Record of Wortenia War – v5-c21



Initially, the two forces clashed forming a rectangle.


But gradually it had changed its shape little by little. The black force gradually encroached the white force.


“Oooou, this looks like  it’s going to become interesting. To think they are facing our knights head-on, and come out equal.”


While holding a battle ax that has some characteristic patterns on his horseback, Roberto narrowed his eyes looking at the state of the front line.


“Geez, you’re saying that as if it was somebody else’s problem. We’re the ones being pushed here, you know ?”


Looking at Roberto’s attitude that looked like he was enjoying the situation, Signiz could not help but wave his head.


Although on Signiz’s face, a sarcastic smile could be seen. Since this situation was something they had foreshadowed some time ago.


“Shut up, idiot… You’re the one who wanted to test our opponent hand, didn’t you ? Oh ? Our front line commanding officer has been killed, huh ?”


Listening to the report from the gasping soldier, Roberto lifted his lips and laughed.


It was a wicked smile that didn’t show any sympathy to the dead subordinates. After all, for Roberto, that commanding officer was more like a hindrance than a subordinate.


“It seems you’ve managed to kill the watchdog as ‘killed in action’ eh ?”


“Right, he was someone who always used the present head of the house as a shield after all…”


Despite saying that, Roberto seems to disagree with Signiz words a little bit.


“But, don’t get me wrong. It was not like I want him to die either. Since he had a big mouth, I gave him a job to achieve a little bit of merits, see. He should be the one who thanked me for giving him an opportunity to prove his martial arts…”


As the result of Roberto skillfully talking to him about honor and merits, the knight accepted taking command of the front line.


And the result was as everyone could see.


Roberto could gather the enemy’s ability at the expense of a difficult-to-use subordinate.


“Which means, there’s no loss huh ? Roberto. You’re stupid, but your ability at discerning other people is really great like usual.”


“Fuh… Unlike you, I don’t like to think about something difficult. If you look at someone for a bit, you can understand what kind of a guy that person is… If I can’t understand that, then I won’t be able to face the world.”


Signiz stared at Roberto’s profile that looked like he was sulking.


They had a long relationship. They did their first battle on the same battlefield, and because they had a similar circumstance, they ended up confronting each other casually and they have been continuing that budding relationship since then. Their relationship was close enough to regard themselves as best friends.


However, the nature of the two people was completely different.


Compared to the precise theorist Signiz, Roberto was more like a wild beast. A natural hunter who fights with instincts.


Even though he had good enough ability to the point he was given the same leadership rank, the evaluation of both people was completely different.


(However, Even when this man had such good military character, his ability to make a strategy was really bad.)


Despite being thought of as someone who could not read the air, Roberto was being recognized by people around as a brave warrior, and he instinctively used that evaluation about him.


And he always used his instinct to find a suitable solution, in a sense, he was a kind of genius.


“Well, whatever. I’ve got the information I needed, I suppose we should go back to it. Signiz.”


“Right. It would be bad if we get defeated in the first battle after all.”


Saying so, they both slowly activated their first chakra.


Along with their breathing, Prana began to spread around inside their bodies.


Mass of powers began to surge.


Until they reached the highest chakra they could use, Vishuddda chakra.


Among all of chakras level, which was said to have seven levels in all, it was said that turning the fifth chakra was extremely hard, and those who manage to use it were extremely few.


It was said that to be able to use it, required harsh training that was also beyond actual battles.


“Let us go, Signiz ! You take care the left wing !”


“Alright. Leave it to me !”


Both of them rushed toward the black tsunami.


Doyle who was on the front line, at that moment felt the air on the battlefield had changed.


In an instant, the atmosphere where they felt dominant was being reversed.


(What the hell ? I feel like a big beast is suddenly standing in front of me.)


He felt an itchy sensation as if something was crawling under his skins. He wondered if he was actually feeling ‘fear’.


However, Doyle didn’t try to deny the apprehension that springs up inside his heart. Feeling fear was never considered a weakness.


Doyle who used to be a slave was given a new life and opportunity in the Peninsula, being taught by the members of the Red Lion how to be a warrior.


For him, fear was an important feeling as a human being. And in his opinion, those who didn’t feel fear were only second-tier warriors.


Because you feel fear, you can protect yourself and deal with the danger properly.


(This is bad…)


His master’s words that he told him before the war resurfaced inside Doyle’s mind.


Suddenly the enemies ahead of him split up.


And what appeared in front of him was the figure of a single knight holding a battle-ax with unique patterns in his hands.


The knight was moving towards Doyle while pushing his subordinates to the sides as if he was moving through an ordinary field. It seems even Earl Salzberg’s soldiers who followed him from behind were afraid that they would get stepped on if they obstructed his path.


“A skillful one has come ! Surround him !”


Doyle felt his alarm instincts instantly warning him against the Knight in front of him.


(He must be one of the people my master had told me about, Roberto Bertrand and Signiz Garbera, I wonder which one is he. But, this is interesting, let us decide which one is the true beast among us, you or I…)


Before the appearance of the strong knight that he should keep an eye during this war, Doyle’s heart felt a deep fear but also exaltation.  


And it seems all of Doyle’s team member also felt the same.


“My name is Roberto Bertrand ! Those who don’t care about their life, come at me !”


Roberto comes like a storm.


Then he swung down his battle ax with overwhelming power.


Such power was possible from the result of using his Prana to strengthen his body. And perfectly controlling it using his will.


Intense metal sounds clashing against each other echoed throughout the battlefield. Doyle fights against such pressure with all of his power.


(Heavy… What a strong strike…)


Considering the handicap of him striking while riding a horse, Roberto’s blow was too strong.


The handle of the spear that Doyle used to defend against his battle ax blow ended up bending, Doyle then fell on one knee.


Because he was wearing a helmet, he didn’t receive any fatal injury, but Doyle almost lost consciousness due to the impact.


“Hou… That surprises me. To think you’re able to block my attack…”


Doyle heard his relaxed voice that was not suited for a battlefield.


However, it was understandable since Roberto was a strong man, that was why he felt relaxed despite being on the battlefield.


“How about this ? Sorya !”


His battle ax once again swung downwards at the same trajectory.


An attack as if his physical form was being scooped up, hit Doyle’s body.