Record of Wortenia War – v6-c16

Editor : Chaz

Looking back, a tall man was looking down at viscount McMaster.


Although viscount McMaster was not a short person, this person was 10 centimeters taller than him. –


His age was around 50 years old.


An attractive man with a stylish mustache…


His body shape was also well-balanced.


The man didn’t show any excess fat which usually appeared on middle-aged men. – –


It can be said that his body was quite athletic but on could feel elegance from him.


One could easily see that he was a man with high social circle since he was young…


“You, Leonard?”


Seeing his estranged cousin which he hadn’t seen for many years, viscount McMaster opened his eyes wide.


However, despite the reunion, Viscount McMaster didn’t seems looked happy…


In fact, he looked like someone who saw a person he rather not meet.


“It’s been a long time… Diggle… Around 10 years, yes?”


Saying that Leonardo Olgren playfully closed one of his eyes.


“Indeed… I guess around that time…”


Toward his attitude, Viscount McMaster nodded his head with an ambiguous smile on his face.


(As conceited as usual… What an irritating man…)


Leonardo Olgren was also from prestigious viscount family just like McMaster.


Their family was a knight family that fought together with the first King of the Rozeria Kingdom.


Therefore, despite having the territory far from each other, there was a deep friendship between the two families.


For generations, their family had sent their daughter and son to each other’s houses for marriage.

The most recent one would be Diggle McMaster’s aunt, who married into the Olgren family and gave birth to Leonardo.


Looking at only that, one could say that rather than enemy, he was an influential ally.


(That alone I could understand, but…)


It can be said that the upper-class society was the home of the evil. Living in such a place with ones own power was difficult.


Ineveitably, one need other houses to be on one’s side.


That was why aristocrats placed importance on marital relations.


However, Viscount McMaster had refused to have a close relationship with his cousin who should be his most dependable ally.


Of course, even Leonardo Olgren won’t blindly trust someone just because they were his relative. After all, in this world aristocrats were people who would kill their own parents or children for power.


That was why it was normal for them to be cautious.


However, the reason why Viscount McMaster didn’t trust his cousin was different.


Or rather, it was more like because he was aware that his cousin would be someone he finds hard to deal with. –


Unlike the master martial arts and warrior Viscount McMaster, Leonardo was a refined man.


He was more familiar with music since childhood and was known to be a good musician.


His skill was enough to make him a royal court musician, if only he was not the first child who could succeed the family.


He learned everything from classics to the latest music and dance, which in turn made the aristocrats who love social life close to him.


For a while even, he served as a teacher of Lupis, who was back then still a princess.


Because of that, although Leonardo was from a family that was similar to that of McMaster, he had a stronger influence on the royal family and also in the social circles of the Rozeria Kingdom.


Together, both houses were part of the Ernesto Marquis faction, who opposed Duke Gerhardt. In the end with the Marquis being defeated, unlike McMaster house who ended up isolated in his own territory, Leonardo’s family still could move in central politics.


He also excelled in martial arts, which makes him hard to dispose of…


Which make him a Genius who left nothing but a result.


It was natural for Viscount McMaster to feel envy toward his overachieving cousin and appearing by Leonardo’s side would only make Leonardo look better.


“Well, let us not block the entrance like this and go inside…”


Saying that Viscount Olgren urged Viscount McMaster to move to a corner that no one was occupying.


(This means he still has something to talk about, huh?)


They were both estranged for more than ten years.


It was normal for old acquaintances to tell about each others life to warm up, but this was not the place for that.


Which means Leonardo had something important to talk about..


With that being the case, Viscount McMaster could not easily reject him.


After lightly nodding to the young man behind him, he followed Olgren. –


“Would you like for some drink?”


Noticing Viscount McMaster and Olgren had moved to the corner, a maid immediately came toward them.


On her right hand was a silver tray.


Amber liquid filled the glass lined up on the tray.


“Hou… I guess we will have some.”


Saying so, Viscount Olgren picked two glasses from the tray and presented one of them to Viscount McMaster.


“How about having one?”


Saying that Viscount Olgren brings his glass close to his nose to enjoy the fragrance while presenting the other glass to Viscount McMaster.


Without waiting for McMaster response, he sips the drink from his glass.


“Ooh… This is a good thing. It is sweet and easy to drink… For a white wine, it seems to have aged pretty well. I wonder if this is the famed Rotgrande brand from the Kirtantia Empire?”


Hearing that, the maid put a soft smile on her face and bowed slightly, then returned to her job.


“Oho, looking at her response it seems I was wrong… If that is the case then, is this from the Torufa Empire located in the central continent? But anyway, it seems the Baron has educated his servants quite well, to the point that they could point out my mistake just with that soft smile of hers…”


Like that, Viscount Olgren shrugged his shoulders while telling a joke.


Then he turns his eyes toward Viscount McMaster who still hasn’t taken a drink from his glass.


“This is good stuff you know, Diggle?. It is a gem that is rarely  seen at a banquet like this. I don’t know why you hesitate but, this is something that a regular lord hardly could drink. You better enjoy it when the opportunity presents itself like this…”


Looking at his cousin who showed a smile while saying those words, Viscount McMaster instead looks bitter.


(Are you stupid? This place is equal to that of an enemy territory you know?)


It would be the end if the drink had poison in it.


However, Viscount Olgren smiled at McMaster response.


“As a military man, I don’t think you have to be that anxious. Baron Mikoshiba has no need to assassinate you, who is just a rural lord. If you are still worried about assassination then I could only say that you’re over-conscious… ”


Listening to that, Viscount McMaster changed his expression.


In truth, the greatest reason why Viscount McMaster didn’t talk back and drink from the start was because he was jealous that a Baron could host a banquet of this scale.


“In the first place, including the Rozeria’s White Goddess of War, this banquet has the joint signature of Earl Bergston and Earl Zeref. Looking at that, I don’t think they will be complicit in such assassination… Not to mention, to offer this kind of good wine for a guest that is going to be assassinated? No way… But well, if you still feel uneasy, I won’t force you to drink it either…”


After saying that, Viscount Olgren drank the wine left inside his glass.


If he said that much and Viscount McMaster didn’t move, he might be branded as a coward.


After nodding to the young man behind him, Viscount McMaster drank the wine in his glass.


At that moment, sweet fragrance entered Viscount McMaster nasal cavity.


“How’s that? No need for boring thought, right?”


To that question, Viscount McMaster nodded.


(This is indeed…)


A sweet and melting taste.


It was hardly bitter…


It had rich aroma and sweetness that he had never tasted before… –


At the very least, Viscount McMaster could not express how it tastes with words alone.


Moreover, the white wine was cooled to a suitable temperature.


Everything was perfect.


Even for the Royal banquet, this was indeed a rare article.


(Yet, the Baron manage to offer this kind of drink for all to enjoy…)


Viscount McMaster looked around the banquet.


He guessed that around 30 families attended this banquet.


If one included the escort, there would be around 150 people present here…


To serve all of them, one needs to spend a lot of money…


It was too much of money for something like preserving aesthetic or a noble’s pride.


(How a man whose territory was only that Wortenia peninsula managed to do all of this…)


While in the middle of thinking that, Viscount Olgren voice pulled Viscount McMaster’s mind back into reality.


“Oho… It seems the main host has entered…”


Following that voice, Viscount McMaster directed his gaze at the entrance…