Record of Wortenia War – v5-c20



“Now then… It seems the enemy is also feeling motivated enough…”


In the distance, Epiroz city walls could be seen. Outside of the walls, many flags embroidered with the coat of arms of the ten northern nobles houses fluttered in the air.


Since the enemy soldiers were twice their numbers, he understood that it would be more beneficial for them to fight a defensive battle.


Contrary to that, they have choosen to take the field and end this war in a single stroke. Both choices had merits and demerits in them but, the Earl and the other nobles seem to have chosen the latter.


In the first place, in their eyes, this war was a conflict between an upstart Baron against the ten northern house nobles. Even if they felt assured of winning, if they didn’t fight a little bit hard, their family name would be disgraced. Not only will they be ridiculed among the nobles of the Rozeria Kingdom, but also those of the entire continent. After all, no matter what nation, the top are still the aristocrats.


(Good, good, this means the enemy didn’t leave many soldiers inside their territory…)


There were only two choices when fighting against an enemy while lacking in information.


One was to fight a defensive battle and prevent damage as much as possible until information was available. The other one was to fight head-on with overwhelming force and strike the enemy in a single stroke.


Deep inside their hearts, they were afraid.


(These people have moved in accordance with my expectations. Well, people with high pride are relatively easy to read.)


And right now, the current situation has narrowed the choices the Rozeria Kingdom had even more… It made Ryouma feel like it was something worth the trouble to plan ahead.


All of them want one thing. And that thing was the sweet wine called victory.


“Well then, shall we begin ?”


The situation was already beyond where one could pull back. After all, they just have left everything to the instincts and weapon in one’s hand


Besides, there was no reason for him to issue a speech to uplift his soldiers’ morale right now…


Following Ryouma’s order, one of the soldier by his side blew the horn.


Both armies immediately assumed horizontal battle formation. Each army formed no less than two lines and faced against each other.


It was the most basic and orthodox formation that was often used in ancient era.


Since it was the basic formation, it was easy to immediately perform it, but because it was the basic, it had only a few characteristics.


The strong point would be that the soldiers’ contact had become stretched, and it was easier to do melee combat.


Mikoshiba Ryouma divided his army into two groups, with 500 men as the front line group, and another 500 men in the rear group.


While Earl Salzberg divided his army into three group, front, middle and rear group.


“Those guys, despite them only walking, their movement is really fast ! Is that rumor actually true ? Damn it, what is the bow unit doing ?! They are about to close the distance !”


Behind Earl Salzberg army, the commanding officer’s shoutings could be heard.


The enemy speed was something impossible to achieve if they wore metal armor. And it was questionable whether or not they could achieve it even if they only wore leather armor.


Which means, there was only one conclusion.


“I see, he decided to perform a frontal attack and single-swoop the war. Here it comes. Everyone, brace yourselves !”


The front knights raised their voices while preparing their spears.


They were knights that had survived many battlefields, thus their voices and movements didn’t show any confusion.


With the enemy army charging as if it was a black tsunami, their minds were still crystal clear.


“””Get ready !!”””


The surrounding officers shouted those words.


The moment the figures of the enemy with black armors entered range for their clear view, the knights immediately activated their chakra.


Most of the knights can activate up to three levels of chakra. It was up to Manipura chakra.


In this world, that was proof that they were competent knights.


And according to their intentions, the chakra immediately activated and strengthened their bodies.


Three steps, two steps, one step… The moment the enemy entered their spear range.


“DIE !!”


The moment the knights swung down their spears, their opponents thrusted their ax spears, causing their weapons to collide.


At that moment, a red spark flew here and there, and dull numbness hit their arms.


Second strike, third strike… one by one the enemy brought down the spears knight.


The knights desperately tried to grasp their spears so that it won’t get blown off.


(This guy, he’s equal to my power… Is this guy actually the squad leader ?)


Most of the front line knights thought the same thing.


Most skilled knights were far stronger compared to normal people.


And magic art made survival of the fittest a powerful axiom in this world. That was because, the strong could absorb Prana from the enemy they had killed, thus the strong would get stronger.


That was why the Knights thought the enemy had the same skills and age as themselves.


However, the next moment the knights doubted their ears…


“Doyle, I’ll cover your back ! Crush the enemy from left and right. I will handle this one. Go !”


The content itself was not that big of a deal. The problem was the voice.


It was the voice of a young man. His voice sounded like a teenage boy or at least a young man in their early twenties.


(It can’t be… Is this person the same age as my son ?!)


He only heard the voice for an instant, but he could feel that his age was not that different from his son that was currently living in the knight’s mansion


Nevertheless, the competence of the young man in front of him was comparable to himself.


Because he understands his own son’s skills due to daily training, compared to that the impact he received from his enemy attack was too great.


(What are they… This can’t possibly happen…)


The enemy in front of them managed to prevent and counterattack the knights’ attacks that were the results of many years of battle experience.


For the knights, it feels like they were facing a nightmare.


Eventually, after many times clashing their weapons, the knight’s attack gradually lacked precision.


Their attacks becomes monotonous and the force the knight could put also decreased.


It was not because of physical fatigue. Since the endurance and durability of a knight were beyond that of a normal human.


However, even knights who lived like a superman still had similar mental fatigue to that of ordinary people.


(This can’t be, it can’t be, no, this is impossible ! Such thing is not possible !)


In most case, a duel in a battlefield would be decided in a single blow.


And yet, here he had already exchanged blows more than ten times but victory and defeat have not yet been determined.


In all of his experience, such extensive battle only happened a few times, which he even could count in a single hand.


His self-confidence as a strong man. It was about to collapse anytime now.


“Damn you stupid brat, DIE !!”


His shout reverberated on the battlefield, the knight was attempting to give his best attack.


However, after a violent shock assailed him from behind, his hand that was about to swing his weapon hung down weakly without power.


Hot sticky fluid cough inside his throat.


The taste of rusted iron began spreading inside his mouth.


The knight, for a moment, forgot that this was a battlefield.


He slowly tried to touch his back. This feeling, he could never mistake it.


The knight slowly looked behind from his shoulder.


“You bastard, Go to hell…”


From the knight, words of curses came out. While knowing that there was no meanings for him to do that.