Record of Wortenia War – v5-c25



Let us go back ten minutes before knocks on Roberto’s door.


“Oi… Don’t you think the outside look weird ?”


“They expressly sneaked around to the south huh ? That upstart noble seems to be good at small tricks. Oi you, come here.”


The first one who noticed something was wrong were the soldiers who kept an all-night watch on the watchtowers.


“Certainly. Today, there’s something going to happen. Somehow, I have a bad feeling.”


One of his colleagues looked into the darkness.


Tonight, the moon was hiding behind the clouds, thus the moonlight didn’t reach the earth.


The guards were unable to see anything properly. However, they could feel chills run down their backs, giving them a bad feeling that something was going to happen.


For someone who had gone through many battles, such instincts were something that should not be underestimated.


Intuition was mostly arrived at because of personal experiences.


It was something that was hard to explain but it was not something that people should make light of.


“Night attack ? No, that can’t be… Someone please go and call the captain.”


One of the soldiers nodded his head and went toward the staff’s room.


“Damn it, I couldn’t see anything in this darkness…”


“But still… I’m sure there’s something there…”


They had lit a fire on the walls, but the range of the light was extremely limited.


Aside from the feet of the walls, one could not see beyond a few meters anything except for the darkness.


But still, even if the soldiers could see nothing, they could feel that something was there.


Then, the moonlight slowly illuminated the earth, after hiding behind the clouds all istime, and the answer entered their eyes.


“What the heck is that ? The enemy ?”


One of the soldiers found something and pointed at the distant forest.


It was something black but it was hard to understand what it was.


And little by little the black thing began to take shape in front of the soldiers’ eyes.


“No, that doesn’t look like soldiers. Which means, no night attack… But still, what is that ?”


People, people, people, people. It was a group of people. Because they moved without coordination, it was obvious that they were not soldiers.0


“But, even if they are not soldiers, that numbers is not something we should make light of…”


One of the soldiers muttered those words with a distorted expression.


A single line comes out from the forest.


Which needs more than hundreds of people to form. More likely it needs at least a thousand people to do that kind of line. And if one did it poorly, then ten of thousands of people might be needed.


“What an amazing numbers. The highway…”


It cannot be helped that the soldiers felt fear looking at those people going towards Epiroz in silent.


Suddenly, a messenger came running through the dark night.


The soldiers’ gaze was directed at the messenger’s face that was being illuminated by the torches.


Then the messenger shouted in front of the gate.


“Open the Gate ! I serve Viscount Erin Grande. There’s an urgent message from our Lord directed for Earl Salzberg ! Open the Gate !”


Listening to his words, the soldiers at the gate looked at each others.


“Viscount Erin Grando is a member of the ten northern nobles right ?”


“Right, the Viscount is going to march into Epiroz.”


“He said it is an urgent message from the viscount’s house… This is important don’t you think ?”


Normally the city gate would be closed during sunset and being opened again during sunrise.


In other words, entering the city at night was basically impossible. Such rule applied everywhere within the western continent.


However, an exception also existed.


Like in emergency situations.


However, right now, Epiroz was in the middle of a war against Baron Mikoshiba Ryouma’s army.


Considering such a situation, the soldiers were unable to decide whether or not they should open the gate.


The soldiers kept looking at the messenger who continue shouting while praying that their boss would show up earlier.


“A little bit more. A little bit more and we willould arrive at Epiroz city… I know it was hard, but please do your best.”


The man talked to his daughter who was walking by his side.


The baggage on his shoulders began to cuts into his shoulders, and their body screamed in pain due to the journey they had for the last few days.


Still, the man smiled as hard as he could.




His daughter nodded in response to her father words and keep moving her feet despite the pain.


Even though she was young, she knew instinctively.


That even if she cries here, nothing will change.


Certainly, there were people around. But all of those people cannot afford to help others.


They only thing what they think about was only the survival of their family. Even if she cried, those people would only pass by without paying any attention to her. Just like how they left other people to die before they arrived here.


For their survival, they only thought of arriving at Epiroz at all costs.


“It is fine… If we get to Epiroz, we should be fine. We should arrive the moment we’re out of this forest. Please be more patient.”


As soon as they were out of the forest, the city walls entered the man’s eyes.


The man kept repeating the same words while pulling his daughter’s hand. While knowing that his words were only for calming her.