Record of Wortenia War – v6-c23

A few days had passed since the secret meeting between Ryouma and Viscount Gerhardt.

Currently, the time was around mid-day…

Ryouma quietly open his mouth while looking at the people gathered in the room within the Salzberg’s residence.

“Well, finally, it is tomorrow…”

Those who surrounded Ryouma listened in silence.

There was no one asking what day tomorrow would be…

Of course, that was natural…

Along with that of the original member such as the Marfisto sister, Laura, and Sara, inside the room, there were also members from the time he was mercenary such as Lione, Genou and his granddaughter Sakuya. There was also those that joined recently such as Yuria Salzberg, which now the new lord of the Salzberg house, also there were men who were once called the Salzberg’ double-edged sword, Roberto Bertrand and Signiz Garbera…

Furthermore, there was a figure such as Elena Steiner who returned to the capital in haste, other than her there were also Earl Bergstone and Earl Zeref, who had secretly taken the position of retainer recently…

Those who were not present here were Bolts, who responsible for development and security of the city of Sirius, Simone Christoph who responsible for the internal affairs and who worked hard to support the economic power of Baron Mikoshiba, also the Elders of the Iga clan who right now rebuilding the protection network after Baron Mikoshiba territory expanded…

Nevertheless, those who gathered here were those who formally become vassals, and there were those who still stay as a collaborator, but anyway, they were people who support a man named Mikoshiba Ryouma with their individual expertise, such as internal affairs, military, and intelligence.

For them, there was no need to ask what would happen tomorrow…

From the day since Ryouma arrived in the capital city, everything had been spent to prepare for tomorrow…

(If I can, I want to have Nelsios-san here too… But well, that man existence itself is already a problem…)

Ryouma then gazed at the five women who stand near the wall with helmet hiding their face.

Originally, Nelsios, Mikoshiba Ryouma’s influential collaborator had the right to be called to this place, but because of his other duty such as supervises the demi-humans living in the Wortenia peninsula as a tribe leader, going out of the peninsula was a bit difficult for him.

Though the story would be different if the demi-humans fully support Mikoshiba Ryouma, but since there was still a bit of skeptic among them toward Ryouma, it was a day-to-day occurrence to perform trade with them to build trust…

For that reason, lead by Delfina as the representative, the girls would live in Wortenia Peninsula as a trial…

Even though they were representatives, they were just people selected among the seven tribes of which Nelsios was the tribal leader, thus calling them as the demi-human representative of the western continent might be somewhat misleading.

However, it was also a fact that Nelsios was the one leading the trade with Ryouma, and it cannot be said that he was not a representative just because he was unable to come out of Wortenia peninsula.

In Japan expression, such level of representative could be said as ‘Goodwill ambassador or tourist ambassador.’

And of course, it was a great honor to be chosen for such a position.

In certain areas, they might be given their own authority, sometimes they may voice their personal opinion on the other country.

However, they cannot have the right to decide unless they were given such authority.

Right now, the six girls who were standing on the position were supposed to act together under Marfisto sisters.

In short, they were Ryouma’s private escort.

It was indeed can be said a very extravagant escort group. –

After all, Delfina was the daughter of that Nelsios who was known as ‘War Ogre,’ when it comes to raw power, she was comparable to Roberto and Signiz.

And Delfina also already proven her ability in front of Lione during the expedition to the Zalda Kingdom.

Despite in the middle of a confusing battlefield, she manages to charge alone against Ortomea Empire’s escort group and slay their commander splendidly.

The five people led by Delfina were also people selected from among the tribes, they were the best in their ability.

In term of shogi, they were like a big piece of rock corner.

But, it was not without a problem.

Even though their ability as a warrior was perfect, it was true that they were from demi-humans race, their movement was limited.

Of course, Ryouma and the others didn’t have any rejection toward demi-humans.

In fact, the relationship between them can be said as friendly, it was thanks to Bolts the leader of Sirius internal affairs and Alejandro who become the negotiation window.

However, that only applies in the region that Mikoshiba Ryouma had complete control.

To be more precise, it was only limited to inside Wortenia peninsula centered around Sirius.

Indeed, the Rozeria Kingdom was located in the eastern part of the western continent, where the influence of the Light God cult was not strong.

However, if asked whether or not Delfina wanted to open his helmet and show her real face, she would still shake her head as a response.

And if she did it, there would still be an uproar.

That was why even after Ryouma managed to take control of Salzberg’s city Epiroz, they were trying to remain invisible to the people of that domain.

