Record of Wortenia War – v5-c37



As if responding to Mikoshiba Ryouma’s words, a countless pattern emerged from the bled, dazzling red and black dyed the carpet.


The patterns blinked as if it was breathing.


Then eventually, the blade was fully dyed red.


At that moment, Earl Salzberg could feel chill down his spine.


(What is this…)


The chilling feeling he had never felt on any battlefield was assailing his body.


The atmosphere noticeably becomes filled with an intense thirst for blood.


It gives off the feeling that the atmosphere didn’t belong to the living.


The situation was exactly what people usually call bloodcurdling.


Earl Salzberg heard rattling metallic sounds, thus he directed his gaze at his own hands.


(I’m trembling? Did I feel fear?)


Earl Salzberg was a strong man. Even Queen Lupis, in a sense, fell behind the Earl.


He had overwhelming power as an individual. And also as a warrior.


As the Earl who ruled the northern part of the Rozeria Kingdom, Earl Salzberg was indeed powerful but, that alone was something he had no choice but get affixed on him


Since the day he was young, he had continued to kill people and the monsters that appeared from the wortenia peninsula.


The number might not exceed one thousand.


But, as the result of the countless battle, he had accumulated experience and fighting ability as well as Prana that was higher than even Elena Steiner, which was being referred to as the White Goddess of War.


If the famous Mikhail Banashu or Chris Morgan who was known as GodspeedSpear faced against Earl Salzberg, they might end up dead in a few minutes.


Yet, the Earl who boasted such capacity was shaking in fear due to the smell of death released by Mikoshiba Ryouma.


“To think I’m being overwhelmed like this… That sword… That is not just your ordinary magic sword isn’t it? To possess this kind of power… It can only mean that sword is a demon sword or cursed sword…”


The Earl gazed at his magic sword in his hand and clicked his tongue.


(This sword is indeed a family heirloom, but, the sword itself is just an excellent sword, nothing more. Which make me in disadvantage I guess? But even if I strengthen my magic arts and activated the sword’s engraving magic, I’m not sure if I could cut that from the front…)


In this world, a sword with engraving sword was called a magic sword.


The engraved weapons could exert various effects when the weapon user applied their Prana to the weapon.


It was the type of weapon that never lost its sharpness.


For warrior living on the battlefield, no weapon better than such weapon.


Depending on the inscription engraved on the weapon, one could summon the wind or even fired it.


Such magic weapon pushed the user competence one step further.


However, just like people where there would always be someone better than you, such thing also the same for a magic sword.


As such, there were swords with particularly strong power such as Holy Swords, Demon Swords, and Cursed Swords.


The power between Holy swords and Magic swords were vastly different.


Only one thing that could be said.


And that was when those weapons were wielded by warriors with a reasonable ability, their power could slaughter even a huge monster single-handedly.


“Interesting. I knew it since we first met, that you’re an interesting guy!”


Loud laughter from Earl Salzberg echoed inside the room.


Indeed, it can’t be helped if Earl Salzberg felt this situation as fun.


Since the day he lost his pride as nobility and knight, Earl Salzberg had always longed for something like this.


A thirst that cannot be healed, from all the property he now had, the delicious food he now could eat, the girls he raped just for fun, all of that could not heal him.


It was as if he lived without purpose.


However, right now, Earl Salzberg felt excited.



“You will surely heal this thirst of mine…”


As he said that, Earl Salzberg put his sword into its sheath and lowered his waist.


It was a very familiar stance for Ryouma.


“That stance… Iai? How, did you know that?”


Looking at Ryouma’s attitude who cannot hide his confusion, Earl Salzberg smirked and laughed hard.


“That’s right, your world. It is a technique that was handed down to this world a long time ago…”


It was a stance that was used by an expert.


And it seems the Earl didn’t do that stance just because he wanted to.


(A stance that waits patiently. I guess it would be bad for me to attack carelessly from here now…)


A sword was drawn from a perfect stance, the speed would be so fast that it could be regarded as lightning speed.


In Ryouma’s eyes, he could see the three-meter absolute radius centered around Earl Salzberg.


A ruthless attack would come at him if he carelessly approaches the Earl.


(There’s only one way for me to take…)


Ryouma quietly put his sword into its sheath, and took the same stance as Earl Salzberg.


Two control zone.


While concentrated their mind and feeling, they slowly narrowed their 10 meters distance.


How much time had passed?


At that moment. The two invisible radius touched slightly.