Record of Wortenia War – v6-c2

Editor: Chaz


Roberto burst into laughter and unexpectedly showed a warm expression on his face.


Signiz betrayed Roberto. It was a fact without mistake.


Despite his betrayal, Roberto showed an unexpected expression towards his best friend.


Toward Signiz, instead of anger, Roberto felt pity instead.


“Yo, Signiz… How long are you planning to have that kind of depressed look on your face? Well, whatever, how about some drink? This is a good sake you know? ”


Saying that Roberto grabs the bottle of alcohol placed on the desk and shakes it in front of Signiz.


It was words that could be taken as either irony or sarcasm.


However, they are both used to having such a conversation.


In fact, Roberto had no intention of blaming Signiz.


He was truly wanting to say those words because he saw the depressed look on Signiz’s face.


Seeing such attitude, Signiz nodded his head with an ambiguous smile.




A timid response, unlike the usual Signiz.


It was evidence that he felt guilty about his choice.


(What a stupid man… Despite being able to make any strategy during war… He looks like this…)


Looking at Signiz’s manner, who remained standing in place, Roberto sighed.


Roberto was already aware why Signiz betrayed him.


Clearly the man named Signiz Carbera was an opportunistic man who had the tendency to prioritize his own desires, unlike the faithful Roberto..


Among the people who took part in this war, if Earl Salzberg was asked the name of a person who he felt worried might betray him, the name that came out would be Signiz Garbera.


For Signiz Carbera to betray them however, there must be a good reason.


“What’s up? Why are you just standing there? Come over and sit down…”


Toward Signiz who only standing in place, Roberto once again called him.


It seems Signiz finally made his decision.


As he entered the room without saying anything.


A faithful man with a strong sense of duty.


Thinking normally, their personality didn’t match with each other.


However, having a strong sense of duty and being faithful does not always bring something good.


Depending on the circumstance, such a strong sense of duty and faithfulness would bind one’s own body from moving.


And unfortunately, in this world where war was constantly happening, such personality would often times backfired.


After all, this was a world where children would kill their parents for their own gain.


“Come, you should drink this…”


Roberto pushed the bottle to Signiz in a rough manner.


While he drinks his alcohol without using a glass, he looked like a thief or a mercenary.


At least, his behavior was not something aristocrats would usually have.


But such an attitude was something Signiz usually saw coming from him.


“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me, you want me to give you some glasses and pour it elegantly too?”


Saying that Roberto grinned.


Being persuaded in such manner by Roberto, Signiz finally took the bottle. –


After shaking the bottle one, two times, he drank the entire content of the bottle in one breath.


Amber liquid spilled from the edge of Signiz lips and drip down to his chest.




Signiz wipes his mouth with his hands.


It was hardly the proper way to drink alcohol.




However, the present Signiz didn’t have enough room to enjoy the alcohol.


Signiz was staring at Roberto who sat on the sofa grandly.


His gaze was as if he was demanding something. No, rather than demanding something, it would be more precise to say that Signiz was looking for punishment from Roberto.


However, Roberto did not say anything to him.


The long silence made the air inside the room heavy.


“Why won’t you say anything? Roberto… Are you not going to blame me?”


Eventually, with his face down, Signiz asked Roberto a question with a trembling voice.


For Signiz, he was prepared to receive abuse from Roberto or even take his own life should he ask for it.


Of course, Signiz made his decision knowing all the risk.


Besides for him, there was no other option. It was to protect his beloved person and the only family he had.


That was why, Signiz had no regret and he also didn’t have any intention to justify what he did by saying any excuse.


However, contrary to Signiz expectation, Roberto’s attitude didn’t change at all.


Roberto kept on drinking while keeping silent.


Then slowly he opened his mouth.


“Blame huh?”


“That’s right… I’ve betrayed you and Earl Salzberg…”


“True, you betrayed us… -”


Roberto said those words while sighed.


There was sorrow and also pity in his expression.


“Well, I don’t mind in particular…”


“What? What do you mean?”


“Is Elmeda safe?”


Hearing unexpected words from Roberto, Signiz lifted his face.


He looked surprised.