Record of Wortenia War – v5-c34

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The violent clashing of metal could be heard coming from inside the room. For a moment, countless red sparks scattered in front of Ryouma, as Earl Salzberg’s face nearly touched his own.It was enough that both men could feel each others breathing. However, in the next moment the overlapping shadow jumped away from each other again.


(I missed my chance huh?)


While feeling the wound on his right arm, Ryouma looked at Earl Salzberg standing right in front of him. Despite being wounded, Ryouma  didn’t show any gap in his stance. Through rigorous training with his grandfather Koichiro, Ryouma gained resistance to pain. Of course, that alone didn’t mean he didn’t feel any pain at all. If one had to say it, it was more akin to willpower and patience when dealing with the pain.


But on the battlefield, winning or losing changes greatly depending on whether or not one could do such a thing. –

(Once again, I should be thankful to that grandfather of mine eh?)

It would be a problem if he didn’t feel pain, but it was also a problem if his skill was dulled because he feared pain. One can suppress pain with willpower and fighting spirit, but when pain was feared ,the only possible outcome was dulling  one’s own skill.


The only way to prevent the fear of pain was getting used to it. Seeing Ryouma’s appearance Earl Salzberg’s lips curled,  it was a smile of a beast that had tasted the blood of his own relative.


The Earl was having fun inside his mind. The intense exchange of offense and defense.


“Ho hum… It seems that wound alone isn’t enough. Most of the people I’ve faced would be finished by now… Only you are different.”


Ryouma instinctively smiled at the Earl’s words mixed with sarcasm and praise. It might be because he had the intention of wait-and-see, but Ryouma could feel Earl Salzberg didn’t show much of his ability yet.

(The three important factors… His speed, power, and skill, I think he was the best among the enemy I have fought so far… I’ve never doubted Elena-san’s ability when judging others abilities, he is indeed as good as she said …)


Ever since he was summoned to this world, Mikoshiba Ryouma had gone through many life and death situations. Among them, two people, Kyle Iruna during the Rozeria Kingdom civil war, and Greg Moore who he met during the confrontation with the Ortomea Empire were particularly impressive for Ryouma.


Physical strength increased by magic arts, and the solid confidence backed by their experiences through many battlefields. It was true that both Kyle and Greg boasted enough ability to be called first class warriors in this world.Also, Christ Morgan, one of Elena’s aides who specialized in fast spear fighting. He was still young with many immature parts, but his talent and skill were one of the best Ryouma had met in this world. Those three people were undoubtedly strong men in this world.


However, compared to Earl Salzberg, those three people were still lacking. His inner strength, technique, body strength, Earl Salzberg had them at a very high level. Furthermore, if one believed in the Earl’s words, he had only been using Anahata Chakra in this battle. <TLN: The Fifth level, Muladhara as the first, Sahashara as the seventh, the highest, known as the Crown Chakra>


(From the story I heard, The Earl should be able to use chakra up to the sixth level. In other words, it is possible for him to use Ajna Chakra)  


It was said that Sahashara chakra which was said to be at the top of the head, was the same as the eyes on the palm of the one thousand armed Avalokiteshvara. Speaking of Buddhist teachings when one reached that point, he or she had reached the point of enlightenment.


Considering Taoist thought, that would be on the level of being ‘one who was not being bound by earthly desires’.<TLN: Written as “Sennin” could also be translated as ‘Hermit’>


Basically being on the level of a superman. Thus based on that theory, Ajna Chakra was said to be the highest point reachable by humans. Ryouma himself could not imagine how much power it could release, but there was only one thing he was sure of. And that was Earl Salzberg was indeed the strongest enemy he had ever faced.


However, even with such objective point of view, Ryouma didn’t feel despair, he instead felt excited.


(‘Well, I already knew all of that since the time I decided to do this battle after all…)


Ryouma had learned how to control Chakra with the help of the Marfisto sisters. After that, the Prana he absorbed from his battles on the Wortenia peninsula and the time he was doing reinforcement duty at the Zalda Kingdom, he had managed to open up to the third chakra, Manipura. In this world, Mikoshiba Ryouma could be considered among the strong warriors, but compared to Earl Salzberg he was still inferior. If Ryouma clashed swords from the front, sooner than later the Earl would catch him unguarded and strike , but facing him, Ryouma also held a secret.


(What’s left now is whether or not this guy would accept me as an appropriate master.)

’Ryouma turned his eyes toward the sword (wailing of the restless ghost) in his hands. The five hundred year old wish. It was time for the treasured sword to show its true power.