Record of Wortenia War – v6-c18

Noble street of the Rozeria Kingdom’s Royal Capital Pireaus.

The horse carriage passes by the back gate of the annex house of the former Earl Salzberg that stand on the corner.

The sound of the wheels traveling on the stone pavement resounded.

Meanwhile, inside the carriage with Viscount McMaster crest on it, Diggle McMaster heave a deep sigh.

The light of the pale moon reflected on his eyes.

However, soon thick cloud covered the light.

That seems to imply the situation within the Rozeria Kingdom.

(That was Mikoshiba Ryouma huh?)

He had heard rumors about Ryouma since a long time ago.

Good rumors, bad rumors…

However, rumors were in the end just a rumor.

No matter how high his reputation as a Hero, on the battlefield, someone could even die by a low ranked soldier if they make a small mistake. One could develop the territory by bringing wisdom from the outside, but one also could cause huge loss just because of a simple political policy.

In this world where long-range communication was hard, words from person to person can often be different from reality.

In the end, it fell into the category of ‘rumors.’

However, even if that was taken into consideration, what reflection on Diggle McMaster tonight was a monster beyond anything he had faced.

At any least, Viscount McMaster could not find any words to describe what he saw.

“As expected of someone being supported by the White Goddess of War… To think he grasped all of our situations…”

“Indeed. He himself didn’t say anything, but judging from his words and behavior…”

Toward Viscount McMaster who heave a deep sigh, Rosetta McMaster laughed merrily.

It was probably because of the burden have been lifted from her shoulder. She showed a natural smile that he never saw since a long time ago since the time she stopped being a woman.

(As expected, I’ve forced her such heavy burden huh…)

A sense of guilt clouded Viscount McMaster heart. –

Since his brother Glad had suffered illness, Rozetta McMaster has abandoned her identity as a woman.

It was not just a merely by being a strong-minded person either.

Hairstyle, clothes, behavior.

Up to her character, Rosetta literally came alive as her twin brother, Glad.

Of course, having a woman disguised herself as a man could be considered as a big gamble.

As a rule of nature, a woman is a woman, no matter how she conceals it.

With a slight disturbance, the disguise could fall apart.

A day or a week might be okay, but it would be impossible to deceive the surrounding for years.

However, such a thing was made possible since the two of them were twins. –

And the biggest reason was, they still have not developed their secondary sexual characteristic.

It was not impossible for the twins, Rosetta, to pretend to be Glad, if they just be careful in regard to the clothing and hairstyle.

A man that was not masculine.

It was something that Viscount McMaster could not be proud of as someone who familiar with the battlefield.

Of course, Rosetta herself didn’t have any intention to voluntary become her elder brother.

It was a bitter decision they made.

At that time, Viscount McMaster only had Glad and Rosetta.

This was rare for aristocrats who usually had a lot of bloodlines including from the mistress.

It was not unusual to have concubines and mistress surrounding them.

However, it would be arrogant to say all of the aristocrats were like that.

Of course, it was not like he had no pride as aristocrats, or he didn’t feel any pleasure from woman company.

But that was not all of it.

Protect one house and pass it to the descendants.

To achieve that, many try to use any means necessary. It was like an insatiable survival instinct.

However, the commoner which didn’t belong to the nobility, such sense was something hard to understand.

But looking at that, other than inherited the house, there was no other meaning.

At least, had he have concubines and mistress, Rosetta might not have to live as a man.

However, that was all in the past.

Tonight, the meeting with Baron Mikoshiba, which was held after the dinner party changed everything. –

“I wonder, how much money did he spend at that dinner party?”

“I think it was around a year worth of our tax revenue. Not just the best food, they also give the best drink. Everything was splendidly arranged. Perhaps, even the Royal Palace could not produce such show…”

“I guess so… But, that was not just to entertain us, no?”

In response to that words, Rosetta showed a wicked smile.

In fact, Daggle McMaster had attended a lot of parties after he took over the Viscount household, but it was the first time that he had seen such extravagant on the table.

The spices from the central continent erased the smell of the meat, a dish that came from the eastern continent.

Furthermore, the dessert was something masterpiece.

(To think that I would be able to eat sweets that made of sugar…)

Diggle who didn’t like sweets too much could even tell the high workmanship in the dessert presented to them.

Among the bowls made with glass by experienced craftsmen, countless fruit was swimming inside the jelly.

With the bright appearance, the taste was indescribable.

On top of that, he didn’t feel any vulgarity from such show of wealth.

Not just the cooking.

Even the conduct who serve them was attentive to every corner.

It was a perfect feast.

Speaking of the one being entertained, the consideration showed was something exemplary.

To be honest, midway, Diggle forgot about his daily hardship and pressure during the dinner, he just wanted to immerse in the taste of the food and drinks.

However, no one had such carefree impression after the dinner party tonight.

Come to think of it, those who were invited might be only those who could understand that.

“It was to threaten us… Huh?”

“That is indeed without saying. The problem is, your feeling after knowing that, father.”

The two gazes intertwine.

There was no need to say more than that.

Knowing that Viscount McMaster sighed once again, and looked outside the window.

While he worried the future of this country.


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