Record of Wortenia War – v6-c15

Editor: Chaz


After viscount McMaster got off the carriage, he was immediately greeted in front of the mansion’s entrance.


Before his eyes, 20 beautiful maids wearing silk maid clothes, they lined on the left and right with the red carpet in the middle.


At the end of the red carpet, a black haired man with polite swept back hairstyle stood.


He wore formal black clothes.


Certainly, it was clothing that was neither bland nor inoffensive.


However, it was also can be regarded as a dull color and it seems the person who was wearing it also understood that.




Exquisite gold threads decorated the sleeves and neck part of the clothes.


With that, the visitor could see that the man didn’t like a showy appearance.


It can be said the man had a balanced appearance, not too showy and not too gaudy.


“Welcome. Viscount McMaster…”


With a soft smile on his face, the man bowed his head elegantly.


Following him, the maids along with the silver and golden twins who were standing behind the man also bowed their head.


It was such a perfect show.


Although it was just the bowing of a head, the action itself was hard to describe with words.


The angles and timing was something hard to perform…


In the world of aristocracy, polite manners were more important than polishing martial arts skills and politics.




“For the head of the family welcoming us directly like this, thank you…”


Viscount McMaster returned the greeting gracefully.


“Pleased to meet you, I’m honored to be able to meet with someone from a prestigious family that had been supporting the Rozeria Kingdom since the time of its creation. There’s no more happiness as a nobleman thanthat… Be that as it may, it would be rude for me to keep talking at the entrance like this. I will let someone guide you, so please relax inside.”


“Hou…Sounds good then…”


Having said that, a maid then immediately guided Viscount McMaster.


On the surface, it can be seen as a friendly first contact.


However, inside Viscount McMaster’s heart, he already began evaluating Baron Mikoshiba.


(Fumu… His servants’ education seems to be good. There’s also the possibility that all of them are borrowed from Earl Salzberg… Either way, I need to pay more attention…)


The maid guiding him seemed to show a perfect control and didn’t show any nervousness…


Even he could feel the elegance.


It was a quality that rarely belonged to someone with a rank of Baron.


Servants were the mirror of their master.


One can understand the master’s personality just by looking at the servants’ behavior.


It was natural for the servants to reflect the master character.


Looking at that, it can be seen that the servants in front of him had received an adequate education…


Furthermore, as far as he can see, the condition of the mansion also looked perfect.


There was no single speck of dust on the floor and the carpet had no wrinkles.


The furniture being placed was also in the right balance.


(First of all, this residence supposedly belonged previously to  Earl Salzberg, but it seems to have received quite good maintenance…)


Earl Salzberg rarely stayed in the royal capital, even Viscount McMaster could count with one hand how many times Earl Salzberg visited here.


Despite the mansion belonging to the Earl Salzberg household for many years,Viscount McMaster never heard anything special about it. –


Naturally, most of the servants who served the secondary residence would have low morale.


After all, their lord rarely showed their face.


Of course, the ideal was that even if they rarely saw their master, the servants would remain loyal and dedicated.


However, that was idealism.


In reality, even for viscount McMaster who was from a prestigious family who founded the Kingdom, he wouldn’t easily follow Lupis policy 100%.


(There’s also the possibility that the management head of this residence is very competent…)


Ultimately it showed Mikoshiba Ryouma’s capability at managing himself and also his servants.


(Either way, the man named Mikoshiba Ryouma seems to understand how to act as aristocrat… Though as an upstart something like that could be said as unnatural as well…)


Subtly, the viscount’s evaluation toward Mikoshiba Ryouma raises…


Glancing at his back, he gazes at the young man…


(Do you think the same as well?)


Seeing the young man nodded, Viscount McMaster sighed…


Despite having spoken ill of Baron Mikoshiba in his carriage, he felt irritated that the young man behind him looked at him as if he was wrong and pitying him.


In strict Rozeria Kingdom class system, it was a very rare exception that a commoner could be made a noble.


But no, even looking at the western continent, there was only a few cases where commoners become a nobleman.


However, no matter how strict, many commoners had also occupied the positions of low ranked bureaucrats and knights.


In a sense, they were not aristocrats, but they also not commoners either.


Through the eyes of commoners, they were aristocrats and part of the ruling class.


However, from the viewpoint of a pure aristocrat?



While thinking that, finally a heavy wooden door stood in front of viscount McMaster.


The maid who guided him naturally opened the door.


“Please this way…”


The spectacle spreading in front of him was beyond viscount McMaster’s imagination.


The audience hall was quite large.


It should have enough room to host hundreds of people.


Many of these people were talking with each other. –


(How many aristocrats did he call?)


Of course he himself never thought the place would be deserted entirely either…


Starting from Elena who was the white Goddess of war, then the influential Earl Bergston with his brother in law standing behind him, Earl Zeref.


Of course, he never thought that the letter of invitation from Baron Mikoshiba would be completely ignored by the aristocrats.


However, he never thought it would be this many.


(Even Earl Burckhide and Earl Heinbel are also here…)


They were noble house who supported Marquis Ernest when he was prospered.


They were like Earl Bergston, being forced to stay in their own territory when the Marquis fell from grace.


“I see… It seems Earl Bergston and Earl Zeref had prepared themselves for the worst…”


Viscount McMaster heard a familiar voice from his back and turned his head. –