Record of Wortenia War – v5-c10

Chapter 5 Episode 10



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It was the turning point of history.

The beginning of an incident that would later be engraved deeply into the history of the western continent, and it started with one seemingly unchanging morning.


“I told you it is up to you how to handle that, isn’t it ? If you can’t do it then for what reason did we appoint you ? This is not about can or can’t do. No matter what it takes, make it work…”


Inside the Rozeria royal capital, Pireaus.

A shouting came from a woman and echoed inside the white castle located in the center of the city.

The two guards who heard the voice coming from inside the room could only sigh.

These two people didn’t hate the lord of the room.

It was because they understood how hard the person had worked as someone who the young ruler of Rozeria trusted.

However, having to hear such shoutings daily, it could not help it that they wanted to sigh.


(It was a bad day today, huh…. Or rather, today too…)


Such thoughts appeared inside one of the man’s mind.

In actuality, there was not even a day where the lord of the room seems to be in a good mood.

Back then when it was her first day after being given this big job, she entered the room with a smile on her face.

And in the past few months, this spectacle happened every day.


“But, Lord Lecter. Even I could only stand and watch without being able to do anything…”


A tall yet thin young man began to make an excuse to Meltina.

Thin sweat appeared on this nervous man.

Following the young man, the middle-aged man who was watching from the side opened his mouth slowly.

His stomach that protruded like a bag looked impressive.


“That’s right. To be honest, we have no other way to do this. Of course, the problem will be solved immediately if her majesty makes her decision. However, right now the possibility is low. With that being the case, I suggest we do not rush and try to break it down gradually and make some allies…”


Being shouted down by Meltina who was younger and also a woman, both men faces showed dissatisfied expression.

Even though they didn’t show it, they were experienced, low-level bureaucrats. They both had the experience and also achievements in handling various projects.

And according to them, Meltina demands wouldn’t be able to be realized under current conditions.


(What are you being haughty for, you’re just some novice when it comes to politics !  You’re here just because you’re her majesty lackey…)


If they spat out the dark feelings inside their hearts, it was hard to imagine how refreshed they would be.

The men desperately endured their desires that wanted to shout at Meltina without mercy.

It was not because they were arrogant, but they felt like that because of their pride as a person. More so when the situation present was not because of their fault.

Still, they cannot show their anger at Meltina here.

They aren’t doing so not because of right or wrong, but more because of courtesy. They simply didn’t want their future work being affected by it.

These two men didn’t mean bad. They both understood the root cause of Lupis’ policy not going as they had expected, thus they proposed some measures to Meltina at an early stage.

While the two worked as much as possible within the scope of their position. Which was why, despite not having a good result, it cannot be said that everything was their fault.


However, whether or not Meltina could show understanding to that argument was doubtful.

Or rather, as far as Melita character was concerned, the conclusions were visible.

She won’t hear other people if it was not the same as her own justice or feelings. On the other hand, she might’ve ended up hating the people who deny her righteousness.

Towards those two men, Meltina eyebrows frowned. And her finger played frustrating tap dance on the table.


(Does that mean you need time ? Are you stupid ? Do you think we have that kind of time ?)


They were officials appointed when Lupis ascended to the throne.

Although these two men were rumored to be particularly outstanding among the young and middle-ranking officials, originally they wouldn’t have had the chance to be in their current office. That was until Lupis took the throne.

It was because of Lupis that they could take the job of senior bureaucrats despite being only from lower-class aristocracy.

That was why they could not say no…

But even so, they still arrived at the conclusion that the policy was not possible unless the reality changed.


“Need time you said ? Don’t be stupid… Just how much more time do you need to spent ?!”


A considerable amount of time had passed since Lupis took charge of the state’s affairs.

Several months had passed since Meltina took her new job.


(Yet, nothing changes… Nothing at all…)


Lupis got the throne… And became the ruler of the Rozeria Kingdom.

However, if one were to be asked whether or not there was some change, the answer would be difficult to say… There were some indeed. It was just that everything went bad compared to before her crowning.

Even Meltina herself could feel it.

That she could not carelessly neglect the problem. How nice it would be if she could just admit it that everything was unmanageable.


“Whatever… enough for today, looking at your faces more than this feels sickening. Go and return to your offices immediately. I’m expecting a more decent report tomorrow…”


After frustratingly chasing away the two men, Meltina sits deeply into her sofa.

