Record of Wortenia War – v6-c1

Editor: Chaz


A sky so cloudy one could not see even a single star.

It seemed it was suggesting the end of the Rozeria Kingdom.

The cold north wind roared and rushed through the plain.

The moon illuminated the Eprioz city walls subtly from a gap in the thick clouds.

“What an unpleasant night…”

Roberto Bertrand said that after glancing at the red moon briefly, then closed the silk curtain.

Since the olden days, the red moon was always said to be an ill omen.

Certainly, if the usual pale white moon turned red, it was inevitable that people would feel uneasy.

Since Roberto was a man of the battlefield, it affected him that much more.

Although it was not like he would lose his life, it was natural that such a phenomenon would make him nervous.

Furthermore, right now, Roberto was locked inside a room. So to speak, he was a bird inside a cage.

“But still… What the hell happened outside? The war seems to have ended with Baron Mikoshiba victory but…”

Drinking the brandy that was placed on the table, Roberto sinks deeply into the sofa.

A strong burning sensation was running through his entire body.

The rich fragrance was spreading inside his mouth.

The alcohol Roberto currently drank was quite expensive, one gold would be the cheapest.

Next, he ate the cheese snacks placed on the table.

“Even though I’m in this kind of situation, this taste is really unbearable…”

Although Bertrand was a noble house, it was not a particularly rich one.

Unfortunately, there was nothing special about Baron Bertrand’s household income, as it was derived mainly from agriculture.

Though some forestry was being done to some extent since the territory was close to the Zalda Kingdom border, it was only to the extent of fulfilling the territory’s need.

Naturally, the lord could only have as much economic strength as they deserved.

But well, even if it was a weak Baron household, it was still a noble household. There was no problem when it comes to food, but one can say that there was only a little room for them to spend on luxuries.

Of course, if they placed harsh tax collection, they could live with luxury even in such territory.

However, such a thing could never go on forever, and only fools would do such a thing.

Inevitably, the Baron Bertrand household put an emphasis on frugality.

But they also had to keep their honor as a noble to some extent.

Though it was stupid to overdo it, they also cannot completely ignore it to maintain their nobility.

But despite being a noble, Roberto was not the successor of his household.

He could live comfortably, but when it comes to food, clothing, and shelter, he received the short end of the stick.

Fortunately, Roberto had outstanding martial arts ability.

Thanks to that Earl Salzberg paid attention to Roberto, and as a result, he became a man who had a discerning tongue contrary to his status.

From Roberto’s point of view, the current situation was too comfortable for him.

(I can eat any food and drink any drink… If I requested, they would provide me with any books. If I removed the situation outside from my mind, I’m in a paradise right now… However, why did they treat me, the loser, with this many luxuries?)

A week had already passed since Roberto was detained inside this room.

This was a room to imprison a noble, established at one corner of the Earl’s castle.

The size of the room was equal to that of a luxurious hotel room.

It was a simple room, but it had a bathroom and also a toilet.

The bed was soft, and the bedding was also changed regularly. It was clean, and the meals provided to him were also made by a chef.

Since he was being given any book from inside the residence whenever he asked, he was never short on entertainment.

The only problem was the person who takes care of him was not a young, beautiful maid but a fully armored knight.

Perhaps they were taking into consideration that Roberto might escape.

(Well, I guess there are many reasons for them to keep me but…)

Again drinking the brandy, Roberto closed his eyes.

Roberto understands the situation he is in.

Since there were some possibilities as to why the enemy was keeping a prisoner alive.

Among them, there was a high possibility of using him as a card in negotiation or asking for a ransom.

However, Roberto’s was an existence close to worthless for Bertrand household. As for Signiz, he was also the same, being neglected by his family.

Particularly by the eldest son, he was being hated like he was some insect.

To his family, Roberto was only a threat to the eldest son position.

Even if Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma used Roberto as a hostage in order to request something from the Bertrand household, it was doubtful that Bertrand household would listen.

(They definitely won’t pay any ransom.)

In fact, they would be delighted and dance with joy since they managed to get rid of Roberto without the need of dirtying their hands.

The face of such family appeared inside Roberto’s mind which he smiled in ridicule.

(Well, there might be other circumstance that I don’t know of, but still…)

But still, for a man of such details, it was unlikely for him to not plan anything.

Because he even could outwit Signiz Garbera who was more intelligent than Roberto and possessed a strong sense of duty.

(Which meant…)

When Roberto thought of that, the door of his room was being knocked.

“You may enter. I don’t mind.”

The door of the room was slowly opened.

Looking at the face of the man standing there, Roberto slowly stood up from his sofa.