin with. 

Even the Marfisto sisters who usually won’t leave Ryouma’s side currently acted as escorts and maids. 

(Is this actually a form of harassment? Well anyway, even if that is the truth, this is the first time in a while that I’m alone. Until we arrive at the destination, I guess I should have a bit of fun? Besides, the other side won’t launch an assault at this late in time…) 

Of course, Ryouma would have considered an attack at this timing as normal. 

However, since after this they would have to play a farce, thus proper appearance was necessary. 

If they tried to unskillfully do something to Ryouma who was being praised by the masses as the Hero who saved the country, it might strangle them one day. 

The fact that Ryouma was being attacked despite having an escort would never benefit anyone. 

The rumors of someone was trying to kill the Hero would spread, and it may even lead into pouring oil to the Kingdom which security had already deteriorated. 

That was why they did all of this. And make the result coming out from a legitimate trial… 

(Especially those powerful nobles who had their relative killed during this dispute…) 

Ryouma already understand that he was being alienated by the nobles of this Kingdom. 

At the dinner party the other day, a moderate number of people had gathered, but compared to the entire aristocracy belonged to the Rozeria Kingdom, only a small amount of them had attended. 

And most of them, the reason why they didn’t attend was that they were the relatives of the nobles he had killed. 

If they were blood relative, they would kill each other without batting an eyelid. 

However, on the other hand, they would join hands against the enemy outside of their circle… 

And there were large numbers of noble who had blood relation with Salzberg household, which had been existed since the time the Rozeria Kingdom being established. 

In that case, there were two ways for them to take revenge. 

Make an appeal to subjugate Ryouma using armed force, or judge him by using the law. 

However, the use of force was a fairly high hurdle choice for them right now. 

If all nobles in Rozeria could unite and attack, the story would’ve changed, but based on the natural hazard of Wortenia peninsula, and Ryouma who had managed to destroy the ten northern household and also Earl Salzberg household, making them hesitate to cross blade. 

Rather than taking such a risk, it would be easier for them to just condemn him by using the law that prohibited the use of the private army for warfare between each other. 

It was due to the aristocrats thought like that, that Lupis Rozerianus and also her aide Meltina Lecter had been thinking about this strategy. 

(Well, I don’t know how much of all of this are part of Lupis and Meltina’s plan…) 

As one could see from the story he heard from Yuria after the war, it might be their aim to incite Earl Salzberg by asking him to perform espionage activity against Wortenia peninsula. 

However, it was hard to believe for him that Lupis had made such an elaborate plan and put in the calculation that the house of lords would move like this. 

At the very least, if she were capable of that, she would not have made Ryouma took control Wortenia peninsula in the first place. 

If her wisdom were that vast, then she would not avoid Ryouma until this much… 

At that time, at least Ryouma won’t hold a grudge against Queen Lupis, and Queen Lupis also would not fear Ryouma and tried to get rid of him without understanding Ryouma’s feeling. 

(The time when the tides change would be, at the time when I was sent to the Zalda Kingdom as reinforcement… I guess?) 

Wishing Ryouma to die, Lupis had given him Wortenia peninsula, but what happened had completely betrayed Lupis imagination, not only he gained solid ground, he also gained military power. 

And for a ruler, it was not easy to deal with something like that. 

If she were to try to confiscate by force the territory that Mikoshiba Ryouma had opened by his own hand, even the nobles who had their self-interest would turn against her. 

It could be fatal if such a thing happened when the domestic situation was not stable. 

That was why Queen Lupis didn’t choose to intentionally intervene in the confrontation between the two households. 

And only tried to tempt Earl Salzberg and Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma  to eat each other, 

While he was thinking about such a thing, the carriage begins to slow down. 

(It seems we’ve arrived huh?) 

When the carriage stopped, Ryouma grabbed Kikoku and rose from his seat. 

“Your Majesty. Please excuse me.” 

Lupis Rozerianus, who had been focusing herself working on the paperwork, stopped her hand when she heard her aide Meltina’s voice and raised her face. 

What comes to view was a neat face looking tired due to overworking every day and dark circle under her eyes  

“What’s wrong?” 

A worn-out voice. 

Hearing that voice, Meltina slightly frowned. 

That being said, there was something important that she needs to tell her. 

“Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma has just arrived at the House of Lords.” 

The moment she heard those words, a dark shadow appeared on Queen Lupis’ face. 

After a long silence, she nodded slightly and responded… 

“I see…” 

She looked full of conflict and guilt. 

As if she was trying to appeal something to Meltina. 

However, even if she understood the meaning behind her gaze, Meltina could not let her business-like attitude go… 

Right now, if she tried to say something to Queen Lupis, she expected that the Queen would ask her to abort the plan. 

However, she knew that such a thing was impossible to do now. 

The preparation at the house of lords was already completed. 

They cannot cancel this plan now, where a lot of time and money hang in the balance. 

(No, if I prioritize her majesty feeling and cancel it, what would happen then?) 

The answer to that question had already appeared inside Meltina’s mind. 

Now that it was already late in the game, there was no other way but let the plan advance as it was, even if she had to turn herself into a demon. 

That was why Meltina looked straight at Lupis gaze and made a silent bow. 

And as if ignoring Queen Lupis, who tried to say something, she turned her heels and leave the room. 

(She’s already near her limit…) 

Inside Meltina’s mind, who left the office was Lupis’ worn-out expression. 

If this were a modern society, she would’ve already been diagnosed with depression due to overwork. 

Normally, Meltina would honestly tell her to take a few days off and refresh both her mental and physical strength. 

(However… It is impossible right now…) 

A few years had passed since Lupis took the throne and became a Queen. 

She was already getting used to her job as a ruler. 

However, due to the trend of Ortomea Empire that was unreadable, and now that the domestic situation was also under fire, there were too many things that need Queen Lupis personal attention to settle them. 

On top of that, the situation had turned worse due to the fact a rift appeared between Lord Bergstone, the central figure in the administration, and the Queen. 

(I think we should try to fix the relationship as soon as possible…) 

It was physically impossible for Queen Lupis to handle all of the state affairs, such as military, internal affairs, and diplomacy, even if they want centralized government under the Queen. 

Such a thing was understood by Meltina who helped in daily political affairs but also by the Queen herself. 

However, the relationship between Mikoshiba Ryouma and Earl Bergstone had made Queen Lupis and Meltina hesitant to take concrete action to restore the relationship. 

(However, everything will change today… It must change…) 

That was the move that should blow away the dark cloud that hangs over the Rozeria Kingdom. 

Such expectation made Meltina’s heart in high spirit.