The moment she heard the closing door, she heaves a deep sigh. While looking at the ceiling, Meltina massages her eyebrows.

Her fingers got a little wet from doing it.


“Why… why won’t everyone cooperate with her Majesty? Why only pursue their own interests. Does nobody love this country ?” <TLN: No offense, but I think this is why we don’t see teenage daydreamers become politicians in our world>


For Meltina, the Rozeria Kingdom was like a mother to her, and a very important existence. She believed that it was natural for her to drain herself to help the said important existence.

For such Meltina, the current situation was very hard to fathom.

Prior to Lupis sitting on the throne, Duke Gerhardt was the one who managed the state affairs, many people were afraid of tomorrow. Only senior aristocrats and their underlings prospered. And Meltina wanted to change that situation.

All efforts were made to make sure Lupis took the throne.

Looking at the circumstances, whether the effort was appropriate or not, it was not the problem now.

What was important for her, was that Meltina believed that she had bet all of her everything on it.

Indeed, she had put much effort into her work, and the surroundings were also able to see it.


However, despite Meltina’s efforts, the country didn’t change. Aristocrats who corrode the country and use their authority as a shield. They only think about their own prosperity. Merchants that utilize their abundant financial capabilities and connections colluding with the nobles, they all still existed. Lastly, those people who hate the situation yet are only complaining… They all criticized Lupis.


(If this continues this country would be… Just what should we do?)


Meltina fully understands that there were problems. However, she didn’t know how to solve it.

It was like a mountaineer that was about to conquer the mountain that no one had managed to conquer.

Although one could see the mountaintop, one didn’t have the map or knew the path to reach there…


“Fuuh, I can’t, I can’t be like this… Her Majesty is in a harder position than I do… I will support her with everything I can…”


After heaving a small sigh, Meltina stood up from her sofa. She then moves towards the figure mirror placed on the corner of the room.

Her clothes were vibrant and as beautiful as usual. However, Meltina’s face was definitely looking tired, and her eyelids were slightly swollen.


“What a horrible face I had… Despite the fact that I’m about to have a meeting after this…”


Gently stroking her cheeks, Meltina opened her cosmetic box placed on the shelf. Even though she’s not that good when it comes to using cosmetics, still she could not go to a meeting with such a fuzzy face.




“Now then, what is today agenda? Are there any other topics ?”


Lupis opened her mouth slowly while looking around at the people sitting on the roundtable, the room was being illuminated by the setting sun coming from the windows.

From the bottom of her heart, Lupis was tired of these meetings that were being held every day starting at 2:00 p.m.

The constantly unchanged conference room, the unchanging expression, the same discussions and the same topics. She felt this meeting was just a waste of time…

She wanted the conversation to move forward even if it was just a little.

In this kind of situation, the duty of making the meeting progress make it feel like a bad luck.


(In the end, it is just me holding a meeting again today… Nothing determined, nothing improved. They merely swear at each other, throwing responsibility back at each other…)


Everyone in this place were people chosen by Lupis.

They were people that had no problems governing on their territory despite not being in the nobles’ faction

A clean, and fair country. They were supposedly the talent Lupis had chosen for the sake of making such country.

Thinking that Lupis almost accidentally heaved a sigh. Right now, she can’t show an attitude or behavior that could be described as indifferent towards politics and current circumstances.

Lupis, in her own way, just wanted to fulfill her duty as the ruler of the Rozeria Kingdom.


(Is there anyone? What should we do? Is there anyone with some idea?)


Lupis looked around with stabbing eyes. That didn’t mean that she didn’t understand the situation the country was in. In fact, her desire to solve the problem was stronger compared to everyone present in this room.

However, Lupis could not come up with a solution to solve the problem. The only thing she could think of right now was to pray that someone would suggest a means to solve the problem.

However, everyone averted their gaze away from Lupis’ eyes.

Even her closest aides Meltina and Mikhail did the same.


“No one has some suggestions, is it ?”


Then something happens when Lupis was looking around one more time before she ended the meeting.

Earl Bergston, sitting on the left of Lupis, raised his hand gently.


“Your majesty, may I say something ?”


The surroundings immediately directed their eyes toward the Earl at the same time.