Record of Wortenia War – v6-c13

Editor: Chaz


That night, Earl Bergstone who finished talking with Mikoshiba Ryouma exited the mansion via the back gate, so he wouldn’t catch someone’s eyes.


“Good work. Remember, do not speak of what happened tonight with anyone.”


While speaking such words toward his servant who had served him many years, Earl Bergstone handed over a small leather bag from his pocket.


For other people, he might look ordinary driver, but for Earl Bergstone, he was from a family that had served him for many generations.


Though he was not at the knight level, he had enough martial arts to perform simple escort.


Just like this time, he was a perfect person for this kind of secret meeting.


His family house was next to this mansion, where he lives with his family.


His son will start serving as an apprentice in a few years as long he didn’t have any big mistakes.


In a sense, it was natural for him to receive more trust from the Earl compared to other attendants.


It might sound bad as if he was holding a family hostage but that’s also why Earl Bergstone never treated him badly.



After all, for nobility, there was nothing more important than a vassal that they could trust. –


Certainly, public opinion thought that nobility was filled with arrogant, cold and ruthless people.


However, it was also a fact that such thoughts were just one aspect of the nobility itself.


That nobility was not stupid enough to think they could maintain their power by themselves.


To be precise, a fool who could not understand that wouldn’t be able to keep their house alive.


By the end, even karma would strike back, demanding one pay the price for such foolishness.


Just like a debt with a strange invoice. –


“Well then, you should go back home and get some rest. And go buy some toys for the children…”


“Thank you very much… My Lord…”


The man confirmed the weight of the small leather bag then bowed his head, then he returned to the coach and quietly advanced the horse.


The time was already late at night.


It was the time when most people were already fast asleep and it was no different for the Earl Bergstone household as well..


The light was off in his residence.


Nobody would guess that the owner of the mansion would get back home this late night.


The exception to that was the gatekeeper who opened the back gate.


In such a mansion, Earl Bengston walked around with lamp on one hand.


(Someone’s here?)


The moment he tried to turn the doorknob of his office, Earl Bergston sensed someone inside the room and stopped moving.


Listening carefully he could hear the sound of turning paper.


(An assassin? No, there’s no way an assassin would behave like this…)



If an assassin were inside his room, then the person would be  second rate.


Also, this mansion was the second residence of Earl Bergston in this Kingdom.


Although it was not as extensive as his residence in his territory, the guard here was still hard to pass.


The assassination attempt on his brother-in-law the other day had raised the alertness level of the guard.


At the very least, there was almost no possibility that the assassin could sneak in.


At the same time, his wife and the maid responsible for this mansion management would not just enter his office.


Especially late at night like this.


(If that the case then…)


When such thought passed his mind, Earl Bergston turned the doorknob.


“Hernan, is that you?”


Bergston sighed after he saw the person inside the room.


Well, even if he was his brother-in-law, it would be natural for him to feel somewhat amazed to find him inside his room in the middle of the night.


But he was still rational enough to not get angry immediately.


However, contrary to Earl Bergston thought, Earl Zeref replied with a cheerful smile.


“Thank you very much for your effort until this late at night. It was cold outside, no?”


Saying so, Earl Zeref takes out the brandy bottle from the shelf as if he was the lord of the room.


It was a fairly rare behavior of Earl Zeref who usually took one step back behind his brother-in-law, Earl Bergston.


However, despite showing such attitude, Earl bergston didn’t look bothered.


For him, Earl Zeref was like a younger brother.


Thus, he drinks the alcohol Earl Zeref poured.


It was quite a strong liquor.


Warming his body, it felt comfortable for Earl Bergston who finished his work late.


“It seems you manage to talk with him safely. First of all, congratulation…”


Apparently, he seemed to figure out from Earl Bergston’s facial expression.


“As usual, you managed to find out about it easily… Although it was just like usual, your ability is indeed great.”


“Well, I’ve known you long enough as your brother-in-law. Of course, your wife knows you more than I do…”


Hearing that, Earl Bergston burst into laughter.


Earl Zeref was someone who had survived many political intrigues together with Earl Bergston.


And Earl Bergston knew that it was not easy to read someone just from his or her expression.


When one wants to laugh, cry.  When one wants to cry, laugh.


That was the acting skill of a professional actor.


Only two people who had ever seen through Earl Bergston easily.


One of them was his wife and the other one was his brother-in-law.


It would be natural for his wife who spent a lot of time with him to be sensitive when it comes to his attitude and expression.


However, Earl Zeref was his brother-in-law, despite spending a lot of time together, they were not living together.


In that sense, it shows how high the ability of the man known as Zeref Hernan for reading someone’s heart.


But, such an ability was something that should be very dangerous for the surrounding.


(Well, that was why he took one step back from the front stage…)


Earl Zeref appearance was a rounded body with an ordinary face.


He was not ugly, but not the lady killer type either.


His real value was not his appearance.


In fact, Earl Zeref might take such appearance because he tried to avoid the eyes of the surrounding.


From the eyes of those who don’t know anything, Earl Zeref was just an ordinary noble stuck behind his brother-in-law Earl Bergston.


It was difficult to see his real ability just based on his appearance.


(No… I guess those two also already notice it…)


The faces of two men appeared inside his head.


One of them was the father-in-law who he respected.


Although the father-in-law was defeated during the political struggle against Duke Gerhardt, he was still someone who once held the highest power in this Kingdom.


And such man chooses Earl Bergston and Earl Zeref as his sons-in-law.


At that time, many questions were raised as to why he choose Earl Zeref as his son-in-law, but the father-in-law never said anything.


And the other man who knew his ability was a young man.


A young warrior who became Earl Zeref and Earl Bergston new master.


(Perhaps he is better than me…)


Such thought passes through his mind and a sense of jealousy distorts Earl Bergstone heart.


However, that was only for a moment.


(No, stupid me… I’m not a child anymore…)


Earl Bergston and Earl Zeref was obviously a different type of people.


One possessed talent in politics, one possessed talent in scheming.


Being jealous of someone because one didn’t have the same ability shows one didn’t even understand oneself.


Of course, one should not deny one heart that wants to be perfect, but one must refrain from jealousy that might cause misunderstanding and misjudge.


Anyway, a big job now awaits Earl Bergston.


“Now then, shall I hear that person’s order?”


“Ah, right… That person has asked me to tell you about various work…”


Then Earl Zeref and Earl Bergston sat on the sofa and began to discuss various things.