Record of Wortenia War – v4-c21

Chapter 4 Episode 21

Editors : Starbuck11, Kev

“Do you really think we would do such a thing?! Are you making fun of the Zalda Kingdom?! There’s no way we want to survive while enduring such humiliation!”

It was midnight, a time where most of its residents already slept, such high voice resounded inside one of the rooms within the royal castle.
It was a voice filled with fury, the roar of a lion whose pride was being hurt.
Grahart stared at Ryouma full of anger.
Julianus had intentionally ordered the people to empty the room beforehand, but due to how high the voice was they had unintentionally turned theirhis eyes toward the door.
That big voice was certainly suited for someone who was used to command in battle, but it was not suitable for someone doing private talk.
Bitter smiles also appeared on Elena’s face sitting next to Ryouma, and also on the woman who was sitting on the left of Grahart.

“This was never about can or cannot. In fact, there is no other way… Or do you want to be destroyed by Ortomea just like this?”

Ryouma talked back without even changing his complexion accepting all of Grahart anger.

“What are you saying?! We have not lost  to anyone yet! In the first place, your proposal is an empty theory. If it was only my nation we might lose, but not if we have Rozeria and Mist Kingdoms like now, that is what I think. If you thought the other two countries would accept your proposal, then you’re insane!”

“Well, that is indeed true… Then, Grahart-san, do you have another way for us to win this war? There are several methods if you just want to delay the extinction of your nation for a few years, but if you want to save the Zalda Kingdom and win… Then there is no other way…”

“That is the purpose of the war council, to discuss this kind of things! Look at you, at that time you only kept silent in the corner of the room, and now you act all important ! Your majesty! I set up this meeting due to Elena-sama reputation, but I think I cannot allow this to continue anymore! This is only a waste of time. Please return to your room.”

Grahart turned his face toward Julianus and urged him to leave.
However, Julianus replied while stroking his white beard, and narrowing his eyes.

“Well, wait, Grahart. We finally managed to set this meeting after going through all the troubles. Let’s not rush to a conclusion.”

Listening to Ryouma’s wish for a private talk, they had set this meeting with great effort.  
Thus the King thought it was no good if they ended the meeting half-way.

“However, your majesty. This man’s proposal is only a pipe dream. First of all, if we do it the way he said, our nation would end up becoming the possession of ErnestGora instead.”

However, what Julianus said after that was a surprise even for Grahart.

“Isn’t that fine, Grahart ?”

After he said those words, silence ruled the room.
Even Elena could not hide her surprised expression.

“Y-Your majesty…”

“What are you surprised about? If we stay just like this, we will end up as Ortomea Empire’s vassal state, if not that, the only other way is to lead my people to an honorable death. Either way, the result will not change much from that. If that is the case then, why not choose to be a vassal state to the one with the better condition.”

If they fought until the end, then Zalda Kingdom’s land would fall into ruin.
The lives of the people would also fall into ruin.
That also applied even if the Zalda Kingdom voluntarily suggested to become a vassal state via negotiation.
After all, a war was always filled with economic activity.
The more important the war expenditure they had to spend, the more money Ortomea Empire would squeeze next from Zalda who had become their vassal state.
Every year, they would’ve demanded the Zalda kingdom for a hefty tribute.
And also an unequal tariff rate.
The difference was whether they choose instant or slow death, no matter which one Zalda choose, their situation remained the same.
But, that was not because Ortomea Empire was an evil state either.
After all, they also understood that their country would end up falling if they did not recover the cost of war from somewhere. –

“Becoming ErnestGora’s vassal state isnot a problem in itself. However, Mikoshiba-dono. It would be meaningless if we ended up with a situation that is similar to becoming Ortomea’s vassal state. Am I right?”

Toward Julianus question, Ryouma nodded his head.
Ryouma also understood that was a question that naturally would come out.

“That was the reason why I had asked to gather the representatives from all three nations, the Zalda, the Rozeria, and the Mist Kingdoms. Well, first of all, I would like to correct something, what I suggested was not to become a vassal state, but an alliance of four countries with ErnestGora at the top… But then again, I can also understand, and it was also not completely wrong if you mistook this action as to become their vassal state.”

“The thing I don’t understand the most is that! Why do we have to involve another country in our circumstances ? Furthermore, we have repeatedly sent a messenger after the battle of Notiz Plain to encourage them to participate in the war. But look at the result, one year has passed but they never moved. I do not believe that your plan can be realized.”

Grahart bites at Ryouma again.
His words might be because of he hating the plan, but his words were also not wrong.

(Geez… Why won’t you listen to someone until they finished speaking? Mikhail also did the same as him… Is this due to their occupation?)

Ryouma sighed hard.
Although Grahart was not wrong, Ryouma had also drawn the plan after many considerations.
If people listened to someone until they are finished talking, then most would come to understand each other, but most people would become irritated the moment certain topics they didn’t like were brought open and then they would refuse to listen further.
It might be understandable since Grahart wanted to protect his country so much, but Ryouma’s patience also had run out.

(In the first place, isn’t this because of your incompetence that here I ended up as a reinforcement? After all, the defeat of the Notiz Plain was also because you people had fallen into the enemy’s trap. You morons! If you guys don’t like my plan, then clean up your own mess by yourself!)

