Record of Wortenia War – v6-c24

“First of all, Signiz, and Roberto, you both have memorized the plan for tomorrow, yes?” 

Being questioned, the two men glanced at each other briefly and turned their face toward Ryouma. 

They both had two important jobs, the first was to protect the place where the dinner took place the other day. 

Also, together with Ms. Yuria being the witness of the battle between Earl Salzberg household and Baron Mikoshiba household. And their second job was to protect Ryouma after the trial. 

(Well, there’s no particular problem with witness interrogations. All one had to do was to tell the facts.) 

Although it was particularly not effective due to the Iga clan counter-espionage measures, it was true that the ten household led by Earl Salzberg had engaged in espionage activities against Ryouma. 

The full reason they did that aside, it was hard to deny that their main reason was that Mikoshiba Ryouma had gained status in the Rozeria Kingdom. 

Certainly, it was also rare in the western continent aristocrats society, to have forced the transfer of command of an army. 

Since it could be used to deliberately provoked and brought the country to war. 

But, it was also true that Earl Salzberg didn’t move the northern army during the civil war. 

Rational thought might see that as justifiable from the point of view that he had to protect the northern border of the Rozaria Kingdom during such crisis. 

However, if Earl Salzberg who was considered as one of the strongest warriors in the country were alive, he would say that he simply didn’t see the problem that makes him need to move the army. 

Indeed, he could not move the border guards, but given how big Earl Salzberg army, it was possible for him to sent a small group of knights. 

If he didn’t move even one soldier, then his loyalty to the Rozaria Kingdom would be questioned. 

In that circumstance, Ryouma argued that Earl Salzberg household and the ten northern nobles household had abandoned their duty as Rozaria nobles. Thus he wanted to make that reason as the reason why the war between Ryouma and Earl Salzberg had started. 

There was no major contradiction in theory. 

Of course, it was also a fact that at the beginning, they both had a close relationship due to their disagreement with the royalty, but then again, fortunately, no one had witnessed that. 

After all, the reason why they make it so that the ten household successors died in war was precisely for the sake of post-war treatment. 

And by the end of the war, the one who succeeds the household were people like Ms.Yuria who had survived, they had pledged loyalty toward Ryouma. 

Why did they pledge loyalty to him was because those people were like Roberto and Signiz. 

Simply put, they were people who were hated by their own fathers and brothers due to their ability. 

For them, they had no reason to trap Ryouma who had freed them from such gloomy life. 

(The problem is the number of soldiers… I wish I could bring more of them… I guess whether or not we could break through with such limited number of soldiers would be a gamble…) 

Of course, Roberto and Signiz were distinguished martial artists and had been Earl Salzberg guard several times. 

It could be said that they were the best choice in term of performance and ability, and Ryouma also had full confidence in both of them. 

However, even with that, it cannot be helped to feel anxiety. 

After all, compared to when the dinner being held where he was not sure that there would be a battle or not, now he had evidence that there would be a battle. 

Moreover, Baron Mikoshiba allies in the royal capital, Pireaus, was limited. 

If such a battle actually begins, the possibility of reinforcements would be extremely low. 

From that point of view, it was clear that the two of them(Roberto and Signiz) would be one of the key factors that separate failure and success. 

And the two of them also understand that. 

Though somehow their attitude toward Ryouma who had given them the task was a bit different when compared. 

“Yes, there’s no problem, my Lord.” 

“We’re prepared, boss.” 

While Signiz talked like he was a vassal, Roberto’s tone was like he had a contractor-boss relationship with Ryouma. 

It might be no problem if he spoke like that when there was only the two of them, but it was definitely not the way he should talk in the residence where many nobles present. 

In some cases, he might get executed for being rude. – 

That said, Ryouma was not foolish enough to blame Roberto’s rudeness now. 

As long this was not an official meeting and only the gathering of Ryouma’s inner circle. 

It won’t hurt Roberto value just because he was speaking freely. 

However, there was a man who seems didn’t agree with such thought… 

“Roberto! You!” 

Signiz got out of his chair and glared at Roberto who sat beside him. 

Rather than being angry toward Roberto’s attitude, it seems he was worried that the others might see them unfavorable. 

As their master who hates formality, Ryouma decided that reprimanded him would only have a small influence on him. 

