Record of Wortenia War – v5-c11

Chapter 5 Episode 11



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(What is he going to say? Will it be a criticism for me, or…)


Her heartbeat was beating like a fast bell. Anxiety and subtle hope dominated Lupis’ mind.

The persons who understand politics the most amongst Lupis’ subordinates, Earl Bergston and his brother-in-law, they were, in fact, the people who should’ve held initiative when it comes to reforming the country.

When Lupis took the throne, Earl Bergstone was fully demonstrating his skills as the one responsible for proposing reform. It was the time when hopes and dreams for the future were high.


However, that honeymoon period didn’t last long.

Lupis refused Bergston’s motion who proposed using state power to enforce reform. Since then, there seems to be an invinsible crack in their relations.

And such crack became evident when Lupis made the decision to reinforce the Zalda Kingdom.

To put it more bluntly, it was the result of her trying to protect Mikhail from the cold glance, but that incident left a big rift between Lupis and Bergston.

In the end, Lupis decided to send Mikoshiba Ryouma and Elena as reinforcements to the Zalda Kingdom. There were no alternatives left to her.


After that, Earl Bergston stopped attempting to formulate aggressive policy, even his brother-in-law disappeared from the conference.

The result of that was this political confusion.

There were those who lack political ability, yet are loyal. And there were people who lack loyalty but have the ability. As such, there were two problems.

Speaking of chess as an example, it felt like the queen and the knight disappeared, and only pawns were lined up.

However, in chess, the pawn can also become the strongest piece, depending on how one used it, it could become a Queen by the rule called promotion.


(For me, I have no skill, talent, or experience in politics to manage them compared to Earl Bergston…)


After all, at the end of the day, everything depends on the player.


(In truth, it might be best for me to apologize to Earl Bergston and ask for help… But, it’s impossible…)


Lupis herself also felt guilty when she made the decision.

But even when she understood that she had no other means.

And in Lupis’ current position, she could not easily voice her regrets after making a decision.

Depending on which country, a King or Queen was the highest authority in charge.

To the surroundings, these two rulers were seen as an absolute person. If people in such position apologize and doubt his or her own decision, it will cause the surroundings asking about their competence and credibility as a ruler.


And since Lupis was lacking firm achievements, she had no clear right to question other people’s competences when it comes to governance.

And more so, Lupis was afraid that by admitting that she was wrong, the people might direct their accusation at Mikhail Banashu instead.

For Lupis, he was an aide who she could trust just like Meltina. It didn’t change even when people in the surroundings looked at him with cold eyes now.

When it comes to the future of the kingdom, Lupis herself understood that she needs to leave Mikhail.

However, no ruler could abandon all of their personal desires.

For the man that Lupis looked up to as an elder brother, she could only pray that time would solve everything. <TLN: So it was a familial love rather than romantic one.>


And Earl Bergston, who had kept silence since the time their relationship got worse, asked permission to speak. It would be inevitable if even she was almost unintentionally about to raise her body from the chair.


“Sure, please go ahead. I permit you to speak, Earl Bergston.”


“Thank you very much. Your Majesty…”


Hearing Lupis’ slightly grateful voice, Earl Bergston slowly rises from his chair. And after he bowed to Lupis once, he looked around at the surroundings, then breathed out heavily.


“I think all of you realize, including her majesty, that our country has many serious problems.”


A loud voice echoed inside the room.

Although it was not intimidating, his gentle voice clearly entered everybody’s mind.

A voice of a man backed with overwhelming confidence and beliefs.


“Essentially, every problems should be resolved immediately, but, if I have to point out the most concerning one, then the invasion by Ortomea Empire of Zalda Kingdom is the highest priority.”


Everyone around the table nodded silently.

After all, inside this room, everyone was desperately trying to rebuild the kingdom for the forthcoming event.


“We managed to settle the invasion of Zalda Kingdom last year by forging an alliance with ErnestGora and the eastern countries. However, we should not let us think that everything is over by that. Right now, I heard the Zalda Kingdom is attempting negotiations with the Ortomea Empire, but I believe that also won’t settle the problem. And Ortomea Empire will find some reason to invade the Zalda Kingdom once again.”


Voices of approval rise from everyone.


“And for such Ortomea Empire, they will try to break the alliance. In this case, what kind of possible movement they would make ? When our nation needs to split its national strength to deal with issues other than the war in the Zalda Kingdom.”


Small mutters escaped someone.


“The Southern Kingdoms…”


The air inside the room froze.

Even an amateur who had a little bit of intelligence could understand, Ortomea Empire who claimed itself to be the champion of the center of the western continent cannot just withdraw as it had.

For Ortomea Empire who had placed other countries under its rule, the power lostagainst the Zalda Kingdom might lead discontented elements to then start to take the opportunity.

If that was the case then, Ortomea Empire could not afford to lose another war against the Zalda Kingdom. It was easy to see that Ortomea Empire would come up with a measure to achieve that goal.


Amongst the strategies Ortomea Empire would choose, most likely they would trigger something with the various southern Kingdoms, and cause hostility between two countries, Rozeria and Mist Kingdoms.


In the first place, the negotiations between the Zalda Kingdom and Ortomea Empire could happen because Mikoshiba Ryouma attacked Ortomea’s logistical base, causing their army to become isolated while the three eastern countries and ErnestGora tried to form an alliance to deal with Ortomea Empire.

Even if Ortomea Empire was being regarded as a great country, it won’t be able to easily stomp the alliance of the four countries.

With that being in the way, Ortomea then must think of how to break the cooperation of these countries.

The easiest way was that to increase one’s allies while trying to divide one’s opponents.

And the easiest way for Ortomea Empire to gain allies was by making contact with the southern countries, where they had repeated bloody battles with each other.

The southern countries’ lands were mostly small, and their national strength was not that high, but their individual soldiers were very strong due to the combat experiences they had. In actuality, the Rozeria Kingdom also had several confrontations against the southern countries in the past.

If such confrontation were to happen again, then even if Rozeria Kingdom’s national strength was better compared to the current one, they still wouldn’t be able to send reinforcements to help the Zalda Kingdom.


(In the first place, if the situation were to remain like this, when the invasion happens, it would be hard for us to stop it. If that is the case then it might have been actually better if Lupis-sama stayed as a figurehead and let Duke Gerhardt rule as a prime minister…)


Such ironic imagination crossed Earl Bergston’s mindand  caused him to leaked a small sigh.

The late Hodram and Duke Gerhardt were certainly problematic people.

They were self-righteous arrogant men, ambitious men who would do anything to raise their influence within the Rozeria Kingdom and make the king their puppet.

If one was trying to evaluate them, they were indeed despicable people. That was why a war broke out to remove those two men’s influence and return the power to the throne.

However, what was the result of that ?

The Rozeria Kingdom became a country filled with a flock of sheep without a shepherd.


(However, it does not mean we have to stay put without doing anything… This will decide everything…)


The room fell into silence. Everyone waited for Earl Bergston next words.

Earl Bergston takes out his last trump card from the bag he had placed on his feet while receiving a curious sight from the surroundings. For this reason, he had kept silence for months.

However, the goddess of fate betrays Earl Bergston once again.


“Well then, this is…”


Earl Bergston took a heavy breath before continuing, but at that moment, the door of the room was knocked.