Record of Wortenia War – v5-c38.1


Few days had passed since Mikoshiba Ryouma killed Earl Salzberg and gain control over the fortified city Epiroz.


This place was Trisstron, the border city located southwest of the Epiroz.


By nature, it was a prospered city because of its function as a trade base with the Zalda Kingdom.


“I guess, he had said something about this long time ago…”


Hearing Elena’s words, Chris stiffened.


He could understand why Elena looked bleak.


But even right now, it was only because of Elena fame and power that they could maintain the condition of the Tristron city which had become a den-of-thieves.


Elena’s remark was something that would change the future.


And right now, only Chris presented inside the room.


That was why, even if some accidental words appeared, nothing will likely happen.


And the safest thing was not to talk about it. –


“I understand your feeling. But here is…”


Sensing the meaning of his ambiguous words, Elena sighs once again and handed over the next document to Chris.


The document she had been handling was the request to improve the security raised by the citizen. Furthermore, the petition came from the commerce association who control Tristron economy.


Elena could not help feeling irritated because of the mountain of documents being sent to her again and again without any break.


Of course, it was not like she could not handle it.


In fact, Elena had experience ruling over a land occupied during a war.


For Elena who could even successfully governed over the enemy citizen, there was no reason for her to fail at governing her own country’s people.


However, ability aside, it was a fact that the current situation was a burden for Elena and also a major power abuse.


Of course, because of the circumstance no one going to criminalized her, but that didn’t mean she had to take the risk either.


(Had I didn’t put my hands on it, I can see that the administration of Tristron city would be paralyzed. And when that happens, even if reinforcement request come from Zalda, we could do nothing…)


Elena’s role was to come as fast as possible the moment the Zalda Kingdom asked for reinforcement.


It was clear that the Ortomea Empire which withdraws its soldiers once again would make a move.  


In the first place, this Tristron had no lord. In other words, this was one of the royal territories, the administration was handled by a magistrate appointed by the Royal authority.


And the reason why government affair documents crossed Elena Steiner desk was simply due to her ability.


(Well, for those who has the brain, it would be natural for them to have thought that there was no point making a petition at this late hour…)


Elena sighs again after a certain man face appeared inside her mind.


Originally, this Tristron city was famous as a self-sufficient city.


In the past few decades, at the time when a war against the Zalda Kingdom often happens, the soldiers garrisoned in the city moved every day, but in later years, they would only move once or twice every year except for the daily patrol.


With that, it was rare for the city to mobilize all of the two hundred soldiers garrisoned inside the city.


Commercial development had developed satisfactorily, and there was also a reasonable distance between this city and the royal capital.


The distance was enough to be said that the Royal family eyes didn’t reach much.


It can be said Tristron was a land where lonely lower aristocrats could fill their pocket.


If they remained silent, they could make a mountain of golds together with the company based in the city.


However, the situation had changed greatly since she came.


It was true that the scars caused by the previous civil war were quite large.


The aftermath of the fight caused by the divided governing class of the Rozaria Kingdom was devastating.


It was natural that it would have an impact on domestic production and security.


However, it was also normal for the wound to be healed by now.


Some sacrifice was made during the battle of Irachion, but with tens of thousands of soldiers collided against each other, it was a little surprising that there were only small causalities.


(The damage of that battle was surprisingly small…)


Due to the former Duke Gerhardt showing a willingness to surrender, the Irachion city escaped the misery of siege battle.


Some blood flow when they had to purge the knights that swore loyalty to General Alberg who occupied some part of the city.


However, the clouds turn dark the moment the Rozeria Kingdom received reinforcement request from the Zalda kingdom.


Due to the war, many farmers threw away their fields, and wandering people increased in the Rozeria Kingdom as a whole.


As the result of people flowing into the urban areas, security had become deteriorated extremely.


When wandering homeless people increase, it would also increase the number of thieves.


And unfortunately, Baron Joseph Stein, the magistrate of Tristron city was not competent enough to handle this kind of trouble.


The Baron had called his aide and stay inside the magistrate mansion under the pretense of a sudden illness.


Because of that, Elena only had one choice.


And the result of that was the disastrous scene one can see inside her office.


(But, with this… After the war at Epiroz city is over, next would be…)


Elena had talked with Earl Zeref who came to her the other day


Their conversation was something that a vassal should never have, but there was no other choice left if they wanted to rebuild the Rozeria Kingdom.


She understands that enough to the point of making her feels irritated.


While holding such feelings, Elena kept running the pen on the documents.



That evening, a message come in telling her that Epiroz had fallen.


The stage once again would move to the Royal capital, Prieaus.


Meanwhile, countless speculation was made while causing sparks here and there.