Of course, they had the plan to interact with the people little by little while keeping an eye of the timing.

But for now, that was something they cannot do.

If done unskillfully, it might trigger a great rebellion or another holy war.

Nonetheless, it was not a good idea to show demi-humans face in the capital Pireaus where the situation was worse compared to the northern territory.

In case of Ryouma, he was currently facing a subpoena from the house of lords, if the fact he had a connection with the demi-humans made known, it might be used by his enemies to defeat him. –

In that sense, it may be considered to be a mistake to even brought demi-humans to Pireaus.

However, they were people that were selected personally by Nelsios to deepen the relationship between them.

It would be not suitable for Ryouma to leave people who wanted to build a good relationship with him while he goes to the capital to meet his other allies.

After much calculations and compromises, it was decided to make them Ryouma’s personal escort.

That being said, the problem was not completely solved.

(Well, it is natural for the two to act like this, but…)

Currently, Ryouma felt an intense gaze from both sisters who sits on his left and right sides.

Laura and Sara were gazing at Ryouma full of Smiles.

They didn’t show any dissatisfaction.

On the surface, they showed their usual cheerful smiles.

However, it was definitely different than usual.

Ryouma could even sense the intimidation coming from heir smiles.

And Ryouma was not so insensitive as not to understand the meaning behind their smiles.

To put it simply, they didn’t like the fact he had gazed toward Delfina.

The problem was, however, that the emotion was not because they hated demi-humans, it was more like hostility toward the same sex.

(Geez… Well, it’s not like I don’t understand them…)

The Elven girls, starting from Delfina, they boast beauties that would not be an exaggeration to call them a living gem.

And unlike ordinary elves who had a clean and tidy atmosphere, the dark elves had this bewitching and indecent aura around them.

And that was something the Marfisto sisters didn’t have.

(These two, why did they have such a sense of rivalry, I can’t really understand… In term of beauty, it can be said they are a very beautiful one, still why…)

That was what Ryouma confused about…

Laura and Sara were a very beautiful person, it can be said their appearance was impeccable.

Women who can rival their beauties were limited in numbers.

Of course, if looked carefully, in this world there should be people more beautiful than the two of them. –

However, when it comes to the standard, they were cut above the rest.

(But well, if they tried to compare themselves in bust size and butt, certainly, Delfina and the others won by a large margin, the two would lose in term of adult charm…)

But for men, it was not always about chest and butt.

The balance on the body should be important and don’t forget the inner personality…

Also, the factors that men seek from their lover were different from the factors that they seek from their wife or mistress.

The same thing might be said by the women if they asked the same question.

Depends on the person, their interest in factors such as age and attractive parts might change.

In the first place, in Ryouma’s eyes, the two sisters chest were fine enough…

And when one thinks about the balance of their body, it can be said as the best.

Sure Delfina and the other dark elves had such bewitching adult atmosphere around them, but many people also like those who have purity and devotion aura like the sisters.

But then again, people always find value over things that one did not have and overlook what one has…

The saying ‘The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence,’ might be right…

(But then, I can’t understand why the two get along well with Lione-san…)

The female mercenary known as the ‘Red Lion, was someone whose existence was unrelated to the words bewitching and innocent.

Her appearance was attractive enough, bu5 she was not the type who show them upfront.

If anything, rather than feminine attraction, it can be said that her character was more lined toward manliness and dazzling cheerfulness. –

It was a character that was able to tease and call Ryouma ‘Boy’…

In that sense, she and the Marfisto sisters were different as water and oil.

However, for Marfisto sisters, Lione seems not to be regarded as a hostile opponent.

Sure, they sometimes quarrel among themselves, but it was not to the point of hating each other.

(Oh well, what I need to think about is tomorrow, this problem can be dealt with later, I guess…)

If an organization grew bigger, not everyone could get along.

Of course, it depends on the definition of friendship among individual, but there was always an exception when it comes to getting along.

Just like students, even when they were from the same school, not everyone getting along with each other.

Depending on the person, they might even the same classmate, but the relationship remained uncertain.

When it comes to friends, it becomes more narrowed…

Some people could become good friends, some could not.

Even when there were only three people, factionist bound to happen, it was mankind nature…

It was indeed great for everyone to get along, but in reality, such a thing was impossible.

Even among human being was already impossible.

Of course, the coexistence of demi-humans and humankind was Ryouma’s ideal and dream, but the path to achieving that was still far away…

(Well then, I guess it is time to start, tomorrow problem…)

Ryouma once again glanced toward his surrounding.

Then he opened his mouth slowly…