For Ryouma, he wanted the Zalda Kingdom to survive.
If the Zalda Kingdom fell here, the Ortomea Empire would overrun the Eastern countries like an avalanche.
The Mist Kingdom might survive to some extent due to their strong economic power, but the Rozeria Kingdom which had not yet recovered from last year civil war wouldn’t be able to survive.
Or rather, since Lupis policy was not functioning properly, the situation within the Rozeria Kingdom itself might be worse than last year.
Under such circumstances, there was no way they could handle another problem.
For Ryouma, he had racked his brain out just to think of a way out of this desperate situation.
Nevertheless, he could not forgive someone shouting in the middle of him telling his plan to the point that it instigates Julianus to stand up.
Dark flames began to burn inside Ryouma’s heart.
And they were gradually eating Ryouma’s reason.

(Fine then, should I murder you?)

Such idea crossed Ryouma’s mind.
Even if he was the leader of a knight order, if Ryouma ordered the Iga clan to send its best person to perform an assassination, he would die.

“Grahart-sama you’re too fast at drawing the conclusion, don’t you think? Mikoshiba-sama has not yet explained all of it you know? And just like his majesty Julianus had said, we have put a lot of effort just to make this meeting happen. It is up to you to decide if the plan is foolish or not, but first, how about listen to it until the end?”

A bright and refreshing voice echoed inside the room, it was a woman voice.
Listening to her voice, the fire of anger inside Ryouma’s heart rapidly faded away.

(That was bad… Recently, my line of thought has become somewhat hasty… I guess, I felt unconsciously cornered too huh?)

Immediately making the nuisance disappeared.
That was not a wrong pattern of thought, but one could not live with that alone.
A hasty decision would only create another enemy.
Besides, in this kind of situation, it was better to have more allies even though they were a bit stupid.
Making such ally disappear was only a last resort. –

“Marienel-dono… Do you find something worthy in this man’s plan?”

Grahart expression became distorted from her unexpected words. –
Since it was from a General of another country who had also come as a reinforcement, even if Grahart felt dissatisfied, he had no choice but to listen.

“Of course-desuwa. After all, it was quite an interesting plan…” <TLN: She speaks with ‘desuwa’ in every possible sentence, like an Ojou-sama? but hey, this is a translation novel, not romaji novel, thus I won’t put that desuwa in every sentence.>

Saying that, Eclatia turned her eyes toward Ryouma.

“Mikoshiba-sama… am I right? I’ve heard your name… During the civil war last year, you had fought for her majesty Lupis and got a wonderful achievement. Am I right, Elena-sama?”

“Indeed, he is the best strategist and tactician I know… Just like I have said to Grahart-san before, but it seems like he could not believe it…”

Elena replied while waving her head as if feeling disappointed.  

“H-However, which part of his plan  is worth that much ?…”

“Enough, Grahart. Leave the room if you can’t listen to Mikoshiba-dono silently.”

Being admonished by his lord, Grahart showed a hesitated expression.

“I’m sorry for interrupting your talk. Grahart seems to have understood his actions as well. Could you continue?”

“Of course. Your majesty.”

Urged by Julianus, Ryouma nodded his head and continue talking about his plan.


“Elena-sama… He is indeed an able and sharp person…”

“Right, as far as I know, his strategy is top rate.”

“And also, as an individual warrior…”

After the talk was over, the only ones who remained inside the room were Eclatia and Elena.
Sitting face to face, they talked among themselves while drinking some wine. –

“That was not just a mere clever plan, right?”

Elena nodded quietly after listening to Eclatia’s muttering.

“I don’t think it was just a mere clever plan. Since it was also a plan that has been brought out actively during the war council…”

“But then again, it was a plan that no one could realize in the past one year… Does Elena-sama think Mikoshiba-sama can do it?”

Elena swung her head responding to her question.

“I’m not sure. Although during the meeting, if it was that child I felt he could realize it… But to be honest, I’m not sure if he could move that northern female fox…”

Elena didn’t lie.
If it was from the viewpoint of possibilities then Ryouma’s plan had sufficient odds to succeed.
However, if she was asked if the plan would absolutely succeed, then she would shake her head.
To tell the truth, she thought the plan only had a 50-50 success rate.

“What about your thoughts Eclatia-san?  

This time Elena asked Eclatia a question.

“Of course I’m planning on sending a messenger this evening. As expected, this plan is too heavy for me to take an arbitrary decision… But I believe that person would approve this measure.”

Elena and Eclatia have no authority to make a decision to ride or not on Ryouma’s plan.  
However, unlike Rozeria, which had exhausted its national strength and only had little options left, the Mist Kingdom still retained its economic and military power, so much so  that it was possible for them to fight for several years alone.
If they thought there was no meaning to cooperate with the other two nations, then they could still fight alone.

“After thinking about the postwar consequences, I think it is better for us to cooperate… Although I’m a bit irritated that it has developed just like Mikoshiba-sama had wanted.”

Saying that Eclatia shrugged her shoulders while showing a mischievous smile like that of a child.

“If Eclatia-san already saw that much, then there’s no meaning for me to say anymore… I guess it was a mistake to hold you back after the meeting like this?”

“There’s no such a thing. I’m fortunate that I could talk with someone who holds the title of Rozeria’s White Goddess of War like this.”

“Oh my, I’m a bit embarrassed if someone with the title of Windstorm said that to me.”

They both then laughed while tilting their glass filled with wine.

“Before this I was a bit worried about this war, but thanks to Mikoshiba-sama, I feel a little bit interested in it…”

A small mutter leaked from Eclatia’s mouth.