Record of Wortenia War – v6-c25

On the next day, several carriages passed through Earl Salzberg residence’s gate. 

There were about fifty riders around them. 

Of course, they were all fully armored. 

They looked like they were going to a battlefield. 

The carriages they defended were also giving sober impression based on black, and the horses pulled the carriages were also superb one. The shiny clean body showed that the horses had been given exceptional care and love. 

From the point of view of quality, it was without a doubt among the finest one. 

Nevertheless, their solid appearance gives off an air of intimidation to the surrounding. 

At least, it was horses the nobles won’t usually be used for sightseeing. 

But then, that was natural. 

These carriages were something the House of Lords had prepared exclusively for nobles use, in other words, a prisoner carriage transport for aristocrats. 

The sky was also different compared to yesterday, today it was cloudy with a high possibility to rain, the atmosphere was suitable for the vicious carriages. 

It was as if implying the future that was about to come. 

Ryouma then gazed at the sky lightly. 

(Such ominous weather… It will be stormy for a while, but whether that is good or not, that is the question…) 

Of course, regardless of the weather, the future plan won’t change. 

Whether the sky was clear or cloudy, it was just a matter of time. 

But still, it was the nature of human to be superstitious. 

Though, the problem was it was hard to determine whether it was a good sign or not if rains were to come. 

During the warring states, Mori Motonari, who manage to conquer western Chugoku region, and laid the foundation for Mori clans, had raised his status from a local lord to become warring state warlord, despite having smaller force he won the battle of Itsukushima due to the heavy storm during the campaign. 

Also, in the historical book about Nobunaga, it was said that during the battle of Okehazama, the battlefield was under heavy rain. 

Some people had the opinion that that battle was said to be one of the reasons why Oda Nobunaga had won against Imagawa Yoshimoto by surprise.

In that sense, it was hard to interpret rain as a good sign or a bad sign. 

Of course, the credibility about such opinion was low. 

After all, history was written by those who won the war. 

In addition, even if it was not forged due to bad faith, the human memory was unexpectedly unreliable due to fabrication from malice.  

And in daily life, misunderstandings were quite common. 

Moreover, the means of information transmission during the warring states period was extremely limited. 

There was no guarantee that the content of the message was 100% correct, whether it was delivered using letter or by oral delivery. 

In that case, no one knows whether it was actually really rained during the battle of Itsukushima and Okehazama, and even if it had some implication, no one could understand the meaning behind such weather. 

In the end, the concern was only up to that level.

(In the end, it has both, good and bad sign, depending on how people interpreted it. Well, though I understand about that, in the end, I am me…) 

Thinking that there were no benefits for him to think further, Ryouma quietly proceed through the entrance hall of the Earl Salzberg mansion. 

A few steps behind him, Laura and Sara, dressed in maid clothes followed him, and behind them were Yuria and Roberto.

Of course, everyone was wearing a formal dress. 

It would be natural for Elena, but even that Lione had dressed formally like that of a female knight. 

After all, being called by the House of Lords, was the same as being called by the government in Japan. 

Well, presently Ryouma was asked to come in the pretext of confirming the truth, but considering Ryouma position, if they had thought that it was likely to turn into a normal trial in court, it would be more normal for them if they dressed like usual. 

That was why, today, their master, Ryouma, was also dressed differently from usual. 

Unlike his usual all blacks attire, today, he wore a shirt with lace on the chest, and also a coat. 

Though the overall color of his attire was still black, it must be due to Ryouma’s own preference. 

In the eyes of this world aristocrats, his attire must be kind of plain. 

However, his coat had gold and silver embroidery on the cuffs, it gives off a relaxed feeling, and show his standing as noble. 

Because there was no gorgeous decoration, it gives an overall clean impression, combined with his sword ‘Kikoku’ on his waist put in a black sheath. 

Rather than luxury, it emphasized vigor and strength. 

The security guard who surrounded Ryouma and the servants of the Earl Salzberg mansion looked excited when they saw Ryouma appearance. 

However, despite such positive reaction, Ryouma seemed uncomfortable due to their gaze. 

(This seems to be suitable attire for a Baron huh? Well, other than during the dinner party, this is the second time. Besides, I don’t have any intention of disappointing the two who had prepared this attire with a lot of effort by not wearing it… But still, I think this is too much…) 

Originally, Ryouma was someone who had not much interest when it comes to clothing. 

Of course, he was not a lazy person who wears something dirty or something that had holes in it either, he was someone who just didn’t care if the clothes he was wearing was branded or not. 

Rather than spending money and time on clothing and accessories, he had rather spend his time on training and money on delicious food. 

Due to that, he had often quarreled with Asuka, who was a fashion-minded person, just like a normal high school girl. 

That said, that was during the time when he was still in Japan. 

Since the time Ryouma had been summoned to this world and being given the title of Baron, Ryouma himself understood that it was necessary for him to pay attention to his attire.  

That was why he had asked Lady Yuria to order such unfamiliar outfit in the Epiroz city.

(…Well, it is worth the amount I had paid, so there’s no problem…) 

Ryouma had paid a considerable amount of money to make the attire. 

And it was far from the annual income of an average person living in this world. 

It was an amount of money that even senior aristocrats such as Earl and Marquis would hesitate to spend.

Still, it was a fact that it was worth it to pay that much. 

While thinking about that, Ryouma go toward the front carriage which stopped in front of the mansion’s entrance. 

Then, a man wearing a knight armors moved forward. 

Looking at his face, he looked like in the middle of his forties. 

Looking at his gown type coat over his armors, it seems he was a staff dispatched by the House of Lords. 

“Baron Mikoshiba-sama, right? I will be your guide today, my name is Hamilton.” 

Introducing himself, the man bowed his head toward Ryouma. 

In response, Ryouma narrows his eyes slightly. 

(Maybe because he is from the aristocrats’ side, but his face showed an unpleasant look.) 

At first glance, the man was smiling softly. 

It was not a bad attitude.