Record of Wortenia War – v6-c11

Editor: Chaz


A group of people wearing black armors lined up at the front gate of the capital city Piraeus standing in perfect order.


They have been there since the morning and right now the sun was beginning to sink toward the west.


They just merely stand there.


That alone makes their competence known, a showing that they were a formidable force.


Above them a flag was gently swaying in the breeze, a two-headed snake with shining red eyes entwined around a sword.


There was no doubt in any citizen of the Rozeria Kingdom as to the meaning of the flag and that applied to the soldiers standing guard at the capital gate.


Nonetheless, since they were gatekeepers, as their duty, it was hard for them to let Ryouma and the others enter.


Even if they were only just a few, they were still fully armed soldiers.


They needed to ask for permission from the right people of the Royal Palace.


Finally, someone came from the gate after a while, seeing that Ryouma sighed.


(How long are they going to keep me waiting?)


He didn’t know whose instruction it was for making him wait this long but it seems like the person disliked him very much.


Despite having already reported the number of soldiers he was going to bring and also the date of arrival, they still made him wait for more than half a day.


(I like to let them take a break soon but…)


The troops lined in front of the gate were elite units, wearing armors that had been enchanted with magic art by Nelsios’ clan.


However, even with the burden being halved because of that, the strength of the soldiers was still limited.


Not to mention, half of them were infantry which meant they had to walk here.


Although they managed to take a break along the way, their strength should have been remarkably decreased if one were to consider the travel distance between Epiroz and this Royal capital.


(My butt also hurts…)


Two years already passed since he was being summoned to this world.


With that much time passing, he had of course grown accustomed to riding horses.


However, the horse didn’t have the comfort like that of a car.


Even for Ryouma who rode a horse, he wanted to end this as soon as possible.


(But still… I cannot blame these gatekeepers…)


He understood that even if he got angry at the gatekeepers, the situation wouldn’t improve.


After all, they just did what they tasked to do.


Though, if he considers this world’s aristocracy, usually nobleman would ask for special treatment when something like this occurred.


Although nobility was not as strong as the royal family, they were still among the privileged class.


In that sense, it was not impossible for Mikoshiba Ryouma with Baron Rank to ask for special handling with nobility as an excuse.


However, Ryouma didn’t like that kind of twisting reason.


Maybe because of the previous world, the concept of shame was still with him.


Besides, he also thought that showing high attitude here would be bad. After all, he was just a person with dubious origin.


Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be weird for the entire Rozeria Kingdom nobility to hate him.


With that situation, it would also cause them to look down on his soldiers whom the majority of were commoners.


Thus for Ryouma, he had no choice but to just sit and wait.


An additional thirty minutes passed and a soldier approached.


Perhaps he was just got back running from the Royal Palace.


He reported to the captain on the front gate by whispering.


The captain nodded after hearing the report, then he walked toward Ryouma with a stiff face.


“I’ve kept you waiting… We’ve received permission to let all of you go inside. Please follow me.”


His voice was stiff but his body was trembling with fear.


Certainly, in this kind of situation, anyone would want to run away.


Although it was because of his duty, he actually made someone who was known as the hero of the country and also the person with the largest military might to wait.


Thinking the strict social status of the Rozeria Kingdom, it wouldn’t be weird if he received backlash, where his entire family might get punished.



(Though he just does his job, somehow I pity him…)


Ryouma feels pity toward the captain who was standing in front of him.


In fact, Ryouma has no intention of taking revenge toward the guards who just got the short end of the stick.


After all, a human should not get angry at the stone thrown at them but should get angry at the people who throw the stone instead.



Though, the idea of getting angry at the stone seems to be prevailing in this world.


“Is that so? Thank you for your hard work.”


Hearing Ryouma’s words, the captain face turned pale.


Although Ryouma himself didn’t mind, the person who heard his calm voice instead felt intense fear, as if Ryouma was actually angry.


“Ah… Emm…”


Ryouma shook his head briefly before the captain said any words.


“You don’t have to worry. After all, you’re just doing your job faithfully…”


After saying that, Ryouma lightly kicked his horse and started to move.