Record of Wortenia War – v5-c22



Together with a high roar, a clashing metallic sound echoed.


Even in the battlefield where many intense clashings resonate, the blow that Roberto delivered against his opponent clearly could be heard by many soldiers.


His battle ax moved very fast with an overwhelming force.


Doyle’s body was thrown into the air. Just like someone hit by a truck.


Even if his body was reinforced by magic arts, normally this kind of attack would be an instant kill. And even if he survived the sudden death, the bones in his entire body would have been crushed and he would’ve ended up unable to move.

Being unable to move on a battlefield was the same thing as being a dead man.


If Doyle was a high ranking knight or someone with high military fame, the story would be different, but if he was just an ordinary knight he didn’t have to stubbornly endure.


Normally, Roberto would start looking for another prey while ignoring Doyle who was lying on the ground.


However, contrary to that, Roberto runs his horse towards Doyle, he raises his battle ax while laughing like a devil.


He was going to make sure Doyle was dead.


However, before he manages to do that, a knight wearing an all-black armor interrupted his move.


“Oi ! Someone ! Carry captain Doyle back and find someone to treat him ! Also, call for reinforcements. Don’t let this man escape !”


A shout from behind the black knight resounded on the battlefield.


While the black knight who managed to stop Roberto’s attack feels his body going numb.


“Oi oi, what is going on here ? There are two guys who managed to stop my attack consecutively ? Furthermore, this one did block it completely too…”


Roberto has a puzzled look with whathappened in front of his eyes.


He wants to think the scene just now was only a dream, but unfortunately, it is reality.


Which caused a big dent to Roberto’s confidence in his power which he had cultivated for all these years.


(Did I by any chance unconsciously held back my power ? No, that can’t be… But then, how did they manage to stop my blow twice ?)


In Roberto’s mind, he remembered the very few knights and mercenaries that were able to block his attack completely.


In most cases, he would manage to win with the second blow.


That was the power he had cultivated these many years. He had confidence in his power that was beyond what normal humans could deploy.


At that moment Roberto Bertrand showed a slight opening.


Even though he usually never showed such carelessness.


Suddenly Roberto’s body was being thrown forward.


(Fuck ! I was careless !)


They had made use of Roberto slight opening and strucke his horse’s front leg.


Roberto then instantly grasped the situation. Next he fixed his posture mid-air and landed on the ground perfectly.


Holding his battle ax, Roberto surveyed the surroundings.


(This is bad…really, really bad…)


Once again, he confirmed the situation around him, where he could only see enemy soldiers.


Men who were supposedly following his back, had already ended up being separated.


(They attacked me precisely at the gap of the armor… Even among our knights, only a few people could do it…)


Roberto swung his battle ax horizontally to deflect the protruding spears.


Red sparks scattered as the result of their weapons clashing against each others.


(They jumped back to absorb the power huh ?… Damn it. All of them seems to be skillful…)


This time a spear was trying to attack Roberto from the back silently, which he barely managed to dodge.


(Uoooh… That was totally a close one. I need to pay attention to my rear too…)


Roberto who looked back through his shoulder felt cold sweats running down behind his neck.


In total, there were five black knights surrounding Roberto.


Although they were all quite skillful, their ability as a warrior was one or two-steps below Roberto.


Considering Roberto could use up to Vishudda chakra, it was obvious that Roberto could win.


But, that was if it was a one-on-one battle where he leaves his back to his subordinates.


No matter how strong Roberto was, it was very dangerous to fight alone against five people on a battlefield. Furthermore, he was behind the enemy’s line.


Even if he manages to kill all of the five black knights, if he’s unable to break through the enclosure, the fate that would await him would be death.


(I was too naive huh ? Did they prepare all of this from the start, I wonder ?)


Roberto’s basic strategy was to cut through the enemy’s formation and open a hole to take the initiative.


As a tactic, there was no twist in it, but a style where the commander cut through the enemy line was very dangerous, that was why the surroundings hated him for being such a daredevil. However, at the same time, other than Roberto, no one was more efficient in using such tactics.


In fact, because he had won in war several times using that tactic, Roberto thought this time as well it would be a success.


However, today, such tactics had backfired.


Although at first, he understood that the army he was facing was a formidable one, he never dreamed that each knights of the enemy’s army had this kind of high ability.


(It would be difficult for me to break the enclosure by myself… It would be possible to change the situation if there is someone like Signiz but…)


An enemy soldier slowly narrowed the siege circle. While deflecting the spears attack, Roberto quietly waited for a moment when an opportunity comes.




How long had passed since then ?


A few minutes, ten minutes, or even an hour, Roberto didn’t know.


Rough breathing and massive sweat drenched his whole body. His favorite battle ax and armor were dyed with blood.


It was the result of him desperately wielding his battle ax and swinging it by instincts.


“Roberto, are you alright ?!”


Suddenly from the corner of the siege circle, Signiz appeared.


Was it because he had gone through a fierce battle ? Human flesh had stuck on his iron club, and the helmet he had previously worn had disappeared.


“I’m here, Signiz !”


Roberto raised his voice as high as he could.


“Good, you’re fine… I can’t stop and walk on foot. I will breakthrough just as is !”


“Understood. Don’t worry about me !”


Signiz who quickly grasped Roberto’s situation, didn’t stop his horse and kept on pushing forward.


Since he knew that the moment he stops his horse’s momentum, he would end up inside the enemy’s enclosure as well.


As soon as Roberto and Signiz succeeded in blocking the black wave’s movement, the retreat bell was struck from both camps.