Record of Wortenia War – v5-c30

Editor: Ryan


There was a limit to every person’s patience.


No matter how tough that person was, there was always the limit toit.


And the problem was sometimes people didn’t realize their own limit.


Unfortunately, that was also something one cannot easily express  in numerical value just like in a game.


In the same way, the human mind also could easily exceed its boiling point. It was just a matter of timing.


It was a condition that was usually called as someone going berserk. Actions and words that usually never came out, unconsciously appeared.


Then such anger and dissatisfaction could also spread to other people easily.


Just like a plague, it would attack people’s minds one by one.


Right now, the flame of malice and hatred were prevailing throughout the kingdom of Rozeria.


And currently, the atmosphere in Epiroz is coming to boiling point.


Because of the words of a certain man.


Inside the fortified city. There was a bar located in a corner of the downtown area. –


Although the place was not a slum, it was a place where poor people gathered.


The bar was a place that gave dreams to such poor people.


However, it now had become the place where a feelings of malice and dissatisfaction gathered.


All of this started after many refugees appeared outside of the fortified city.


“Uuuh, fuck…”


One man groaned inside the bar.

Usually, the bar was filled with the vigorously cheerful drunkards who would come back from work, but today, only cursing could be heard inside the bar.

Many men with dangerous eyes were inside the bar.

In the meantime, nearly ten girls were running around busily.


“Anna. I’m sorry but, could you find something that could replace the bandage? Also, hot water. After all, our shop alone can’t   handle all this. Call the people from the neighborhood for help, and be quick . You, call the doctor. Hurry up!”


While tearing a man’s shirt that covered the wound, a woman with a good physique called out to a dumbfounded young woman.


Although her way of doing things might be a little doubtful when compared to a professional doctor, because she was the proprietress of the bar, she knew how to handle injured people.


After taking off the man’s shirt, blood could be seen flowing out from the wound, following the heartbeat of the man.


“It seems it got to your artery… This is going to be hurt a little, but just bear with it.”


The proprietress then pressed both her hands dyed with blood on the wounded arm.

Although she didn’t manage to stop the blood flow completely it could be said the amount of blood spilling out was reduced.

Besides, if a person could stop the blood flow by doing such a thing, one didn’t need a doctor to begin with.


(There’s no response…)


Despite her hands pressuring his wound, the man’s reaction was weak.

His consciousness seemed cloudy, and his eyes didn’t have power.


“Okami-san… How is he?”


The second woman gripped her hands, like a prayer, in front of her chest, asked the proprietress while trembling.


Maybe because she felt it was her fault, regret and guilt could be seen on the woman’s face.


Her face looked pale, and tears dropped down her cheeks.


“It’s fine, and get a hold of yourself alright? Even if you keep on talking, nothing will change. If you want to help this kid then move!”


The proprietress shouted at the woman who kept standing in utter shock .


(This is hopeless… His body is gradually becoming cold… Even with a magic potion, his fate might won’t change…)


His heartbeat weakened, and blood coming out of his wound also began to lose its momentum.

It was proof that death was creeping under the man’s life.


“Big Brother!”


Suddenly the bar door was opened vigorously, a young man jumped into the bar.


The surrounding people gaze naturally fell upon him.


His face was very similar to the man lying on the floor.


“Oi! Where is my big brother?”


A woman called to him fearfully.


“Alan… I’m sorry…”




The moment he saw the Janis’ face, Alan immediately understood the situation.


It was only the other day that Alan’s lover, Janis, came to help refugees by distributing supplies.


Due to the prolonged war, even Earl Salzberg who was said to be intolerant to the commoners had to move his butt and help the refugees for the sake of the northern ten nobles household alliance.


And there was also the fact that Baron Mikoshiba army didn’t attack more aggressively.


The Earl who supposedly was not able to care for the citizen of the city began to distribute food twice a day.


And for helping the distribution, Janis got paid for a small fee. Many told her to stop but she ignored them.


Alan grasped his fists tightly and stood there.


(This is the worst… I was worried that this might happen… we should’ve stopped Janis…)


As a matter of fact, there was a good reason why the neighborhood warned Janis to stop.


There was an endless reason for it, but the biggest problem was because of the deterioration of security within Epiroz city.


A crowd of people flocked from the whole Rozeria’s northern territory. Even if Epiroz was famous as a fortified city, it was hard to accommodate all of them.


Most of the people were escaping only with the clothes they were wearing, it was difficult for them to stay in an inn, and it was also impossible for them to rent a house. Inevitably, many refugees couldn’t even have a roof to protect them from the wind and rain.


Gradually they began to stay in the dark alleys. Where the many poor people lived, a place where the eyes of the security guards didn’t reach.


It was quite normal for conflicts between refugees and citizens to occur.


Their thought of their future.


Their endless hunger and thirst.


And their anger toward the society that didn’t help them.


If such negative feeling took a root, even a normal citizen could turn into a horrible monster.


To be honest, Alan didn’t even know what was the problem that started it all. No, even the proprietress who always had some information couldn’t know everything, and it was not like anybody would go and investigate it further.


But, the thing that caused the hostility became clear was when the two sides collided over the use of a certain water well.


Whom among them should use it first?


Before anyone knew what was going on, hostility flared up, and the conflict that was only a fight between women who come to draw water turned into an all-out uproar, causing the guard knights to come and suppress the uproar, pulling dozen of injured people from both sides.


Most of them when asked why all of this happened, their answer was something silly.


It was not like they were children, the incident could have been avoided if they tried to compromise with each other.


However, once they fought, due to the overflowing malice and hostility they ignored such logical reasoning.


And, if they could not recognize the other side as their own, the ending would be disastrous.


Just like what happened now.


A refugee called out to Janis who just got back from work.


It was uncertain what was the reason the youth called Janis, whether it was to thank her or was it due to ulterior motives, no one knew.


The problem was the youth who called Janis was someone from the back alleys.


Then, young people from the slums who were part of the vigilante corps saw the scene.


It was unpleasant for them who admired Janis watched her being touched by the refugees.


At first, it was just a voice of warning, but then it escalated to insulting words. After that, it developed into a brawl between the refugees and the vicinity citizens.


And now, Alan’s brother who was trying to stop the brawl ended up being stabbed in the middle of the confusion.


“Big brother, it is me. Can you hear me? Oi?!”


Power escaped from the hand that Alan grasped.


Alan desperately shaking his shoulders, and shouting at his ears, there was no answer.


“Oi, Big Brother! Big Brother!”


Alan’s desperate attempt didn’t help, and life started to fade away from the man lying on the ground.


Everyone was watching Alan silently trembling beside his brother.


After a while…


“I can’t bear this anymore! I will make them pay! They act as if they own the place! The same as their feudal lord. Why should we endure this kind of thing?!” Inside the bar, a man shouted

That was the voice that represented the citizens’ grief.


And that was the trigger to the last phase of this war.