Record of Wortenia War – v5-c29



Mike who was doing document work in his own tent felt a faint disturbance.


With how the situation was , it was normal for him to be wary of assassination, but the place he was currently presiding was the base camp where many allied soldiers also located.


Furthermore, as a senior officer, he was being protected by the Iga-clan shadows hidden in the darkness.


Assassins who could break through this kind of defensive line could be counted on one hand.


And it would be very unlikely for people to hire assassins aiming at Mike’s life who was just an aide. If they could hire those kinds of people, they should’ve aimed at Mikoshiba Ryouma life instead.


Which left him with one answer.


“Is there something you need?”


Without moving his line of sight from the document he was working on, he asked a question. –


Following his question, one man kneeled in front of Mike.


“Pardon me for disturbing you this late. Young Master is calling…”


“Young master? I see, did he received  contact from EPiroz?”


Mike responded to the messenger calmly.


At first, he was always panicked when the messengers came, but over time, he got used to it.


“Yes. After master received the news from the chief, he requested for me to call Mike-dono.


“I see, which mean, the news from Jinouchi-dono is  good.”


The shadow responded to Mike’s remark with silence.


It was extremely rare for these kinds of people to talk more than necessary.


Of course, they didn’t abandon human feelings such emotions and desires, it was just they rarely showed them during a mission.


“Did young master said anything else?”


“No. I was only told to call Mike-dono.”


“I see… Alright. Good work.”


After responding to Mike’s word with a small nod, the shadow figure once again melted into the darkness.


“Fuh… I guess everything has gone according to young master’s expectation eh? The problem is after this…”


After quickly putting away the documents on his desk, he sat down deeply in his chair and gazed toward the ceiling.


Mike was  deep in thought while gazing into nothing.


Usually, since he was being called by his lord, he should’ve gone as soon as possible.


But, compared to other lords, the one Mike was currently serving had unique characteristics.  


‘Have anything in mind? Is there any problem? How does it work? Is there any risk? What is the merit?’


Ryouma’s way of seeking opinions from others after considering various factors would never allow Mike to think that he was just being called for nothing.


(How should we move now? Epiroz movement was just like young master had expected. If we keep on  the offensive with Jinnouchi’s cooperation, we could win… But, the damage on our side would be bigger…)


It was true that getting a victory in this war was Ryouma’s ultimate goal, but the way to win the war was also important.


At the very least, Ryouma didn’t want to waste troops by forcing into Epiroz if he could win another way.


(Furthermore, we had to prepare for the next war…)


If Ryouma won the war, he  would control the northern part of the Rozeria Kingdom.


In other words, he will dismantle the northern nobles household and take away their territory.


What became of that was Baron Mikoshiba would be occupying nearly a quarter of the Rozeria Kingdom.


With such territory, he could create a principality.


But, the Rozeria Kingdom’s Queen, Lupiz Rozerianuz, would never allow such a thing to happen.


(At that time, I never thought the situation would become like this…)


The memory caused a bitter feeling inside Mike’s chest.


At first the two people, Mikoshiba Ryouma, and Lupiz were close associates, helping each other during the civil war.


The mercenary group that was led by Ryouma and Lione needed a powerful backer after they ended up being pursued by Fulzad’s guild leader.


At the same time, Lupis needed someone who was capable of breaking the disadvantaged situation she was in.


Someone capable but have no power, and someone with power but didn’t have the ability.


It was without a doubt heaven providence had destined those two people to met.


And if their relationship remained good, the story would’ve turned into an epic hero [saga].


However, the honeymoon didn’t last long.


Their relationship ended right after the civil war was over.


(Well, it’s not like I don’t understand Queen Lupiz feeling…)


From the moment he was born, Mike had lived in this harsh world, thus he could understand the fear Lupiz had felt.


It was not certain whether Lupiz had thought about it herself or she was being advised by someone else but, Lupiz had tried to seal Mikoshiba Ryouma by placing him in the Wortenia peninsula and try to let him died there.


For rulers, there was nothing more horrible than a capable people with low social status.


More so when the world was in chaotic times.


In such situations, even parents, and brothers could not trust each other unconditionally.  


That was why only two choices remained for rulers when they had capable people but were unable to trust them.


One option was to kill the capable person or confine the person to a place where he/she could never raise in power.


Following that thought, Lupiz decision was not wrong.


Since she thought that Ryouma would not cause her trouble in the future, she didn’t think of assassinating him.


However, such a decision was proven wrong.


And after she missed the window to kill him, the crack between their relationship widen.


And the snake she let go in the field had sharpened its poison.


After Mike arranged his mind together, he slowly raised his body and left the tent.


“The moon looks beautiful…”


Mike smiled while looking at the full moon after it breaks through the clouds.


It was as if the moon told him about the future war that was going to happen…