Record of Wortenia War – v6-c10

Editor: Chaz


Today, a heavy air dominated the Rozeria Kingdom Queen’s office.


The reason was obvious.


It was because of the result of those who were tasked to deliver Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma’s letter of summoning.




“I see… He easily responded just like that huh?”


Lupis who was just finished doing her day to day work leaned back in her chair and sighed, while Meltina kept looking at her.


In Meltina’s eyes, confusion and fear could be seen.


She knew that she didn’t want to cause more anxiety for her beloved Queen but Meltina, as one of her trusted aides, cannot afford to misreport the result.  


“Yes… I believed that he would give us some response, but I never thought it would be this quickly…”


Mikoshiba Ryouma had managed to solidify his rule over the northern Rozeria, there was no time left.


Normally it would be hard to rule over the new territory.


Most of the time, a politician would try to taxas much as possible without thinking about ruling over it.


Nonetheless, Mikoshiba Ryouma responded to the call, easily outside of Lupis’ prediction.


Of course, normally such news should bring rejoice.

In any case, it was a subpoena issued by the Rozeria Kingdom House of Lords.


One could say it had tremendous influence.


It can be said that the letter was comparable to one of those issued by the Royalty.


Of course, this time, he was only being summoned as a witness.


It was different situation compared to one where he needs to come as a defendant.


That was why it was natural that Mikoshiba Ryouma answered the summons almost immediately.


However, Lupis and Meltina could not feel happy, despite such good news.


After all, up until now, Mikoshiba Ryouma had been betrayed many times over.


“But then… What do you think he’s thinking?”


Toward Queen Lupis’ question, Meltina could only tilt her head in wonder as well.


It was a question from her beloved Queen.


If it was Meltina from a long time ago, she would force some answer even if it was forced.


The current Meltina could not do it however.


She realized that answering something that she didn’t understand will only cause confusion..


“To be honest, if it was me… I would think straightforwardly, receive the sentence written in the letter at face value and come as a witness…”


“Do you think, that Mikoshiba would naively make such judgment?”


“No… Such a possibility is very low.”


Saying that Meltina sighed.


It was because they wanted to kill the man named Mikoshiba Ryouma that they’d given him the Wortenia territory and the rank of a Baron. It was nearly impossible for a mercenary of unknown origin and not a citizen of the Rozeria Kingdom to enter it’s aristocracy.,Thatwas why he was given a reward that was unthinkable if one were to see it from the time before the civil war, although the award was such remote area.


In her defense, for the sake of national security, she could not tolerate such aggressive talent serving another country.


Although Elena advised to make him a subordinate, it was Lupis who decided to purge Mikoshiba Ryouma.


It can be said that the words of ‘when the enemy is defeated, the victorious soldiers can be killed off’ was true…


The greatest enemy of a powerful person was a too competent subordinate, no matter which part of the world one came from.


Lupis had decided not to kill Mikoshiba Ryouma.


No, rather, she could not choose to kill him due to the eerie feeling that Mikoshiba Ryouma could survive.


As the result of that decision, Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma had managed to expand his territory to the whole northern Rozeria Kingdom.


She knew that he was an able and sharp person, but looking at how fast he grew, Lupis could not help but sigh.


“As expected, we cannot let him have the northern territory no matter what…”


In response to those words, Meltina nodded her head.


“Of course. Regardless of the facts of the conflict, having the entire northern region under his rules aside, but having the many northern noble houses getting destroyed, it would be the same as trying to consolidate his rule.”


That was the problem of this war.


In the Rozeria Kingdom, a war between the ten noble households, Earl Salzberg and Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma was not the biggest problem.


Many skirmishes between lords happen, some were because of village wells, some were because of territorial rights of forests where their citizen picked firewood.


Of course, those issues then would be solved by using national law. 


However, in this world, where the technology of communication was scarce, there was not enough time or ability to judge each individual.

That was why the rule of law was very fragile.


Therefore, most of the time, the battle between local lords would be solved between themselves and be done with..


In other words, the winner preference takes precedence.




“Still… I can not allow this, as a ruler… Absolutely couldn’t…”


The problem this time was a grey zone in the Rozeria Law.


Speaking of the northern Rozeria, it encompasses a vast land tract that was nearly a fifth of the whole kingdom.


Combined with Wortenia peninsula, Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma would have territory comparable to all of the southern kingdom combined.


That was a size Lupis could not just ignore.


There was also the question of whether or not Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma would willing serve the Rozeria Kingdom with such a vast territory and population.


“If we consider the whole territory he has now, Baron Mikoshiba has one-third of the Rozeria Kingdom territory under him. It is unthinkable for a retainer to have such vast territory. …”


Having said that much, Meltina stopped talking as it felt like she had said too much..


However, it seems that Meltina’s concern was meaningless for Lupis.


“I guess you’re right… That man is probably aiming for independence… If he is the Mikoshiba Ryouma I know, he would definitely aim for that.”


Agony appeared in Lupis’ expression.


It was something that she didn’t want to admit.


However, there’s no other possibility other than that.


Having a retainer aiming for independence.


That made it sound like Lupis was unsuitable for being a ruler.


“Your Majesty…”


Meltina knew.


From the day Lupis sat on her throne as a Queen, she had sacrificed many things.


Meltina also realized that Lupis’ heart was already broken.


That was why Meltina had sworn from the bottom of her heart that she would follow her lord until the end.


(But I won’t let that man do whatever he wanted. By whatever means necessary…)


At that moment, a dark flame appeared inside Meltina’s eyes.