Record of Wortenia War – v4-c5

Chapter 4 Episode 5

(A messenger of neighboring country 3)
Midnight, 3rd Day, 11th Month, the Year 2813, Western continent calendar. 

In a private room within the royal castle given to Mikhail. two men confronted each other across the lamp placed on the desk. – 
One was the master of this room. 
The other was a man who should not be inside this room. 

“It seems the dispatch of troops has been decided as planned.” 

Toward the sudden words Sudou had spoken, Mikhail who was sitting across him frowned. 

“How did you know that? We still have not yet make it public you know?” 

It was decided during the meeting today that the kingdom would sent reinforcement. 
Such information had already been issued to the public offices, but the man in front of Mikhail should not be part of any of such offices. 
Even if he will find out sooner or later, it was surprising that he could find out about it within the same day the decision was made. 

“Even if you tried to hide it, such information would spread sooner or later.” 

Toward Sudou’s arrogant attitude, Mikhail frowned further. 

“As usual you’re as arrogant as ever huh. Sudou…” 

It sounded like he was complimented him but, Mikhail’s eyes obviously showed despise toward Sudou. 

‘You’re just a vulgar commoner who was sneaking around the castle.’ 
Although he did not put those words out, Sudou felt like Mikhail gaze told him so. 

“Well, I have no other talent than that.” 

“Fuuh… I could not understand why Ladine chooses a guy like you to be her aide.” 

“Similar to Mikhail-sama, one cannot evaluate the other’s loyalty toward the royal family without accepting the good and the bad sides.” 

“But I don’t think you have any loyalty to the Rozeria Kingdom.” 

Mikhail replied him while feeling displeased. 
Looking at him, Sudou mocked Mikhail inside his mind. 

(Such an idiot. Being unable to restrain himself with just a mere small provocation.) 

Since last year’s civil war was over, Mikhail image had plummeted. 
If one had to say it clearly, in fact, it was not just decreasing but his image had turned into minus. 

(I guess this guy has already been driven to a corner… What left is just for me to give him the finishing blow. Now then, how should I make him fall?) 

Once he was known as Lupis adjutants he was praised as a glorious and best knight in the kingdom. 
As a master swordsman, she had gained an unwavering trust from Lupis. 
And his loyalty was once said to be one of Rozeria Kingdom treasure. 
That was until he became a prisoner of war, being a prisoner of war was a huge embarrassment, and instead of getting punished accordingly, he only got himself a house arrest for a few month, not only that, after he was being released, Lupis picked him up as the commander of the royal guard, caused his colleagues to looked at him with negative eyes. 

Of course, it was natural for a ruler to put a reliable and trustworthy aide near you if you’re Lupis. But the surrounding people won’t understand that. 
As a result, the surrounding thought of Mikhail as a coward who only survives because Lupis favored him. 
And Mikhail reputation fell down to the ground following the rumor mixed with truth and lies made by Sudou spread inside and outside the castle. 
His subordinates and colleagues gradually showed disdain toward him. And nobles started to ridicule him. 
For someone as prideful as Mikhail, the current situation was a living hell. 
If he was a truly wicked man then he won’t care such situation. 
But because he was genuinely a proud human, he was unable to bear such reality. 
That was why he started to look down on others so that he can raise himself. 
Despite knowing that doing such a thing would only narrow one’s mind… 
He tried to not depend on anyone, but because he tried to do that he ended up getting isolated. And because he was isolated from the surrounding, he fell down further. 
Thus, just like that, Mikhail was unable to escape his own self-bondage. 

“I course, I’m not someone with stature like Mikhail-sama after all. However, Ladine-sama is still a child. Even though she had already been recognized as a royalty, there were only a few people who swore loyalty from the bottom of their hearts to her. Even a vulgar person such as I could understand that you see.” 

“I see…” 

Mikhail answered while showing a satisfied smile on his face. 
Such small praise from him had already made Mikhail’s small-pride satisfied. 
Although he smiled at him while saying those words, Mikhail knew that it was a blatant flattery. 
However, such poisonous words give off a sweet fragrant scent for Mikhail who has become weak after being ridiculed all the time by his subordinates and colleagues. 
That was why, even if he knew that Sudou said a lie, he might just want to be caught by that sweet words… 

“By the way… I had already made the suggestion, just as you said. Are you sure this will be fine?” 

“Of course. Although this might sound rude, does Mikhail-sama have another way?” 

Sudou asked Mikhail a question. 

“That is… But how are we going to expect him to do it obediently? At worst, we might actually cause internal disturbance instead…” 

As expected, although he hated Mikoshiba Ryouma for a personal reason, it seemed like a small amount of his judgmental ability was still intact. 

(Truly, a contradiction huh… To think he gives suggestion during the meeting just like I had told him despite knowing this much. I wonder, how should I call this man head, a smart one or the other way around… Oh well,  this is why you’re suited to be my puppet.) 

Sudou tried to suppress his ridicule while showing a soft smile toward Mikhail. 
Although it was Sudou direction, Mikhail’s mind and act were certainly contradicting each other. 
Mikhail had lamented his current situation but he seemed to also have blamed Mikoshiba Ryouma for it. 
Impatience, hatred, jealousy, anger. 
Such burning feeling filled Mikhail’s heart and mind thus clouded his normal judgment. 

