Record of Wortenia War – v5-c31

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That night, a myriad of torches flowed through the streets towards the castle like a river of lava.  

Jeers and angry roars dominated Epiroz city’s atmosphere.

“It has begun, at least… exactly  like that person said…” Signiz gently closed the window curtain.


He sat  down deeply in the chair and took the letter placed on the desk.


Emotions that sprung out from his heart were a mix of anger, sadness, and guilt.


Such feelings filled Signiz’s heart like a muddy water.


(Everything was known in advance… He planted the feuds between the refugees and the citizens of Epiroz . Afterwards just waiting for the balance to be broken. There were no difficulties for that man )


Anyone would desperately protect one’s family.


In this world, there was no paradise, only a hell like place that was similar to the place told by the followers of the light God .


And that was also no different for Signiz,  considered as one of the best knights in the Rozeria Kingdom.


In this world, weak  and foolish people only existed for being used and stepped on .


(In the end, everything moved according to that man’s intentions. What’s important now is how should I move afterwards…)


A scene that had transpired weeks ago appeared inside his mind.


Just right after the war began, Signiz Garbera received contact by one of Mikoshiba Ryouma’s subordinates.


A masked man wearing all black clothing entered the place where Signiz resided just like a shadow.


Especially during the wartime like this where security would be doubled, such a task would be difficult to perform. The intruder was definitely an expert. And from him, Signiz who was already placed his hand on his sword heard a whisper. The shadow asked, together with Roberto Bertrand, would you like to serve Mikoshiba Ryouma? Of course, at the time, Signiz laughed at the intruder’s  suggestion.


Even if the soldiers led by Mikoshiba Ryouma had extraordinary quality, that alone could not decide the victor of the war.


Above all else, there was also circumstances where Signiz could not betray the Garbera family.


As long as there was such circumstances, he could not betray Earl Salzberg who the Garbera family was loyal to.


(I guess. It would be naïve of me to think that everything would end just like that huh?)


That night, when the many refugees appeared from the south of Epiroz, the shadow man appeared once again, he had delivered a letter then disappeared.


When he read the letter, Signiz was undeniably shocked.


At first, he doubted the contents of the letter, but soon he was disheartened after learning it was the truth, he soon realized that he had arrived at the crossroad that would decide his future.


(It is true that since grandfather died, I don’t care about the current Garbera family… But it is also a fact that I have some obligation and gratitude towards the Earl.)


The dark emotions that he hid in the depths of his heart since childhood appeared for a moment.


Signiz was the sixth son of the Garbera’s family, but he was not the child of the legal wife.


In short , he was a child of a mistress.


Signiz was a child born from a commoner woman that his father slept with just once when he was playing around.


Well, in this world, contraception was rare. It was natural for a child to be born easily.


Naturally, Signiz’s father asked his mother to abort him.


After all, although Baron was the lowest noble, the difference in status between noble and commoner was still huge.


Furthermore, the man already had children from his legal wife and his concubines.


If Signiz was the second or third son, then Signiz might still have value as spare successor. However, as a sixth son, his value was very low.


And if Signiz’s mother was the daughter of a powerful merchant or knight, it would be different, but since his mother was just a commoner, he could not receive help from his mother’s house.


To avoid a crisis of succession, it might have been right for Signiz’s father to ask his mother to abort him.


And it also might be better for Signiz mother to have done just that.


Since she was a commoner, she could not even become  a concubine. Even if Signiz’s father wanted it, it would be not a good idea considering the conflict that would occur.


If they took the wrong step, Signiz might get rolled up in the struggle between the legal wife and the concubines who wanted their sons to be the successor.


Thus, Signiz became an unwanted child.


Normally, a child like Signiz wouldn’t be able to even be born then. Until the previous Baron Garbera who was known as a wise person said the final words…


Ignoring the normal custom, Signiz was taken over and recognized as an official sixth child.


Was it because the previous Baron felt pity towards him, or was it because he felt something else, nobody knows. Signiz could not confirm the answer now.


However, at least Signiz didn’t waste the life his grandfather had saved and trained hard in the art of military and literacy. For the sake of triumph over his indifferent father and cold step-mothers.


As a result, Signiz grew up as one of the best knights.


Without knowing that such thing would lead to further tragedy.


(I desperately worked hard so that I could find a place among them… But as the results of my work hard, I’ve become a potential enemy of Garbera family instead.)


People with weak positions strove to win a place to stay. That would be the  normal route.


However, the reality was not a kind story.


For the Garbera’s family who persecuted him, Signiz’s desperate effort could only be seen as an eyesore and the root of fear for them.


And such thoughts were natural..


Since they would be worried if he would retaliate for all the mistreatment he received in the past. The stronger and more famous Signiz became, the greater the risk the others felt.


Yet they could not kill Signiz nor destroy him. Signiz’s ability and fame directly affected how powerful the Garbera house’s army was. Of course, for that reason, they should also be worried. However, they soon noticed. Signiz’s biggest weakness…


(As far as the letter said, Elmeda seems to be safe.)


It was the handwriting of the nanny that had taken care of him since childhood.


Although he might mistake the handwriting of his real parents, there was no way he could mistake the letter written by the nanny that raised him, Elmeda.


Dignified letters were written on the paper. –


And from the writing, it was easy to see that she was safe.


(Other than telling she is safe, nothing is written. But, since Baron Mikoshiba subordinate was the one who delivered this letter… That means only one thing…)


In a sense, for Signiz, Elmeda was his only family member.


He didn’t feel any affection from his father or mother, but Elmeda was different. For her sake, Signiz would be ready to die.


“Signiz… it’s me, Roberto. The situation seems to have turned bad. We need to move immediately.”


Suddenly, the room’s door was being opened in a hurry.


Maybe because Roberto saw the situation outside he came all the way to Signiz’s room. –


Rough breathing could be heard coming from him.


(To come in a hurry like that… You’re really a good guy, Roberto.)


Standing in front of Signiz was his best friend who was indifferent toward society. A man that supposedly was not being recognized by the nobles in this war. Signiz himself also had heard Roberto’s frustrations from his own mouth. However, even though he hated the nobles, he still came running after seeing the crisis that the Earl faced. Signiz could see that Roberto actions didn’t stem from his sense of responsibility as one of the commanders,but in fact, as the proof that he longed for, an acknowledgment from Earl Salzberg while also cursing his surroundings and his own father.


(I have no choice but to prepare for the worst huh…)


Signiz raised his body from the chair, and tooka white paper chartulae from the desk drawer.


(Roberto… Before the war, you said that I should think about myself more… I’m sorry, but I think I will accept your suggestion. I will accept your judgment after everything is over… Even if you want my neck…)


“Alright, we will go. But wait a moment…”


As he said that he placed two glass on the table and secretly put the contents inside the chartulae into one of the glass.