Record of Wortenia War – v4-c28

Chapter 4 Episode 28

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The next morning, Elena was staring at the Ortomea Empire’s  army who camped far away.
The cold wind that blows from the mountains caused Elena’s hairs to sway.

(They have risen up earlier than usual… I guess they are trying to settle the battle today or tomorrow… Those guys, they have grown impatient, huh?)

Her warrior sense sniffed out the subtle difference in the situation.
Coupled with her tempered body, she also possesses eyes that could see the enemy’s teams kilometers away.

(At last, they are going to strike with full power huh?)

Elena muttered those words while staring at the innumerable white smokes.
The possibility that smokes goes up on a battlefield before a battle is due to start, was limited.
Judging by the time, it was highly possible the smokes were coming from the enemy’s breakfast preparations.

“Good morning, Elena. It seems like the enemy has finally decided to settle the battle, huh?”

Clear like the sound of a bell, Eclatia speaks to Elena from behind. She had come to the fort wall while bringing her guards along.
Fascinating jet-black hair that was combed carefully.
The smell of perfume subtly tickles Elena’s nose.
If she were told that Eclatia was a noble daughter that was raised with tender care, she would not doubt it. However, Eclatia didn’t wear a silk dress, but instead, she wore full body iron armor.
On the surface of her armor, countless scratches could be seen.
It was evidence that Eclatia was no sheltered child.

“Good morning, Eclatia… Indeed, it seems the enemy is going to do just that…”

Elena keeps staring at the rising white smoke without looking backward.

“Roughly, the situation has developed in the direction Mikoshiba-sama had predicted…”

Elena shakes Eclatia’s hand after she arrived by her side, then both of them turned their gazes forward.

“They seem to take their sweet time by having a proper breakfast… Probably they won’t pull back their army even when the time has already entered evening…”

Once the battle begins, unlike Elena who performed defensive battles, the Ortomea Empire army who was on the attacking wouldn’t have time to eat until they withdraw the soldiers during the evening.
Of course, it was not like they didn’t have preserved food, but other than that the only things they could eat without cooking were nuts and fruits.
It was better to have something rather than nothing.
Furthermore, the Ushias basin had a climate peculiar to that of the highlands with low temperatures.
Inevitably, it was necessary to firmly fill one’s belly in the morning before the start of the battle.
Due to that, it was normal to see such smokes go up in the morning.

“I see now… They are going to perform a night assault, huh?”

Hearing Elena’s words, Eclatia lifted her lips and laughed.
One needs a lot of preparations to do a night battle.
For a commander, it was natural to prepare as much as possible, and wish that the other side won’t find out about their plan before the battle begins.

However, no matter how careful the preparations, if the other side catches on it, then there was no meaning.
Because if one knows the enemy’s movement beforehand, one can prepare for countermeasures.

“To be more accurate, they seem to have decided to attack us throughout the night. Considering how they split the troops, by splitting into three or four they could attack us without taking a break…”

“They try to win through physical endurance and reducing our morale huh?”

Eclatia nodded her head while putting her finger to her chin.
For the experienced commanders, they could read such informations just from cooking smokes.
Starting from the supplies condition, the soldier’s morale, up to the commander’s expectation…
However, only a small amount of people could do such a thing.
How much information they could read was also different depending on the individual.

“Now then, how are we going to deal with this?”

It was a question, but Eclatia said those words with a strong confidence.
As if she had already decided what to do in this situation.
Seeing Eclatia’s eyes shine brightly, Elena showed a bitter smile.
For Elena, Eclatia’s behavior was like a child waiting for their mother to come bringing sweets.

“I guess so, don’t you feel tired of fighting a defensive battle?”

“True, to be honest, I have no passion or love regarding defensive battles…”

Toward Elena’s question, Eclatia answered while shrugging her shoulders.
Eclatia who had the nickname of windstorm was more accustomed to aggressive warfare.
Eclatia Marienel was more used to attacking the enemy with a surprise attack with highly mobile units.