Besides, as a newcomer, his attitude might have some appeal to the surrounding old staff. 

As for Signiz, Roberto was one of his few friends. 

He didn’t want his friends got dismissed just because of such small things. 

However, before Signiz continues, Ryouma raised his hand. – 

“Ah, it’s fine, it’s fine… Though this is a war council, those who present here are a close associate. Signiz too, please take it easy…” 

Hearing Ryouma’s words, Signiz bowed his head slightly and relaxed in his chair once again. – 

In fact, Ryouma didn’t care as to how Roberto called him. 

Of course, there was a limit to that, and the time and place were also important. 

Such as if they were inside the Royal castle, or in a banquet, if Roberto had called him ‘Boss’ in such a place, then Ryouma’s face would be destroyed. 

In fact, how Roberto called him boss was actually kind of cute. 

After all, even Lione and the others still didn’t hesitate to call Ryouma ‘boy’. 

Anyway, Roberto was someone who had enough education as a noble. 

If he feels like it, and see the need for it, he would be able to show a perfect courtesy necessary for the time and place. 

In fact, as former commoner it should be Ryouma and Lione who begged him to teach them common courtesy among nobles. 

That was why there was not much problem with how he called Ryouma. – 

(The conflict between newcomer and old member, huh? For now, it seems there is no problem, but…) 

Lione was one of Baron Mikoshiba top executive. 

Also, among the people in this room, she had the second longest relationship with him. 

And for such Lione who was the enemy of Roberto and Signiz during the previous war, her standpoint was by no means the same as Ryouma. 

Even though they both had become Ryouma’s vassal. – 

(The sensible Signiz and the rascal Roberto, huh? Well, there’s no problem when it comes to their ability. And it seems the reaction from Lione and the others after seeing the previous exchange were not that bad… After this, it depends on me how to make good use of them…) 

The fight between the old guard and newcomer often times the cause of an organization being split. 

It was the duty of the head of the organization to manage such conflict and making sure they didn’t fall into the trap. 

After the meetings ended, Ryouma announced dissolution and everyone stand up one after another. 

Of course, tomorrow they would meet again for final confirmation. 

Everyone then quickly leaves the room. 

However, there was someone who didn’t stand up from the seat. 

As Ryouma gazed at her, Elena quietly looked at him back. 

A moment passed with them gazing at each other. 

Eventually, Elena slowly opened her mouth. 

“Still, you sure choose a drastic measure…” 

In her voice, one could feel sadness and conflicted feeling. 

Indeed, in the eyes of ‘Rozeria’s white goddess of war,’ the event that would take place tomorrow would not be pretty… 

And with Ryouma expression indicating there was no turning back was the proof that there was no other way… 

Ryouma then quietly asked Elena… 

“Do you regret it?” 

In his eyes, there was no sight of a guilty conscience or hesitation. 

It can be said he was as calm as a calm lake. 

Ryouma had decided on his resolution. 

“Well, I wonder… From the day I decided to attend the dinner party the other day, I was prepared for anything that would come, but… To be honest, I have a lot to think about…” 

Then, Elena quietly looked out of the window. 

A clear sky with no clouds. 

The blue sky as far as the eyes could see. 

“What nice weather… Unlike my heart…” 

“Indeed, I agree…” 

Ryouma nodded quietly in response to Elena, who muttered those words without any power… 

Of course, he understood Elena’s trouble… 

After all, his decision was the cause of it. 

However, Ryouma had determined, no matter what Elena feels… 

(If possible, I wanted to avoid that possibility but…) 

Ryouma was just trying to protect his own and his comrades’ life. 

He would like to avoid conflict if possible, but if not, there was nothing he could do but to fight back without fear… 

Besides, it was not Ryouma’s responsibility that the situation had turned this way. 

It was all began when Lupis Rozerianus broke her promise with Mikoshiba Ryouma due to her weakness… 

But, that would only just be an excuse in front of Elena. 

In the end, Elena was someone who had devoted her life to the Rozeria Kingdom. 

That was why Ryouma didn’t say anything further. 

Since it would insulting Elena’s feeling if he tried to comfort her. 

Ryouma then bowed lightly toward Elena and leave the room quietly…