Record of Wortenia War – v5-c36



The Earl’s sword grazed Ryouma’s right cheek.

At that moment, intense heat like one being touched by hot iron hit Ryouma.

At first, there was no apparent change.

However, the wound opened little by little.

The blood appeared began to drip down on Ryouma’s chest. and dyed it red. –

Ryouma didn’t feel pain.

If he had to say it, he felt uncomfortable that his cheek felt wet.

That might be because of a large amount of adrenaline produced inside his body.


What boils inside Ryouma’s heart right now was pure admiration.

Even when Earl Salzberg performed a surprise attack, Ryouma didn’t feel any indignation toward himself who was unable to fully block the attack.

Certainly, a blow in the middle of a conversation could create a surprise.

It was without a doubt such an act could be regarded as cowardly.


However, was there any value saying such criticism?


Making a surprise attack, sneak attack, or causing agitation on the enemy by using words were the basis of fighting. If one had to say, it was natural for a fighter to do that.

The two people who faced each other with swords were not dancing, they were people trying to kill each other.

And there was no rule when it comes to taking the enemy’s life.

Only result that matters. Live, or dead…


The reason for Ryouma admiration was something different, it was…


“That surprises me… To think you could shrink the ground… I have no intention of being careless but, that indeed surprise me…”


Somewhat weakened, blood keeps dripping from Ryouma’s cheek. Having his body full of adrenaline aside, it was evident that the wound he sustained was quite deep.

Ryouma smiled widely while his cheek and chest dyed in red.

Hearing Ryouma’s casual words, Earl Salzberg laughed loudly.


“Oh my, you’re truly indeed a good warrior. In my memory, only a handful of people manage to block that attack of mine. Furthermore, I did it while doing a surprise attack. I never expected to hear words of praise instead of blaming words.”


“Someone who said something like that is just a loser…”


Saying that Ryouma shrugged his shoulders.

Sports have rules. However, there was no rule when it comes to killing.

Though that was not entirely accurate, in general, rules were meaningless when it comes to killing each other. –

That was the basic understanding unless they were fighting in a special circumstance and place like an official duel.


Besides, they didn’t decide on any rules before starting killing each other either.

Since common consciousness to held rules didn’t exist, cheating also ceased to exist.

Furthermore, there was no audience around, only two people, Earl Salzberg, and Mikoshiba Ryouma presented in this room.

If they didn’t leave a document stipulated the rules, then what the meaning of having verbal rules with no witness.

For rules to be effective as a rule, someone with absolute power was essential.

If one were to breach the rule, that someone could bestow heavy penalty.

That was the reason why, in Ryouma’s previous world, even if people said they hate wars, the wars never ceased from existence.


In term of current battles, far from having no meaning in blaming the opponent as a coward, the most such an act would do only making one lost calmness and digging one own grave instead.

Ryouma didn’t criticize Earl Salzberg was because he understood that.


However, if Ryouma attitude touched Earl Salzberg heart string then, he was indeed want to laugh a little bit.


“Good, really good. Words of chivalry are only something a knight that didn’t know of battlefield should speak…”


“Well, though many people still believe and adhere to the chivalry way…”


“Come to think of it, during the civil war, you seem to have some trouble with that eh?”


Ryouma smiles bitterly thinking at whom such words were being directed.


“Right, just as you said…”


Cold and rational thought, pursuing one of profit by all means necessary. To be honest, Ryouma and Earl Salzberg was similar being. Originally, such a characteristic would attract them to be a friend.


(Truthfully, how regrettable… But then again, it is impossible for me to reorganized my hands now…)


The various thought crossed Ryouma’s mind, but the death of Earl Salzberg had been deemed necessary.


Although he was the mastermind, the time was already past the stage where he could overturn the plan just because Mikoshiba Ryouma wanted to. <TLN: The die has been cast>


(But still… To be able to use shrink distance is…)


The blow the Earl did before might be categorized as a special move.


Shrinking distance.


In a sense, it was almost a warp-like travel used by men in space era, but in martial arts worlds, it was different.

Fast and bewitching steps technique was used to fill the intervals, such technique refer to the erasing of one initial movement and draw an attack… It was something that the martial artist could attain after refining their ability for a long time…

For Mikoshiba Ryouma, the enemy in front of him was again on a whole another level.


“I have no choice. I also need to use my secret art I guess…”


“Ho ho, you still have something up your sleeves eh? Hahaha, you’re indeed an interesting man.”


Hearing the Earl’s words, Ryouma shrugged his shoulders, while Earl Salzberg kept laughing.


“Though there’s a problem with it… and I don’t want to use it too much…”


Power began to come to both of his hands.

This trump card was something that could invite Ryouma to a place beyond men. This trump card made him able to kill a huge monster by himself.

However, a mighty power would destroy one own body if one were to fail in controlling it.


“Wake up, [Kikoku]. I offer you to carry those hatreds with this body of mine.”


Such whisper comes out of Ryouma’s mouth.