“If that’s the case then everything should be fine. He will be viewed as the disloyal retainer, and Mikhail-sama loyalty toward the royal family would come to light once again.” 


“Do not be afraid to shed some blood when it comes to justice.” 

“But still… This will go smoothly right?” 

Mikhail’s face was full of anxiety. 

“Mikhail-sama. Do not be afraid. Everyone in the surrounding actually knows that Mikhail-sama is correct. Since it would be impossible to govern a state with a feeling of guilt. Sometimes one has to do absurd things to defend one own country. And right now, Mikhail-sama is the only one who could do it. For saving the Kingdom of Rozeria, for the sake of her highness Lupis!” 

Sudou’s strong words silenced Mikhail. 
One minute, two minutes. Their line of sight crossed over in silence for a period of times. 

“I understand… I will believe in you.” 

“That’s good. Then, afterward, just like we had planned.” 

Sudou said those words and left Mikhail’s room. 
And Mikhail could only look at him in silence while he left. – 


Sudou who had left Mikhail’s room walked as quickly as possible to avoid eye contacts with other people. 

(Well, it has gone according to my plan, smoothly enough that I want to dance in joy…) 

Recalled his meeting just now, a dark smile appeared on Suodu’s face. 
People believe what they wanted to believe. 
After the civil war, Mikhail ability and personality had ended up being doubted by the others. 
That was why the sweet words from Sudou easily invade Mikhail’s heart. 
As for his grudge against Mikoshiba Ryouma. 
Well, it was actually just a mere small grudge. 
However, after spending nearly a year together, Sudou had managed to turn that small grudge into a justice. 
The justification of that justice was in the name of defending the Kingdom of Rozeria. 

(But still, while thinking about the country, he actually ended up undermining his country with a pretext of loyalty toward the Royal family. Khuhuhuhu, what a comical guy.) 

Lupis confidence in Mikhail also had backfired. 
The more she tried to protect him, the more Mikhail’s surrounding ridiculed him.  
When that happens, Lupis would protect him again. Then the vicious circle never end. 
Well, of course, Sudou had also shed various rumors within and outside the royal castle by his own hands. 

(I guess this is what happens if the bond between the ruler and retainer had gone too far huh…)

Such an irony. 
Mikhail who holds such high loyalty did not hold any power in his hand, while Mikoshiba Ryouma who did not have any shred of loyalty ended up holding the future of this country. 

(After this, how Mikoshiba Ryouma will move I wonder? He’s kinda hard to predict. But this time, it’s already the third time we confronted each other… I wish he will finally disappear this time. Now then, how is he going to move?) 

Since the time Mikoshiba Ryouma got himself in this world, two years had passed since then. 
Sudou’s side had confronted him when they pursued him during the aftermath of Gaies death, and during the involvement of Rozeria civil war, this was the third time his side was going up against Mikoshiba Ryouma.

(Although we will appreciate it if he’s not participating, but based on how he usually move, he will definitely join the reinforcement mission… The problem now is how much the cost he will put in exchange for him to move since I’m sure he won’t do it for free.) 

Whether or not he wants to reinforce the Zalda Kingdom, the situation did not permit him to answer no. 
If he refused to join the reinforcement, Mikoshiba Ryouma would be put in a difficult situation regardless the reinforcement obtained victory or defeat. 
It would be a different story if he had already finished his preparation for independence, but such story was impossible if one were to think with common sense. 
If that is the case, will Mikoshiba Ryouma participate with the reinforcement free of charges? Judging from his character, he will without a doubt demanded something from Lupis in a negotiation. 

(Will it be money? Or territory?… There is the possibility of him asking rank as well… But well, if we think of something that is less troublesome, he might just demand some gold.) 

It was clear that the development of Wortenia peninsula had not yet done, they won’t be able to manage it if they increased the territory. 
If he asked the free adjacent territory near the peninsula, such territory might have ended up as an enclave. 

(If I remember correctly, the closest territory to the Wortenia peninsula belonged to Earl Salzberg, with a border with the Zalda Kingdom nearby… It would be impossible to give him who only held the title of a Baron such territory. Which left us with Gold or higher ranks, but considering his personality, there is a high chance that he won’t ask for a higher rank. Since he is going to throw away the Rozeria Kingdom after all. Thus, he will definitely won’t ask a higher rank from a country he was going to throw.) 

It would be different if he was going to stay permanently within the Rozeria Kingdom. Since Mikoshiba Ryouma might develop his own country or fall under the protection of another country, he won’t ask higher rank as a reward. 
However, it was certain that it would cost a lot of money to develop the Wortenia peninsula. 

(I guess he will ask some gold… Now then, how much is he going to ask, I wonder…) 

By the amount of money, he asked, one can predict Mikoshiba Ryouma movement in the future. 

(If he asked for around tens of thousands then it might get paid for the next ten years, but if he asked more than a hundred million then… I might have to move up our plan a little bit…) 

Sudou could not help but have fun with the current situation. 
When he was summoned to this world, he had no choice but to lament the difference of the living environment, but he seemed to be better living in this world. 
Manipulate and controls people using plans at every turn. 
A sense of fulfillment that he won’t be able to obtain in Japan. 
Especially when his stratagem will decide the victor of a war that took place somewhere else. 

(Now then, I can’t wait for what happen next…) 

Sudou smiled while feeling convinced that he will obtain victory.