“If that’s the case, isn’t this a good chance…?”

It was a conversation between fellow Generals.
Elena’s words were ambiguous, but Eclatia managed to accurately read what she meant.
This time, the reinforcements led by Eclatia were made of mixed troops.
Up until now, they didn’t have much opportunities to play an active part, since it was mostly a defensive battle, but when the time for their turn to attack come, they will wreck a havoc on the Ortomea Empire’s army.

“Indeed, that is true… Then, I will accept Elena-sama’s offer and rampage around for a bit. I really dislike defensive battles after all…”

Elena shakes her head in bewilderment towards Eclatia who proclaimed herself as someone who was weak in defensive battles.
After spending several months together, Elena had already recognized that she had enough ability.
And from Eclatia’s perspective, she also felt the same way towards Elena.

“Alright then, I will also contact Grahart from here then…”

“Will you make it in time?”

Elena floats a bitter smile in response to Eclatia who tilted her head.

“it is fine… He’s one of the best people within this country. I think both of you are a great match, you know?”

Although he was under General Belharres’s shadow all this time which makes him lacking in recognition, Elena appreciated Grahart’s ability and loyalty towards the royal family.
Humans with low loyalty but skills. And humans who have high loyalty but are incompetent.
Among such people, Grahart was a rare existence that has high loyalty and also capabilities in him.
That was one of the reasons why Grahart was given the command of the forts located in the mountains.

“I understand. I will leave that to Elena-sama then… Well then, please excuse me…”

Having said that, Eclatia bowed her head elegantly to Elena and left the place.
A ferocious and meaningful smile appeared on Eclatia’s face when she left.
Like a hungry wolf that has finally found its prey…
“Oi, move quickly! The commanding officer will be mad at us!”

“Fuck… I wish you’d woken me earlier… Geez…”

A similar complaint was being raised one after another while the soldiers were standing in line.
The time of meals was equal to warfare.
There was a lot of steam rising from the large pan set up here and there, but it was doubtful if all the soldiers could get a full bowl of warm soup.
Worst-case scenario, the last one could only get the soup water without any ingredients in it.
For lower-level soldiers who have to line up for a meal even on the battlefield, the amount and the quality of foods were an important part that was directly linked to their lives.

In addition, today, by the order of the commanding officers, the soldiers were woken up earlier than usual.
It was natural for them to feel frustrated.

“Shut yer crap ! If you guys are to continue complaining, I will report all of you to the commander !”

When the cook hit the rim of his iron pot, the surroundings scowled at him.
However, while he wore everything white. Which made him looked like an ordinary chef, his chest was thick and his arms muscle were bulging.
Indicating him as someone who has experience going to the battlefield.
His voices immediately shut down the surrounding people.

“Geez ! It was annoying for us too you know… Now hurry up, next ! move your ass or I will kick your butts !”

After he muttered his dissatisfaction towards his boss in a small voice, he shouted at the soldiers waiting in line to move.
The distribution of meals on a battlefield was very important and needed a lot of care.
The soldiers often snap at each other even if it was just because of small things.
And if someone showed a small opening, the others would treat that person as a novice.
As a chef, one should not yield against those rowdy soldiers.

“Geez… These guys are mostly only complaining. If you want to be treated better, then go and succeed in life…”

When the soldiers heard the chef spit those words, the soldiers knitted their eyebrows looking puzzled.
Suddenly, they felt like the earth trembled.
At first, it was only a small vibration, but it gradually became stronger.

(An earthquake ?)

The surrounding soldiers also began to notice.
Everyone stopped their meals and looked around them.

“Is this an earthquake? No… This is different… It’s vibrations from horse’s hooves !”

“Enemy attack ! The enemy is attacking !”

“Fuck, what are the scouts doing ?!”

“Fuck whatever, just move your ass. There’s no time to eat !”

Shouting voices in panic could be heard one after another.
And the next moment, countless arrows fell down on them like a rain from the sky.