Record of Wortenia War – v5-c35

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Two shadows danced inside the room. The sound of steel clashing, rough breathing reverberated inside the room.


“Fumu. I don’t know that when I used my fifth chakra you’d still be able to fight against me, I don’t know whether it was because you wanted to hide your abilities or you really were only able to use Manipura chakra, regardless  you’re good…”


Earl Salzberg directed words of admiration at Ryouma which was rare. In this world’s martial arts fights, the amount of Prana one possessed and the level of Chakra one could release often was the one who decided victory.  For example, Prana was akin to that of gasoline, and Chakra was like that of an engine.


Naturally, the more horsepower, the more powerful the engine, and if there is more more gasoline the longer the engine can run. .


(the analogy is unnecessary)


Earl Salzberg was already using up to Vishudda chakra. The Earl admired Mikoshiba Ryouma who was able to deal with his attack.


“In your swordsmanship, I can feel a refined elegance that I can hardly believe belonged to a mercenary. I don’t know what school you’re in, but you seem to have a good teacher… How enviable. Do all people of the other world use such swordsmanship? I’m certain that you were born in a country called Japan…”


Hearing his words, Ryouma instinctively laughed bitterly. Though he didn’t desperately hide his identity, if he had to choose, Ryouma wish that his identity remained hidden. No matter which world, there were two kinds of information, one that needed to be hidden from the public, and the other that could be diffused. That was something fundamental. Some information was only known to a small part of the government, while the general public has information that was intentionally being transmitted to the whole world. Specifically, confidential information on national defense or diplomacy would apply in the former case, and in the latter case something like an advertisement on the launch of a new product. Either way, it was important to keep some secrets and control the time to release them. From his point of view, the information regarding Mikoshiba Ryouma was something he wanted to kept secret. Especially the information that he was from Japan. The reason was that just like food dishes, martial arts have strong ties with a nation’s  history and culture.


For example, Capoeira, a traditional Brazilian martial art was an art that was dominated by footwork, but it was also said to have been influenced and linked to slave trading’s origins , that was the reason they couldn’t use their hand, it was because the practitioners’ hands  were chained. <TLN: Depending on where you’re from, history may vary>


Another example would be old fashioned Karate, there was a technique using sticks and sickles as weapons instead of swords and spears, the reason being the Ryukyu royal family prohibited common folks from carrying weapons with them.  Well, even if we set aside the authenticity of it, it was the truth that individual martial arts are rooted in the original country’s history and culture.


The impact of knowing Ryouma was from Japan, was not just the martial arts,  people with an education, might be able to imagine it.


Setting aside how many problems could occur because of it , it was indeed never beneficial to Mikoshiba Ryouma if the truth of his origin was being known by others.


(Earl Salzberg is a strong sadistic man. He also good at planning. Did he think of that by himself, or…)


It was necessary for one to identify the source of information. In worst case scenario, he might need to order Iga clan to place a gag on people who knew about the secret.


Ryouma then casually asked Earl Salzberg about it while enduring the desire to click his tongue.


“So you knew that I was from Japan?”


“Of course. Since you tried to get information on me, it would be natural I did the same to you. I did that, right after you came and brought the business regarding the rock salt.”


“That is… But well, I guess that is natural…”


It was natural for someone doing business to check the other party identity. –


(This man, I guess I look down on him too much huh? I thought he would be much more bird brain but…)


The thought that the Earl was a bad guy and a greedy man may have clouded Ryouma’s eyes. Among the nobles Ryouma had encountered, the Earl was indeed among the first rate, even outside of his battle prowess.


“You think so too yes?”


“Indeed, in battle, one needs to know oneself and the enemy after all.”


Listening to Ryouma’s words, Earl Salzberg breaks into a smile. –


“I see, that was the proverb of another world, is it?… Strangely fitting indeed. But well, in this world, many people still unable to think of such basic thinking you know? Though deplorable indeed…!”


At the same time as he ended his words, Earl Salzberg attacked Ryouma once again.