Record of Wortenia War – v5-c28



Extensive forest spread south of the Epiroz city.


Darkness ruled the land as the moonlight was blocked by thick cloud. There were countless tents, bonfires, and people in the open space located in the forest.


“Milord. I’ve brought chief’s words.”


A man appeared like a shadow bowed on his knee in front of Ryouma.

Without minding his appearance, Ryouma asked the question while looking at the map spreading on his desk.


“Did any problem arise?”


“No, everything has gone according to plan… We can begin as soon as milord has giving the order.”


The shadow answered to the point.


“I see… As expected of Jinnouchi, his work is fast…”


“No, everything is due to milord’s ingenious plan…”


The moment he heard the shadow’s words, Ryouma’s facial expression distorted for a moment. Although his face was covered by a mask, one could tell that he was a man around mid-thirties to forties. Ryouma was not impudent enough to feel calm after hearing words of praise from someone far older than he was.


‘An ingenious plan huh? That was a very exaggerated expression but… It is also difficult for me to deny it face-to-face.’


Given the future, as the leader he could not show any weakness inadvertently.

After all, Ryouma would start to give missions where they might die from now on.

However, even with that, it would be bad if he expressed his gratitude lightly.

After having been lost in thought for a while, Ryouma shrugged his shoulders a little bit in response to the shadow’s words while feeling itchy.


After all, a silent attitude was far more eloquent than answering poorly.


(Now, we just have to wait for the bomb inside Epiroz city to explode… How long it would take for it take?…)


Ryouma put a black horse on top of Epiroz city drawn on the map.


The black horse piece with Baron Mikoshiba’s coat of arms was placed in front of ten small white horses pieces.


There was dozens of pieces placed on the map. Each piece represents several hundred to several thousand soldiers.


(Will Elena-san abandon Tristron’s defense and move to capture Epiroz?)


On the map, other than the black and white pieces, there were three pieces with no color on it.


Black stood for an ally, and white stood for enemies, while no-color stood for neutrality.


In the meantime, it went without saying that the smallest number of pieces placed on the map were the black pieces.


(If it is only to win this war, I could do it by just calling Elena-san but… Looking at the bomb that is going to explode, such decision would be regarded as poor tactics. And considering Lupis might also send reinforcement, should we leave it as it is?)


Tristron city was located in the western region of the Rozeria Kingdom. There were several black pieces placed on it.


The largest numbers of troops were located on Pireaus, the royal capital of the Rozeria Kingdom.


Of course, the number of the black pieces was overwhelmingly smaller compared to the Rozeria Kingdom’s aristocrats combined force, and the advantaged soldiers placed on Pireaus city were not just its military power. There were secret dealings between Elena and Ryouma.

That was why Ryouma placed black pieces on Tristron. People who knew about it was extremely limited. Of course, Lupiz and her closest aides who didn’t know about it, they naturally thought of Elena as their ally. Her piece was very important for deciding on offence and defence.


(The problem was whether or not the Kingdom would send reinforcements… For now, I would need to pull back when Lupiz makes even the smallest movement… considering that, I should take Epiroz as soon as possible…)


All the strategies that Ryouma made was very flexible. His approach was to control the risk of failure by simultaneously proceeding with multiple plans.


“Thank you for your hard work, go and call Mike for me. Also, tell Jinnouchi that he should start the next plan after three days have passed. Then we will move in concert.”




The shadow figure melted into the darkness once again after he nodded his head slightly in response to Ryouma’s order.


– –